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  1. Did a mock booking today for the 12 day Jan. 3rd 2021. they are still selling it. we are booked on the cruise. I know it will not happen. but, ncl waits until the last minute to cancel the cruises. The cruise is also $1,100 more for the inside room that we got.
  2. We love the cove balcony. we always get one below gs or shore excursion desk. we finish out the day in the atrium.
  3. We are also booked on this cruise. Just paid it off last week. I do hope it goes because it is a great itin. they will hang on to the money as long as they can.
  4. i have a 12 day booked with ncl for jan.3rd 2020. it is out of tampa. hope it goes, i have just paid it off yesterday. ncl has not said nothing about the cruise. i know this is the carnival board, but i have 23 on carnival with 2 more booked. i hope all of us gets to cruise!
  5. we booked a cruise today for 02/2022. we priced it last week and our planner told us about this free grats. the price for the cruise was the same.
  6. we are booked on the Jan. 3rd, Jade cruise out of tampa. it is a 12 day cruise. i have my doughts about this one.
  7. You are right tabbykats, a lot of land base casinos are not letting people smoke in the casino. they have to leave and go outside.
  8. We are only worried about Jan. 3rd. 2021. it its a 12 day Jade cruise out of tampa. Oh well, just have to wait see.
  9. Another reason to buy the booze package. stay by the pool bar and enjoy the drinks. Every day!
  10. we have got the drink card every time we have booked. we also never had a cruise comped.
  11. Platinum is 10% off Diamond is 20% off 7 star is 30% off of cruise fares. Plus you get unlimited drinks in the casino when they are open. You do not have to be playing to get them.
  12. everybody has their opinion and rightfully so. we had one of the best shore trips in amber cove. it was a beach day with all your drinks and a great meal provided. it was only 75 bucks with your transportation. the tour only had about 30 people there. so it was a quite day and a refreshing day. you never know what you are going to get on any tour. we are booked on a b2b on the elation in dec. 2021 and booked this tour on both.
  13. Rules are only made for everyone but us! That is the thinking for a lot of people.
  14. we just booked a b2b for nov. 2021. it is 2 5 day cruises on the elation. the ta said there was going to be more cancelled cruises. i did not ask him how he knew but he has heard something thru the grape vine. who knows when all of this will cease! we can all hope soon.
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