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  1. So there is a reference to the new ship deliveries in the 7/10 Carnival Corp update....I'm not sure what this means for the Ryndam.....We are booked to sail on her in October 2021...And we really enjoyed sailing on her two sisters (Koningsdam & Nieuw Statendam). Here is the portion of the press release relating to new ship deliveries: "The company currently expects only five of the nine ships originally scheduled for delivery in fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2021 will be delivered prior to the end of fiscal year 2021." Hoping Ryndam is in the 5 of 9 ships for 2021.......
  2. I've never had a bad HAL cabin.......Enjoy the low price and the cruise.
  3. I'd really like to know if the Ryndam is is the "delay" category and if so, for how long.......We are hoping/dreaming/wishing/booked to sail her in October 2021.
  4. So we had already booked a October 2021 cruise using FCDs and FCC's (from two cancelled 2020 cruises). I asked the TA to see if the 10% off and $250 OBC would work....HAL said yes to the additional $250 OBC but no to the 10% off. We paid $1000 and paid off the cruise...gaining an additional $250 OBC. Fingers crossed HAL stays afloat!
  5. Thanks for passing this along. I wish him smooth sailing ahead....... With the exception of the consulting background, past experience with Carnival looks like a good fit for Holland America.
  6. FYI....Alaska 8/29 cruise....Received FCC for the deposit yesterday.....7/8.
  7. yep, but this cruise is in October 2021......The risk is the insolvency of Carnival.
  8. We use the TA with the 90 day ticker and many HAL cruises have this new "special offer"......I'm asking our TA to see if we are eligible for this for our already booked cruise. It's a risk but we are going to jump in. I read that many were getting this offer directly from HAL for currently booked cruises but looks like the TA can offer on new bookings..... "Book select categories and make full payment by July 31 to be eligible for an additional discount of up to 10%, plus receive an extra onboard credit of $250 per cabin."
  9. Just checked again.....12noon ET.....no more gift card promo....at least for now....Oh well....
  10. Looks like the gift card offer has been moved...if you click "see all offers" it's still there (as of 9am ET 7/1) with an expiration date of yesterday (June 30). Perhaps they have not gotten around to updating the offer ends date? We shall see.
  11. So the HAL gift cards with the 20% bonus are set to expire today.....from their website..."ends June 30" Anyone got any intel if they are going to continue? We'd like to roll the dice and toss some money on one for next years cruise but not in a hurry if it's going to keep rolling on.......a 20% return on my $$$ is enticing....and yes, it comes with risk.
  12. The new normal will be us boarding a ship as soon as we can....... No worries.....got one booked in 2021....we are ready to go.
  13. We got our "government fees" back 6/6 for our 4/21 cruise. The FCC came a while back. Interesting....the "government fees" were $250 pp so $500 total but the credit was for $480. Guess that $20 was "gratuity"??
  14. Super! Love it! Thanks for telling us it's there.....I rarely go there Good to see my FCC and FCD's....also I like the graph showing my progress towards 4 stars!
  15. Got a $480 refund on the credit card today from HAL! So our "government fees" for our cancelled cruise were $500 ($250 per passenger). Any idea why the refund is short twenty bucks?
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