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  1. In 2022, I've travelled in Europe, US and Canada. I was very anxious on my first trip out, but my comfort level with all aspects of travel has improved the more I ventured out. Basically in Europe and US everyone has declared it over and moved on and you rarely see masks and no one stares if you cough etc. I mean no one is denying its around, but it just feels like in those countries they are moving forward "back to normal". In Canada I see this happening more and more - lots fewer people wearing masks, but I still see masks way more than in other countries. I was on the a flight from Paris back to Toronto on the first day when no masks were required - the flight over masks were mandatory but I'd say only 20% of the plane wore a mask on the way home and there was lots of coughing. I have had covid twice now - the first bout was a lot of heavy coughing but the second bout was just sniffles. Everyone has their own comfort level and if you wore a mask while traveling I don't think anyone would give it a second thought. As you say, this is going to be around for a while - someone said to the the other day - prior to covid I used to get a cold twice a year, now I expect I'll get covid twice a year.
  2. Just got back from a quick trip from yyz to Chicago. Our outbound flight was at 10am on Saturday. The security line was pretty normal starting outside in the hallway. I have nexus and was able to bring my husband through with me so security was quick. I had already prepped our passports in the app and filled in the questions ahead of time (was a bit confusing when it asked what your entry airport was - I figured out I needed to out Toronto since this is where customs was) and when I got to airport I clicked the button that says “are you at airport now” and it prompts you to take a selfie of each person and then produces a QR code that must be shown to customs officer along with your passport. The line for Nexus and regular passengers without anything we’re both longer than this app line. Some people were coaching others on how to download app and fill it out on the spot so they could join our line!
  3. I just love swimming in warm waters of the Caribbean, but the medication that I'm on makes me sensitive to sun and I break out in itchy rashes. So I'm looking for a beach with good shade an relatively calm waters. We will rent chairs with an umbrella, but I'd also like to be sitting under a tree with more shade coverage. We dock in Crown Bay on Celebrity Beyond on Dec 1. We have an early arrival so were thinking to get a taxi to a beach around 8:30am and stay until just before noon. Any advice for shady beach? Thanks
  4. About three weeks ago I applied to renew my Nexus that was expiring March 2023. Yesterday I was notified that it was approved and extended to 2028! Guess my new card will come in the mail. Unfortunately my husband who forgot to renew prior to expiring during pandemic is still waiting for his new application to be approved and then I guess he’s need an interview?
  5. Hi, I have the deviation for two days on both ends to ensure we get there on time and a bit of exploration in those destinations. I’ll have to check to see if we can pick our flights. I thought we didn’t have any control over the flights !? I believe I can cancel the flight portion of trip prior to final payment so I will keep looking at the prices as I prefer to have control over how I get to places (ie direct) but I highly doubt I’ll be able to come close to that price!
  6. Next September I booked a 10 day cruise with NCL From Iceland to SouthHampton. For the first time I booked the air with NCL as the price for two of us to fly to Rejkievik and home from London was ridiculously cheap at $1100 CDN for both of us. Does anyone have experience using cruise line air transportation? We will be flying from Toronto. There are many direct flights to and from both of these destinations- do they try to put you on direct flights or will we be relegated to multiple stops if a price for them is cheaper? Do they usually use the main air carriers (AC / WestJet?). Any experiences out there from Canadians?! Thanks.
  7. I have same issue. I have the upgraded drink and wifi packages and the Two icons in my history Just have a picture of drinks and internet, but no confirmation these are the upgrades. Also no mention of free gratuities. What is odd is that I see over $1000 OBC and according to the indulge package I have it should just be $600. I asked my travel agent to send me a copy of Celebrity’s invoice which does show my upgrades, gratuities and $600 OBC so not sure why website is so different. I will for sure be taking a copy of this invoice with me.
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