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  1. The Cheers package is required for all person's in same cabin that are over 21. Is she in your cabin? You should be able to see the beverage package under your cruise planner. I would perhaps call one of the vacation planners if you cannot see it on the website.
  2. We are looking for something as well since the Tropicante closed, we are considering the Krazy Lobster.
  3. That is unfortunate! Personally I would not even get off the ship. Been to Belize City twice, I would not have went the 2nd time but NCL's new port did not open on schedule and we were diverted, the port itself has some cute bars and shops but beyond the port gate; which requires a security booth it is quite bad. Up in your personal space, don't take no for an answer. Sidewalks are quite uneven and broken. There is really no where to go, there is a nasty man made "beach" which is a hole filled with nasty water which will cost you to get to. I have heard not great things about the tubing as well, a long hot trek through the jungle with $8 warm beers. It is also a tendered port.
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