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  1. Reporting back on my L&S, just received my updated invoice (that was quick) and it's all in order. The total is the same as it was before, saving a whopping 1500 € + 100 USD OBC compared to current pricing on the new 8 day cruise. 🤑
  2. Yeah, definitely will double-check it once I get it. Fortunately enough we have completely different rules for deposits over here at the Nordics, so no chance of them getting that wrong (I hope). Wouldn't be surprised if the OBC happened to drop off though. 😅
  3. I've just lifted and shifted my cancelled Odyssey 7 night 13th June 2021 cruise to an Odyssey 8 night 26th June 2022 cruise with no questions asked. Apparently the re-pricing (and added 100 USD OBC) needs to be done manually and will take 2-3 days. Waiting to see how that will end up. 😅
  4. Reporting back on this in case anyone has a similar occurrence. Called RCI (apparently a perk of being in Northern Europe includes a phone line with no queue whatsoever, had an agent available right away). The agent explained that due to the cruise not having been paid in full on cancellation (we have final payment 42 days before the cruise), the cruise planner purchases had been used towards the cruise price on cancellation. This supposedly resulted in them being refunded as FCC. The agent was unable to revert it the way it was supposed to go (part FCC, part refund), so I decided to go for a
  5. Yeah, figured as much. Just thinking of waiting for a bit to see if they actually messed up the refunds big time and something appears on my payment card as well. Well the cancellation email is the same for us, but it still might have something to do with cruise planner purchases being in EUR and OBC being in USD though. Guess I'll be making a call later.
  6. I've just received a refund from RCI, but pretty confused with the amount. The original cancellation email said that the total cruise fare paid would be automatically transformed into 125 % FCC and the cruise planner purchases would be automatically refunded. As the other option (that would have required filling out a form, which I did not) for the cruise planner purchases was 125 % OBC, I figured the automatic refund for them would mean refund to original form of payment. Now my refund on the other hand... The email claims that it's FCC, but the amount is 125 % the amount of my cr
  7. Finland has final payment 42 days before and only half/full deposit (50 €/pp or 100 €/pp) penalty until 14 days before.
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