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  1. I was tempted on doing a late summer 2021 since I noticed they are cheaper than the 2022 cruises, but I just don’t know how likely cruises will be by then. Prices may drop after this deal is done with anyways.
  2. The good news is the exact same offer has been extended through Cyber Monday. I’ve been debating too on a summer 2022 cruise to Europe for the exact same reasons. After they lift their 30% sale, the prices will probably drop soon after. I’m thinking of holding out until mid-December when the prices will drop.
  3. I am looking at booking Europe for 2022, but may have to opt for NCL since theirs has been released. Looking to surprise my other half with a cruise for Christmas and don’t want to book for 2021 only to have it canceled.
  4. I’m booking for 2022. If it comes sooner, I will consider booking for 2021 as well.
  5. Star is doing a lot of trips to Iceland with stops varying in Norway, Scotland, Ireland on those itineraries. Star is also doing round trip sailing of Iceland and Greenland. dawn and getaway are doing Baltic sailings.
  6. I sure hope it works out for you. The temptation to book for next year is definitely there, but booking a 2022 cruise. If we are back to normal next year, I may book one out if NYC for next year.
  7. I’m sure the pricing will go down after their 30% off promo ends. 😂
  8. I’m searching for cruises to gift for Christmas to my other half and was wondering when any Northern European 2022 itineraries will be announced. I love the 11 night one that goes all the way up Norway, but they only have 2021 available, and I just don’t realistically see that happening.
  9. I had a feeling a few of the ports are far away from the city it promoting (London/Paris). Our last cruise was Alaska and loved the scenery. I prefer the scenery more while my other half prefers city life and restaurants more. Although, he did not realize how much he was going to enjoy Alaska until we were viewing it all. This is a tough one. The Fjords have been on the top of my list for years.
  10. Since our Mediterranean sailing on Celebrity apex was canceled this year, I am going to purchase another European cruise for a Christmas present this year. I was set on the Norway, Scotland, Iceland cruise on the Star. However, I recently found this 10 day itinerary on the Star that marks off a lot of countries I have been wanting to visit. The first cruise appeals to me because exploring more of Norway has been a bucket list for myself, and Iceland is on the top of my list. First one is August of 2022 and the other is September of 2022. Any thoughts or preferences? Also,
  11. We had our first one booked on the Apex for June, which got canceled. I figured it be a good mixed crowd since we aren’t drinkers or into the nightclub scene. I’ll just stay tuned for the next one.
  12. I did notice today that some itineraries have the second guest flies free along with the current offering. Mostly the extraordinary journeys (Africa, South America, Australia).
  13. No face mask protocol? How dumb can you possibly be? It just goes to show how little we have learned. I will wait until I’m vaccinated.
  14. Oh yes! I remember this offer. This is what prompted me to book with Celebrity last year.
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