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  1. Here ya go - the curtain covers well I believe.
  2. Yep that's how they did it with us - when they asked if there was anything I don't eat I jokingly said "Broccoli" (I mean, I don't like it but I can eat it) and sure enough, there was a course that had a filling that normally contained broccoli but the chef made mine with something else. It was delicious. I tried a bit of my wife's regular preparation and it was delicious too. Chef's table is pretty amazing.
  3. That's pretty much exactly what he said the week before last on the FFS#3 cruise during a Q&A session. Side note: It was a terrific cruise and we really enjoyed meeting him. 🙂
  4. I don't wear pants to elegant night either - I wear my kilt!
  5. there's a whole youtube video dedicated just to picking the right cabin. Of course, it is based on the guy who did the video's preferences but he does point out some things that would be useful no matter what your preferred area is. Not sure if it's allowed to link to it here but it's by a guy called Cruiseadmiral. (If this gets deleted then we'll figure some other way to get you the info)
  6. They did that last week on the Conquest. It was a quick run-through but they did it. I want to say it was on the second elegant night but I don't remember for sure. It was delicious too!
  7. Thanks! I'll definitely be looking for this in February.
  8. Dewars eh? not my favorite blend but technically it is part of the family (See my Buchanan tartan avatar). I will look for this in February on the Conquest.
  9. bad money has stripper sweat and cocaine on it. I mean, so I've heard...
  10. ahh well that explains it. I had read it was something to do with travel agency backing the site but didn't know who it was.
  11. I'm one of the ones that has a PVP who answers emails - he's never more than a few minutes usually but it could go up to half a day if I ask him something at a weird hour late at night. We've talked on the phone too but I like email best and he accommodates that.
  12. Well I am happy for you left-coasters but we'll miss the Miracle here in Florida. I'm glad we got to sail on her out of Tampa. Love the ship. And now I'm even more interested in possible Alaska cruises - I have no frame of reference as I've never been farther west than Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas but I feel like I would love to do an Alaska cruise (already on our bucket list) out of San Francisco.
  13. yeah, I-4 to Tampa is a mess. We live in Orlando and I think we got on the Miracle out of Tampa about the same time we got on Conquest out of Fort Lauderdale - both times driving down day of cruise. We'll be driving to port of Miami next February but I'm seriously thinking about going down a day early this time. I've been in Miami traffic before but not to cruise so not sure how bad it will be on a Saturday in that area. It's pretty bad the rest of the time everywhere else though...
  14. That's what we do too - my wife needs the extension cord by the bed for her CPAP. And I have a pretty long cord for my phone so we can lay in bed at night and charge phones and still use them.
  15. If all five of you are in the same cabin then yes, both of the adults must buy it but if you have the kids in one room and the adults in another AND you don't want to buy 2 packages, just book one adult in a cabin with a couple kids and the other adult in the other cabin with the rest of the kids and then only one of you has to buy the package. They do not care which of the cabins anyone sleeps in but for Cheers purposes it only counts which adults are booked where. You can go to guest services to get extra room keys. You still cannot share the package but at least it's only half price.
  16. You're very welcome and my wife would laugh out loud about the shoes - I bring twice as many as she does. I just need them!
  17. Hi Ethel, yes, there has been a blow dryer in every carnival cabin we've been in. They are in a drawer by the big mirror in the room and the cord isn't very long and a lot of folks seem to think they are under-powered but they get the job done even if it takes a little longer. At least, they do well enough that I'll be content with it rather than pack another blow dryer. One less thing for me to forget lol.
  18. not true yet. It was tested on another of Carnival's lines (HAL maybe?) but not on Carnival. It may eventually come to Carnival but for now, try everything!
  19. LOL! when i was a kid I spilled some cologne and my stepfather walked by and hollered "WHY DOES IT SMELL LIKE A FRENCH WHORE HOUSE IN HERE?" (he hollered pretty much everything from "LOOK OUT, BEARS!" to "PASS THE SALT!") Of course, my mom asked him how he knew what a French whore house smelled like. And she wasn't really happy about it lol.
  20. Thoroughly enjoyed out Miracle cruise last April. Ship was easy to get around and I liked the food. Ours was an 8-day with only three ports so lots of nice sea-day brunches in the MDR. We did our first ever Chef's Table and the steak house on Miracle was the coolest one I've seen yet (still haven't been on any of the really new ships yet). We had a balcony near the back and it was a great location to get straight down to MDR or straight up for some late night pizza. Quiet room, and the AC worked great (I like to sleep as cool as I can). Service was great from everyone we encountered and I wouldn't hesitate to cruise on her again but I think she'll be heading west before I get another chance. Maybe some day we'll get to go to Alaska on her. I thought I would miss Guy's but the burgers at the grill were great and I ate way more fried flour tortillas with cheese sauce than I should have. If this post seems a little heavily food-oriented, well, yeah. lol. But we had some good drinks too!
  21. I've gotten the 50$ spa card and 50% off a bottle of wine and a happy birthday dessert in the MDR. from our cabin steward. Be sure to check that box on your cruise manager so they know. They wouldn't let me transfer the spa card to my wife so I used it for a shave and a touch-up before elegant night. I thought it was nice. I like the spa treatment but I don;t generally like the spa price so the 50 dollar gift made it useful. I think I got out only going over a few bucks and that was because I tipped the stylist. We got a decent Malbec at the Steakhouse with the wine discount.
  22. we're on the Conquest in Feb 2020 and it hasn't shown up yet for us either. If I remember correctly it was maybe 10 months out when our last cruise started showing FTTF. I just check every day and will be ready when it shows up.
  23. another reason to go on the Mardi Gras (like I wasn't gonna go on her anyway). We thoroughly enjoyed the two time we ate at his restaurant in Orlando. I happily eat Cajun food from trucks so I don't see why I wouldn't eat it from a cruise ship.
  24. We'll be gold on the last day of our next cruise - so we get to be gold the whole cruise! I'm gonna drink the heck out of that free drink after 5 on the last day!
  25. We had it last year for our Miracle cruise to Panama but traffic was so miserable on the drive down we ended up not getting on board until after 2 anyway. (And we live in Orlando!) It was still nice to have for priority guest services but we don't feel like we really got full use of it that time. At least we bought it way in advance of the price hikes last year lol.
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