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  1. I am loving the photos!!!! We did Alaska in August of 2019. It's amazing how quickly the seasons change within two months. You can see winter is showing some of its signs. It looks so cozy! No matter how many times I see that chandelier on the Encore, I still think it's the ugliest thing. Enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  2. I wouldn’t ever book one of those balconies, but I am loving everything they have shown us!!! Can’t wait to try those slides, as I am a big kid at heart with a love for adventure. The go karts definitely surpass my expectations. was hoping for a sneak peek at the thermal spa since I have a spa balcony room, but it gives something to look forward to. the areas for relaxation look to be spectacular. Looks like their vibe beach club may be worth the extra cost, even for our Iceland / Norway cruise. cannot wait!
  3. what an amazing report!! we had the Apex booked for the Med in 2020 and ugh...... they rooftop garden and all the modern decor is impressive.
  4. Love the review!! looks like an enjoyable time. Can I just say how nice it is to read trip reports again??!
  5. For some weird reason, Veterans Day has good sales (at least in 2019 when I booked). I am just holding out for Black Friday/Cyber Monday to book a 2022 cruise.
  6. I think it’s around $299. Worth every dollar.
  7. I love the idea of a smaller ship sailing through Alaska and wouldn’t do it without a balcony room. However, nothing beats that observation lounge of the Joy, Bliss, and Encore. Also the thermal spa… laying on those heated loungers looking out the floor to ceiling panoramic view windows…that created such a memorable experience in Alaska.
  8. Thank you for all the posts from your cruise. It takes me back two years, reliving those sights.
  9. Book of Mormon would be effing awesome! Whatever happened to Six? I thought that was coming to Bliss or Encore. It seems to be a very hot ticket in NYC.
  10. These responsible practices from NCL are definitely keeping this customer loyal to their brand. Kudos to them.
  11. I am loving every bit of this!!!! Thank you for putting in the time and effort.
  12. I was very much against the go karts, until I rode it on the Bliss in Alaska. We were just pulling out of Juneau and it was the coolest thing. It’s something I really enjoyed and felt was appropriate for the cooler destinations. Not sure how I feel about it on the Prima, as it seems a slightly more upscale ship, but I will enjoy it on our trip to Iceland and Norway.
  13. This may be off topic slightly, but why haven’t they tried to go for more sailings out of NYC? They could have set up some fall foliage cruises hitting the New England states without going to Canada, more Bermuda sailings, sailing to the Bahamas.
  14. I still have yet to see this offer on my Amex account. Sounds like you could charge the $500 towards a cruise and then $125 later to pay that charge off with the credited points. That would gladly work for me. Waiting…..
  15. We booked the new Norwegian ship for 2023 sailing to Iceland and Norway, After not sailing since 2019, we decided to go for a big trip with our first booking.
  16. I am doing that exact sailing in August 2023.
  17. Yay!!! I was thinking about sailing the last week of September just to get back on a cruise ship.
  18. I just don’t get it. 100% vaccinated, 100% crew vaccinated. There shouldn’t be an issue. I was thinking about doing the breakaway to Bermuda in September just to get back on a cruise, but may just settle for a royal Caribbean sailing. I thought the Greece sailings were already taking place. Haven’t been paying much attention, more so on the Apex sailing specifically.
  19. I kind of like that. Keeps it a mystery. I have 800 days until my sailing, so I like the slow leaks of what is going on.
  20. I prefer to splurge on the thermal spa instead, I’m not much for sitting in the sun. But the chairs to lounge in, private space, bar area, jacuzzis, and peace and quiet are always worth the up charge.
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