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  1. @sunfan03 We paid the taxi fare and tip with a credit card.
  2. @skatie The ship was scheduled to arrive @ 9AM. We met the other family we shared the taxi with in the atrium @9AM and waited for the announcement to say the ship was clear to go ashore. As soon as that announcement was made we made our way to the gangway and got off. In Zeebrugge passengers are required to take a free shuttle bus to the exit because it is a very busy shipping port. We took the bus and then found where the taxi stand was. We were the only ones in the taxi line and wr immediately got a taxi. The early bird gets the worm!! @sunfan03 The taxi has seating for 7 passengers, 6 in the back and 1 up front with the driver. We were 4 adults and an 11 year old. We rounded the taxi fare up for a tip so the taxi was $61 and change one way. I’d definitely try to share the taxi with anther family to cut down on the cost. We asked for a 3PM pickup so that we had plenty of time to get back to the ship in case there was an issue.
  3. @sunfan03 we got off the ship as early as we could and took a taxi to Bruges. We asked the driver to pick us up at 3pm and he returned at the agreed upon meeting spot at 3pm and took us back to the ship. We shared the taxi with another family so we split the cost of the round trip taxi (we each rounded the fare up to 50 Euros). One family paid going to Bruges and the other paid from Bruges to the ship. I was super nervous the taxi driver wouldn't come back for us but he did. It was a wonderful day and I am so glad we did Bruges on our own. The town is beautiful, make sure to do a canal cruise! The waffles, fries, chocolate and beer were excellent!
  4. @John Bull I’ll have to check out the menu at both places. Do they both take credit cards for payment?
  5. Fantastic, Thank you! We will be exhausted from flying in on the red eye and taking the bus to Southampton. I’m sure we will be in bed before 9PM
  6. @John Bull thank you so much for all of the great suggestions. We will be traveling with our 11 year old son so looking for a Pub that is family friendly. We want to experience a true British Pub! Any of those places you suggested good for a family of 3? The Rag Bone and Short Rib entree sounds delicious! How far would you say that Pub is from the Premier Inn by foot?
  7. Hello! We will be staying at the Premier Inn West Quay in Southampton. I am looking for recommendations for the best family friendly restaurant and/or pub. Thanks
  8. I am running into the same issue...can't find a taxi that will prebook from the port of Zeebrugge to Bruges.
  9. Thank you for this information. That would be great if they run the bus until 9PM. We have an all day Golden Circle Tour and was hoping to check out the city after the tour.
  10. What are the hours the FREE shuttle runs? We will be on the NCL Prima in a few weeks with an overnight in Reykjavik.
  11. I’m sorry to hear your legs ached for 2 days after your hike down. We will not be be hiking down as we know our 11 year old son will enjoy the ride up and down on the funicular.
  12. Fantastic, thank you!! I like that we will be docked where the route is shorter 🙂 We definitely want to check out the Bruggen Wharf so it will be great to walk by it on our way to the Funicular. Depending on the weather I think we’ll go to the Funicular first and then explore afterwards.
  13. @hallasm we will be in Bergen on July 20th
  14. We have never sailed out of Southampton so I am curious what is the standard tip for porters when boarding in Southampton?
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