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  1. We had an aft cabin on the Sky. Deck nine is the best , only rooms above and below you. I believe we were next to a suite, starboard side. A nice room.
  2. Most likely has no travel insurance? Also IMHO would not go on a cruise with a child who has a compromised immune system during regular flu season period.
  3. Do not buy into the MEDIA hype of this virus! Where on earth did you read that possibly 75% of us will catch this at some point before it is "said and done", ??
  4. Absolutely we had the priority pas on this sailing and got totally screwed. we id use the 50 credits toward massages in the spa.
  5. Suki Mac, I was on this sailing and I foolishly bought the priority pass as well, Here is my experience with it. I stupidly obeyed the email regarding the later boarding time, I had planned on arriving at the port by 10 am o I could take advantage of the earlier boarding. (only silver level here), However got there by 12 and snaked through security(not too bad) and once through checked in and walked right on ship Meanwhile others had all ready boarded. Got the canapes the next day, never used free breakfast room service deal. Hubs and I got 50 minute massages on a port day and we were each giv
  6. I purchased the water on board. I drink a lot of it and so it was a convenience in my opinion. Water in all restaurants was very good. Never tasted the water in the cabin bathroom.
  7. Well, that does not sound correct, my ncl summary page says upgrade now for the ridiculous price of 417.50 per person (12 day cruise this in 2 weeks).
  8. Here's another cruiser who had an awful time: Just off the ship, big disappointment. Staff left alot to be desired, zero customer service, and the worst food I've ever had. Not one hot meal in MDR or buffet.
  9. Do they have them in the thermal spa if you have the pass?
  10. Love reading complaints lol. There is a good one on another thread where the poster rips the Bliss apart. Thanksgiving week cruise. What did you expect? No lines??
  11. If you upgrade onboard can you use on board credits?
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