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  1. I'm sorry if this is already buried in another topic, but have any cruise lines announced what the protocol is if someone becomes sick while on board and tests positive for covid? I believe the assumption is that at least for the first little while that anyone that wants to cruise will have to show proof of full vaccination, but as we know vaccinations are not a 100% guarantee that a person will not get covid. Would that person who tests positive and close contacts just be quarantined to their room like the norovirus protocols and we all just carry on as normal with the cruise? Prior to pan
  2. Hi Everyone - I have cruised Caribbean, Baltics and Mediterranean on RCL, NCL, Disney and Princess. For some reason I feel the pull to try a TransAtlantic and as I near my retirement in my late 50s, I'm thinking now is the time to get some serious researching on the go! I've read through many threads in this forum and gained some valuable info, but I still have some random questions I hope you can help with...my initial thoughts are a Westbound cruise Oct/Nov 2022 or 2023 1) Is there one site or a list somewhere that puts all the TransAtlantic cruises (cruiselines/ships/ports/dates) tog
  3. My Big Box store travel agent called NCL and they did basically a "lift and shift" from this Nov to next November - same 4 perks and $300 cheaper. They were on the Joy and now on the Encore. He said there was no problem using the Cruise Next on the new cruise even tho it was set to expire well before the 2021 cruise! Phew!
  4. I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the NCL boards lately as my next cruise is on Celebrity, but my daughter is scheduled on a NCL cruise Nov 2020 and when she booked her cruise, I transferred over my CruiseNext deposit to her as it was going to expire if not used by April 2021. Now she is pretty sure she wants to cancel the cruise, so I'm wondering what happens to the cruisenext certificate - will it come back to me and will it still have the April 2021 expiry - which would just now lapse 😞 as I don't have NCL plans before that time. Another option is can she move her cruise out a
  5. So I'm choosing to remain optimistic that our Feb 2021 Apex cruise (our first with any Celebrity ship) will still take place, but when I booked the cruise, it was well before the pandemic and we just booked an interior room (with the four perks and NRD) so we could save some money to put towards more cruises! We don't spend a lot of time in our rooms, so were happy with our choice. Now with the rash of ships that had quarantine in room situations, I'm rethinking my wisdom - i would go stir crazy if i couldn't leave my room and have no daylight for days on end! I was thinking that maybe th
  6. No worries here folks, I'm just trying to absorb everyone's insights - I will buy when I'm ready to buy but I like to hear what others are doing. History shows that this stock over the long term (could be very long, but thats ok) will rebound, but yes, I can afford to lose the money associated with 100 shares so all good. Thanks for the opinions!
  7. So I'm a newbie at buying stock, but even before this significant downturn, we had talked about buying RCI stock - mainly for the OBC - so only purchasing 100 shares. I have an online bank webbroker account set up and have been studying tutorials on how to set up and buy/sell etc, so I'm just wanting to learn from what you are saying...but I know its my mind to make up and no one has a crystal ball! It sounds like folks are expecting the stock to go below $40 and some have set up a "buy now" somewhere around the $32 or less mark with an "expiry date" on that buy figure to late June - is th
  8. Also can someone help clarify what the OBC can be used for - this statement leaves me with questions...Onboard credit may not be used for onboard service charges or pre-purchased activities. So does this mean we can't use the OBC to pay for the staff gratuities, nor drinks or their gratuities? Also it sounds like you can't use the OBC to prebook a massage, but it would be ok to use if you booked that massage once onboard? Thanks!
  9. We fly into MCO the night before our NCL cruise and are staying at hotel near airport. I have a rental car to take us to the Port the next morning and will drop it at Enterprise. There are four of us - -am I better off dropping the three of them at the cruise terminal first with luggage and then going to Enterprise to drop the car and take shuttle back on my own? Or is it just as easy for all of us with our luggage to go to rental car and wait for shuttle? I'm wondering how crowded the shuttles get with people and luggage? I plan to be in Port Canaveral around 11:30am on Saturday, Feb 8.
  10. Thank you for asking this question as I was confused as well! How is the drive to LB Beef? Is it as hilly and adventurous as the ride to Cane? I’m looking for nice beach option without the harried drive and LB Beef looks awesome!
  11. We've toured San Juan old town on our last cruise and was disappointed when they changed our itinerary this time from a St. Thomas stop to San Juan, so I'm looking for something else to do.... I'd like to venture out a bit, but I've heard there are no good beach stops nearby. Last cruise I heard from other passengers that they just hopped a taxi at end of pier and asked for a tour around the area - have others done this? If so, where do we ask to go? what is of interest to see? Can we stop for pictures, shopping etc? Any idea what would a 2 hour taxi tour cost for four people? Would Ube
  12. We are planning on a casual beach day in Tortola in either Great Cane Beach or Brewers Bay. I've read up and viewed videos on the Safari Taxi's and it does look adventurous with the narrow and twisty switchback roads to cross over to get to the other side of the island! I'm concerned that my friend will be too freaked out with the open air, bench seating and narrow roads and not want to take the ride. Is it possible to hire a regular taxi van or car - being closed in may make her feel more comfortable? There are four of us - anyone done both safari and regular taxi and have an opinion and
  13. Hi Alohalivin - we are going to be in SJ in February and would love to get a copy of your Walking Tour! Our email is daviddesveaux3802@gmail.com Thank You for all your work!
  14. Do you mind me asking how much it was per person for this excursion? Thanks
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