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  1. Do you mind me asking how much it was per person for this excursion? Thanks
  2. I always prefer to fly in the night before the cruise and always non stop from Toronto. Is there a way to designate those details when we sign up for that perk?
  3. Sounds like you've had a blast so far! The ocean looks a bit rough in that pic. Has it been mostly smooth Sailing? We get on her March 23 and I tend to get motion sick in rough seas so wondering how much gravol go bring lol!
  4. In two weeks we are on our first Princess cruise on the Caribbean staying in obstructed ocean view on Emerald deck. Will be interested on what you think of the location! Also are the only sitting options in the cabin, the bed? Following along to make these next two weeks for me go faster!! Enjoy!
  5. We've decided to take a relaxed approach to this cruise and I'm not booking any advance excursions at our ports. Right now our plan is to wander down to Jacks Shack for lunch and swimming. However, the one thing that interests me is swimming with the Stingrays at Gibbs Cay. If its a nice sunny day and ocean is calm and we decide once we get off the Ship that we'd like to go to Gibbs Cay, are there vendors right on the beach or at end of the dock that would offer last minute passengers to take a tour? Is so, what tour companies are reputable (or names to avoid) and any idea if they would only take cash? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the review - great PIcs! I wonder if you know how much the lockers cost and how you access them - credit card, USD, local currency? I'm taking limited things off the ship, but not sure what to do with our phone/camera/credit card/ID while we swim and this might be the best option. Thanks
  7. One month until we set foot on the Caribbean Princess so thank you for the great review-this is our first Princess cruise. Also love seeing current Patters as I like to visualize things in advance 😀 Did you use any of the pools? The one in the aft looks like a quiet place to relax? Thanks
  8. Hello, I just sent you an email (I hope to right email address!). Please let me know if you received it. Thanks! Jo-Anne
  9. check the times that both ships will be in port. We have 2 ships in port too, but first ship is there from 8-3 and we are there from 12-8, so hopefully there will be minimal overlap time so pool will not be too crowded with both ships populations at one time.
  10. Hi Knbcruisers - I have joined the roll call but it seems to be pretty quiet lately! I see you are doing an ATV excursion in Amber Cove - I think if the weather clear when we arrive, we were going to just catch a taxi to the cable car and then come back and swim in the port pool. I'm looking to go to Gibbs Cay and swim with Stingrays in Grand Turk, but am on the fence as to whether to book in advance or again, depending on the weather, maybe just book when we get there. I don't like doing the ship tours as they are usually 2-3 times the price of something I can research and book on our own! I don't think any mix and mingle being arranged on our cruise, but hope to meet up with some fellow cruisers on board! JoAnne
  11. Hi Brian - we are on the March 23 cruise so unfortunately won't be cruising together! I love these boards for all the info and helpfulness. Thanks Everyone!
  12. on this ship for the eastern cruise March 23 - first time on Princess - can't wait to hear all the ship details from you as your cruise! Enjoy
  13. Hi - we have sailed on Royal Caribbean and NCL and this is our first time on Princess. We are both in our early 50s and looking forward to a relaxing Eastern Caribbean cruise in March. I've read through a lot of the content here, but still looking for some additional information if you don't mind! I've read a lot about not being able to attend the theatre shows unless you line up 45-60 minutes before the start. Does this apply to all entertainment in the Theatre (broadway, comedy, dance)? Does anyone know what productions are now showing on CB so I can find details in advance to know whether or not we feel its worth lining up for us? We found the late night entertainment like Love and Marriage on the other ships a lot of fun - does Princess do these? Where is the best location to find a seat for the Movies Under the Stars - have heard that certain locations you can't hear very well? Last time i took a cruise out of Port Everglades, we missed our return flight (which was at 12 noon) - we are Canadians and the line for non-US was extremely slow and not a lot of manpower working. We now have NEXUS cards - is there a special line for Nexus holders that we would be able to go through? We don't have drink packages - i have ordered my husband the buy 5 for price of 4 beer bucket - will that just show up in our room? Are there mini fridges in the rooms (we have oceanview on Emerald)? I have also ordered a small bottle of vodka in advance for the room - .Will we be able to have our attendant bring us daily ice or is it easy to refill an ice bucket? Any additional advice for Princess Newbies welcomed! Thanks
  14. Are there change rooms and wash off showers to use by the pool? Thanks
  15. Hi Cruiser Bruce - I did look on the National Car website and the airport looks like the closest location by far, so I guess i'm stuck with that - agree not the best logistics!
  16. Prior to our Cruise my husband and I will have a rental car from National that we are returning to FLL airport. When we return the rental, can we get an uber to come to the rental car location or will we need to get back to the main terminal and locate the uber pickup area (is there a specific pickup area or just drop your pin?)? Also might it be better to drive to the port and drop off luggage and then drive back to airport and uber back without our luggage or is that just too much hassle. Thanks for input.
  17. Thank you for this tip! I’m not a big drinker and usually just like 1 vodka and lemonade at night. So I can preorder this bottle of vodka and get lemonade from buffet and for the price of two bar drinks I can probably get 8 drinks!
  18. This is our first time to this port and our ship is in port from 12-8pm. There is another ship in port this day from 7:30-3:30. I don't think i want to just sit at the pool in port for 6 hours so was thinking that we just rent a taxi to take us to the Cable Car and explore there for a couple of hours and then come back and swim at port for couple of hours before boarding ship for dinner. From what I've read, people advise to go first thing to avoid lines and clouds. Since we don't have an option to be there early and another ship is already in port, is it worth it to head there for 1pm - will lines be long still ? Is it just a 15 minute drive from port? Thanks!
  19. skatie

    Gibbs Cay

    Is it possible to just find these vendors on the beach and sign up on a whim when we get off the ship? It’s our first time here and I’m really interested in seeing the stingrays but want to play it by ear based on weather and how we are feeling that day etc.. do the vendors take cash only? Also wondering how long the boat ride is as I can get motion sick if wavy. Thanks!
  20. I was going to purchase a 7 day Caribbean cruise for March 2019 this weekend - first time in Princess. Should I wait until 15th? If I book now and this sale is better will I be able to price adjust since this is relatively close to departure? Thx
  21. My husband and I (early 50s) are talking about a 5-7 day cruise in January or February. We have some carryover vacation days and thought it would be a good idea to maybe fly to Florida and catch some warmth with a cruise in the Caribbean area and escape the Toronto winter. I usually plan our trips a year in advance and realize that prices and promotions are usually best farther out. Arethere any good last minute cruise lines or cruise sites to start my research? Thanks
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