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  1. Way ahead of you. Can confirm they are also serving ice cream. Not sure if some poor soul has to stand there 24hours. Time will tell.
  2. Noticed lots of white shirt crew all over public areas this morning. Lido buffet now being served by crew only, including silverware and plates. Must have had to scrounge up extra crew because one guy was naming all the food on the buffet line to a group of crew so they would know what to serve when asked. I'll keep my eye open for other changes..
  3. So everything onboard is business as usual. People in the pool ,lido, casino. Haven't met a concerned passenger yet. Wash your hands and hope for the best.
  4. Our neighboring ship the veendem must have heard the announcement, they are getting the hell out of here. Hope they dont have to airdrop any test kits when we get back to port Everglades. The 100 credit is very generous. To the bar to burn it up!
  5. Photo taken from serenity, almost sure that's as close to grand turk as I'm going to get today. Last update was several people with flu symptomoms. Absolutely no meaningful updates up to this point, they haven't even announced were not getting off and it's been 4 hours since we were supposed to debark.
  6. Also on board, sat in the lounge for 2 hours waiting with other shore-ex folks absolutely no information given, now in room, latest announcement at 12:40 est was "we are working with local authorities for clearance" ...no way were getting off at this point. I'm going to the bar.
  7. You have to rent at the beach. Go to the rental hut, they will give you a receipt and then you go pick one out and wait for an attendant to come by and "unlock" it.
  8. Freeport transformation for the win!
  9. Yup a refrigerator review, it was cold! Sunshine deck 8 interior, the refrigerator sits in the open under the mirror vanity so cant prove the open door closed door theory.
  10. Arrived on the sunshine Feb 28th along with 5 other ships. Was a bit concerned about transit to and from Maho with that many people in town, but it was not an issue. Rode the water taxi across to the shopping center and caught the bus from there. Just look for the bus that has a "maho" sign in the window. Cost pp was 2.00 each way. Transit time from the shopping center was 30 minutes going and 35 returning. Caught the return bus in front of the "market/grocery store" next to the airport for the return. I don't recommend the beach for swimming, it was packed, the waves were huge, and they beach itself is quite steep with maybe a 20 ft landing on top between the street and water. One large wave made it all the way to the street, soaked everyones beach towels, shoes (including mine) and everything else on the sand. Stayed about 2 hours saw 2 737's land and a number of small atr7's and other puddle jumping aircraft. No large planes took off during the morning 10 to 12ish, i believe you have to wait until at least mid afternoon for the larger aircraft to leave, but didn't want to chance being late to the ship.
  11. Did not use the lockers, but every shop in the port accepted US dollars.
  12. Arrived on Feb 25th in Grand Turk on the Sunshine. Went to the left after leaving the pier. The water was very clear with little seaweed. Water temperature was a touch cool, but still stayed in it all day. With two ships in town I was worried about getting a chair after seeing other photos/reviews so we docked at 8 and i was at the beach by 8:15. Very few people around. Did not get busy until around 10. As soon as you arrive at the beach you will see the vendors asking you about chair rentals. The green tops are free but they are not in the front row. The front row cost me 30.00 , included two chairs and an umbrella. You will get a wrist band that indicates you paid, saw some confusion between the vendors about who took payments from different individuals so just make sure you get a wrist band after payment. As the day went on the beach got more crowded, but it felt less crowded than Mahogany Bay at peak time. Purchased my food and beverage at margaritaville, 6 beers (local turks head) 35.00, i think the nachos were 18. Margaritaville does have lockers available. The shopping area is clean with a few shops, did not see any aggressive vendors. I have never been to a beach closer to the ship, awesome spot. If you want a show, keep a few nachos in your hand and walk into the water, the fish will swarm you.
  13. Struggling with itineraries for a 7 day cruise. Steps away from the dock are these two choices. Which one should i choose?
  14. Are these necessary any more? i am tired of having to scroll them them daily to get to actual content. The royal, princess, nor celebrity forums have a warning on how to behave. Can my fellow funship cruisers control yourselves when posting without these instructions?
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