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  1. Just passing along our Friday experience......... Got an email Friday afternoon from HAL telling me that our October 10 Ryndam TA was cancelled and I'm up for the 125% FCC (yet again)........6 hours later, got another email from HAL telling me that our October 10 Ryndam TA has been moved from October 10 to October 20 and that each of us will get $100 OBC for this change. I'm going to consider the email that says my cruise has been moved as the one we will follow....... We went from the depth of cruise depression to high fives all in one afternoon/evening....
  2. Looks great but my transatlantic in October on her was just cancelled. ....very frustrating....it's our 3rd cancel since the China Virus....Thought sailing in October would be all good.....
  3. LOL....Just looked now and the Delta flight to Heathrow we booked a couple of days ago at 35,000 miles is now 70,000......It's changed 3 times in a week and the flight is a year out..... Glad I'm locked in and can let it go!
  4. Good to know and thanks for explaining..... It seems so odd that day 1 you are looking at a flight a year in advance and it's 35,000 miles and then you look in day 2 and it's 45,000 miles and then on day 3, it's back to 35,000 miles...... One can only suspect that they are playing games with me! Glad it's not so......or rather, hope you are correct!
  5. Cool. Where? I see the low rates in August but that's no fun. Just tried hotels.com......searched midweeks in January...lowest was $174 and lots in the $200+ range. The January HAL cruises that stop at Key West show I can go $73 a night per person......Looks like we better get to Key West while we can afford it.....and go buy my t-shirt and spoil the environment with my walk up and down Duval St...... Oh well, my kind will not be trashing up Key West for much longer........Keep it nice, clean, environmentally friendly, save the reefs and just be an all arou
  6. Update: It's never static with air fares.....So looked this morning and the flight with the reasonable 2 hour layover dropped back to 35,000 miles.....We are booked! Do you think Delta adjusts prices based on what you are searching and when they see that you have zeroed in on a certain flight they change the fee/miles the next time you log in?
  7. It's early October.....And we can run but would prefer not to run...... What's frustrating is the 46 minute layover flight pair costs 35,000 miles......And if I fly out earlier and have a comfortable 2 hour layover at JFK, Delta charges 45,000 miles......and it's the same flight across the pond. We want to arrive in England as early as we can......and this is the first flight of the evening so thinking if we missed it they would move us to the next flight....assuming it's available.
  8. How real is a 46 minute layover at JFK? Delta shows that as an available option. The price is right and if we're delayed into JFK and miss the flight, there are several later flights to Heathrow after that.......But seriously folks? Thoughts/experience?
  9. Awesome Cruisemom.....Where do you see the $100 rates?.......We are looking in January (Marriott guy) and the 3 star Fairfield Inn lowest is $174 and the Marriott Key West is over $277.......
  10. Agree that KW can do what they want....as long as it does not cross state or nation's laws.....They have a great plan to focus on high end day tourists....It will be "cleaner" for them....and more exclusive. Keep the t-shirt crowd out. Wonder if a Seabourn passenger will be able to buy a t shirt....the horror of it all? Be careful what you ask for......."environmental" and "safety" are smart, legal ways to help an area become exclusive and drive out undesirable "working class" folk...both residents and visitors. IMO, it's a form of discrimination.
  11. 2020 71,809 -1,609 -2.24% 2019 73,418 -1,609 -2.19% 2018 75,027 -1,609 -2.14% 2017 76,636 -346 -0.45% Looks like a decrease to me. Odd for Florida...
  12. Ouch.....no need to question my knowledge...but since you did.....I'm a native, life-long Floridian who has spent many a late night on Duval (in the early years). And all up and down the "overseas highway". And during my career, had many business contacts/clients in the Key's. From Marathon to Key West. I'm familiar with the laid back lifestyle, chickens and the conch republic attitudes. Walking out of meeting one day we commented that Key West is one place where a guy wearing leotards riding a green bike with a purple wig is not even noticed...but also celebrated!.....that's why Key West
  13. Agree. but as with many laws and changes, the "unintended consequences" do impact folks.....Only the well heeled will be able to afford cruises to Key West....that may not be what folks intended but that's what will happen.
  14. Quote from Points Guy article below.....seems like my kind of people are no longer welcomed. It must be great to use "environmental concerns" as an excuse to keep out certain types of people.....Modern "clean" form of discrimination, IMO. Sorry that I enjoy seeing the scenery and buying a t-shirt. Environmental concerns could be used anywhere to halt growth........but it seems to only be used by the elites as a legal way to segregate and clear the area of undesirables wearing t shirts. LOL. I'm fine with Nassau and they still welcome my kind with open arms. The effect of the r
  15. Looks like they only want to cater to the elite rich folks in those small luxury ships that we don't have the $$$ for.........I thought they were welcoming to diverse folks? Sounds elitist to me.....Oh well, no real loss and I hope they enjoy walling of their piece of paradise. Not welcoming to me.
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