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  1. We've always had one in the room or had no issues getting the steward to secure one. We don't bring a corkscrew but ALWAYS bring 2 bottles of wine!
  2. Carnival's Mardi Gras in 1989.....4 night from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport and Nassau. Don't remember the price. We had a blast and have been hooked ever since....
  3. Awesome! We've been on the two sisters (Kdam and NS) and love the new ships..... Any intel on the inaugural cruise and christening?
  4. Here a real time example..... Cruise is 10/27....got the guarantee today 10/11 so 16 days prior. Booked a VH and got a VC.
  5. For Mac users......... When I hit "print boarding documents" from the HAL site, my Mac drops the documents into "Finder" and then I have to view them and print them.
  6. Thanks for the quick replies! Our plan is to bring onboard all dirty clothes (after 5 days in Florence) and quickly bag them up and send them out......So thinking if I turned them in the evening of embarkation (Day 1), I should expect them back by day 2 at the earliest and day 4 at the latest.....Need to toss in more underwear! Any experience with laundry turnaround on day 1/embarkation day?
  7. What's your experience as to how fast you get your laundry back? We are packing for a TA and the plan is pack very lite and get unlimited laundry. Turnaround time is critical to the success for our plan to pack lite!
  8. Just used FlightEase yesterday.... Added family to our TA that is 24 days prior to departure.....The flight from Jacksonville, FL to Rome was $328 pp one way.....That was stupid cheap and so close to departure.....Who cares where the seat is....but they snagged decent ones anyway. Between the lower price of the cruise and the low cost of FlightEase, we may never book far ahead again. I'm sold on FlightEase.
  9. Try again.....I was able to log in just now.
  10. I'm a month away and I've asked my TA (mega travel agency) about "how can I be on the list to be offered upgrades". His answer was, direct quote: The cruiseline sends us upgrade offers if they are available through an email offer that are paid upgrades. I did not receive any but if I do I will forward them to you.
  11. This is what we do..... I pull up both and compare rates and then hit the button for the best rate. It has not failed us yet. (We no longer use a taxi)
  12. I don't know how they do it.....but a fast embarkation has been our experience the last couple of HAL cruises (NS, K'dam & Oosterdam). I've noticed they have eliminated several steps......no paper health form......no picture if they have one on file.....credit card & passport are already in their 'puter. It's almost down to "here are your key cards". We also have not had lines for tenders at HMC either. We seem to just walk on and the only slowdown is for one tender to leave and another to immediately pull up. .....and dis-embarkation is down to "how fast can you walk off". The've got that one down also. Lines (or queues as our Brit cousins say) are a downer when on vacation and HAL has tackled that nuisance very well, IMO. Smooth sailing.......
  13. I think it's just an attempt to help spread out the herd......No worries...arrive as you wish......just board before the ship sails!
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