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  1. The chair hogs do sometimes frequent the heated lounge chairs but it seems easier to move their towels and stuff and then quickly lounge and start snoring.......LOL
  2. .....when we emailed our request for the OBC a few weeks back, the confirmation came back in a few hours.
  3. Congrats and enjoy the NS as well as the awesome Hawaii trip as a 5*.... Funny though is that we prefer deck 8 way forward (the 800x cabins) because it's under the spa (quiet corner) and near the spa/gym and lido/pool deck! Smooth sailing......
  4. Let's hope so and let's get this confirmed quickly......Showing me a breakfast menu with no bacon is not good......means the world is truly ending. We must have bacon.
  5. We asked a lido bartender a few years back what she eats and her response was "chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken and then we have chicken, chicken, chicken"
  6. +1 Agree....Last time in SF was not good for us...We would not be interested in sailing from SF. And yes, much prefer San Diego.
  7. I don't know how early you can submit but I just submitted our OBC request 3.5 months prior to sailing and I got the confirmation back in less than two hours.
  8. So far the last few days, the pull down menus to complete online check in would not populate (security question, country, etc) so I gave up. Just tried now and was able to get them to work except at the page entering credit card info. The pull down menu for card type would not populate. That seems to be all that I am lacking....I'll wait a few days and try again.....I've got 100 days until I board.
  9. +1 On our October 2019 14 night cruise the rate was cheaper online pre-cruise than onboard. I also do not remember the amounts. I recall learning on here that the rate was cheaper online and some folks mentioning that if the rate ended up being cheaper on board that you could get a refund for the difference if you already bought online. Of course all this info is before the "recent unpleasantness" so will be curious to hear from fellow mariners once the ships sail......
  10. Never been on either ship but did a TA on her sister the Nieuw Statendam (fall 2019) and we've also been on the older sister the K'dam.... We are booked on the Rotterdam for the fall TA this October.....thus we are biased and spoiled for the pinnacle class ships..... I would choose Rotterdam over Volendam....My reasons....as other's have also affirmed: cost....We can afford a balcony on the Pinnacle class....too expensive on older ships more stuff to do...all the usual HAL stuff plus more......music walk, dutch cafe, big hydro suite, Tamarind, movies on lido
  11. Sent our email this morning (9:09amET) to get our $250 shareholder OBC for our October cruise. Got the confirmation back via email at 10:25am ET.......WOW! All done. Easy peezy.
  12. You should be good now....just logged in with no problems....4:51pm ET....6/22
  13. Just tried logging in @3:38pm ET.....Getting this after entering credentials: WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK Our site is currently down for scheduled maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
  14. We still use our old HAL "pleather" cases to carry our passports, travel confirmation stuff, boarding pass, currency, baggage tags etc.....It works great for us still today. Last time we were leaving from Port Everglades, the check in lady commented on it and said she remembered those days.......
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