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  1. Last month I finally rebooked our Mediterranean cruise we originally had for 2020. We are sailing on the Ascent next year for our first Celebrity cruise. I received an alert through the app for a flash sale on excursions, internet, etc. Does this frequently occur or a once in a while offer? Thanks for any guidance. We are taking a break from NCL to go for a little more upscale with Celebrity.
  2. It’s brutal and p1sses me off what all cruise lines charge for WiFi… something that is free at any hotel. However, I do like have some connection, so cough up the cash.
  3. Yes. I was happy we hit Iceland first. It was gorgeous, but then we got to Norway and was even better!
  4. I’m glad to see the Prima finally docked there. We had 2 days in Akureyri, which ended up being enjoyable.
  5. Loving this so far! Leaning towards the Flora, but definitely want insight on the Xploration
  6. I am debating this for 2026 or the Africa cruise. It's just a thought, but it would be nice to have one of the away plus ships to do this route with their observation lounge. The horror stories I hear about the Star are my concern for this trip.
  7. Thoroughly enjoying your trip report. It's so hard and hard not to compare Norway and Alaska, but I think Norway is my favorite place on Earth. We sailed Prima last year and Geiranger was my favorite stop. We lucked out with beautiful weather there and in Alesund. Wishing you a wonderful sailing! pictures or words do not do Norway any justice.
  8. I'm pretty loyal to NCL, but put my investment in RCL and some in VIK this week. I am wondering how much higher RCL can go, but their outlook for the next year seems to be optimistic with another ship and Celebrity coming out with Xcel.
  9. Debating this sailing for 2026, Baltic on the Dawn as well, or the South America / Antartica sailing. After the horror stories from the Star and its sailing, or lack of to Antartica this past season, I'm conflicted. Hoping the Africa sailing offers some safari like excursions. I like the idea of going back to the boat, but definitely want to experience that wildlife if its going to be my only visit to Africa.
  10. Just want to add how lovely Geiranger is. One of the best days of my life. Beauty everywhere!
  11. This trip looks spectacular so far and the Flora looks so sleek. Do you find enough time for rest and relaxation? I love excursions, but appreciate some down time to sit and enjoy the scenery and watch the world go by.
  12. This is exactly the Galapagos / flora report I’ve been waiting for. I have been eying this exact itinerary for 2026 or 2027. Thank you!
  13. Somewhere this week I heard that Amsterdam is making a similar fuss as Venice with the volume of cruise ship passengers and the burden it puts on. Can’t imagine changes would be implemented this quickly.
  14. I hope you have a wonderful time. Iceland was a bucket list and a beautiful country. However, Norway puts Iceland and Alaska (barely) to shame.
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