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  1. we give our free gifts to our grand kids. they love them.
  2. if they are leaving monday on the 10 day panama canal cruise, there will be a bunch of diamond and platinum. they might go by the check in time. and by the way, 70 plus is not a bad age. LOL.
  3. everyone can bring big baggies and put fruit and sandwiches in them and take them ashore. they are in a sealed container. don't worry about local laws. laws are not for everyone.
  4. carnivals price is cheap compared to ncl. the drink package is around 100 bucks a day if you don't have the free package.
  5. 80 days. sometimes you get 2 for 1 and you can make it to 80 quicker.
  6. we live in western kentucky and we are keeping thoughts and prayers for everyone in the path of the storm. God bless all.
  7. i have not read all of the posts about the fantasy. we will be on her sept. 16th for a 10 day panama canal cruise and feel real good about the ship. i bet the fantasy will be in tip top shape for this cruise. i like the fantasy size ships. lets hope i am right.
  8. is the free drink package also free? it cost us about $300 bucks for a 7 day cruise.
  9. going on the fantasy next month and wondering who the lounge singers are and if there is good dance bands on the ship. the dance bands in the past have been very good.
  10. but, they are tagging along with grandma and grandpa. lol.
  11. we stay at the best western plus west bank, that is in harvey. great hotel and you can park your car there for the duration of your cruise. they had a great breakfast and they will send you by taxi to the cruise port. you will have to take a taxi back after the cruise. it cost us $21 plus tip. with taxes and fees, it was 180 bucks. great value and a beautiful place to stay.
  12. i will agree with you on the steak in the le bristro. it is a very good filet. the fish is great too.
  13. carnival has a great vet gathering. i have been on where there was over 300 in the theater. it was great and the gathering is for anyone who was in the arm forces or even knew someone. it is really a great event to attend. some stories will bring you to tears. God bless the vets!
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