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  1. No. We never discussed airline reimbursement. That plan just happened to meet my specific needs. It had low coverage for items I did not need and good coverage for what I needed from a reputable company at a inexpensive price. This was probably not a great comprehensive plan for many people, but we were mostly concerned about trip cancelation or interruption if a non traveling a relative with pre-existing conditions took a turn for the worse.
  2. We rarely buy trip specific policies and usually rely on our credit card and GeoBlue Trekker. That said we bought a policy for a trip scheduled to depart in March of 2020. We ended up canceling about two weeks prior to departure due to a medical emergency with a relative. As part of the claim process we had to attest that if we claimed the value of the airline tickets we would not use the value of the tickets (i.e. credit) or we would have to reimburse the insurance company. We ended up getting a small cash credit from the airline (pre paid bags and seat selection charges). We signed the i
  3. Here is what I saw in February. I did not look at the COVID language.
  4. You will need to look at a comprehensive travel insurance plan in order to get the cancelation coverage you describe. If you need to cover what the insurance companies define as "pre-existing conditions", and you are well past your initial cruise deposit, then you need to find a policy that lets you purchase up to final payment date. One such policy was mentioned in the other thread. If you are sure you have no pre-existing conditions (as defined by the insurance policy), then you have a lot more choices. I would call www.tripinsurancestore.com ( @iamtrustworthy) and talk with
  5. The GeoBlue plans are for emergency medical and medical evac only. The single trip Voyageur Choice plan as well as the annual Trekker plans can be purchased up to one day before your departure date as per their FAQs. These plans all require that you have a current primary US health insurance plan (such as employer coverage or Medicare). These GeoBlue plans cover pre-existing conditions. The previous poster posted a link to the details. If you are interested in a comprehensive travel insurance plan, then most plans require you purchase the policy within x days of your initial pa
  6. Have you looked at the GeoBlue plans? Most cover pre-existing conditions and can be purchased as late as a day before your trip begins. Depending on the length of your trip or if you plan multiple trips in a one year period, the annual plans (Trekker) sometimes make more sense than the single trip plans (Voyageur). These are emergency medical and medical evac plans only. If evac is very important to you, make sure you read the terms and conditions to be sure you are comfortable with the limitations. "If a Covered Person suffers a sudden accident or unforeseen illness, resulting i
  7. You bring up some good points. While I don’t know the answer for sure, here is some more information from what I have and what I remember. The guide to benefits had a significant rewrite sometime after 8-26-2018. I don’t recall exactly when the changes were made, but the guides I have (8-26-2018 and 2-15-2020) are very different, so the changes were made somewhere in that timeframe. When I noticed the changes, I called Chase and asked the question about coverage if only a portion of the trip was charged to the card. While I BELIEVE they said there was no change, I think I decided
  8. Unless something has changed recently, emergency medical is only $2,500. Emergency Evacuation and Transportation is $100,000. We always supplemented the Chase card with GeoBlue Trekker for medical. Still not sure what we will do when we start traveling again.
  9. OK, here is what I can remember from the east coast plus HI and TX Charlottetown PE - docked or tendered Sydney NS - docked Halifax NS - docked Bar Harbor ME - tendered St John NB - docked Newport RI - tendered Hilo HI - docked Kauai HI - docked Maui (Lahaina) HI - tendered These ports are often cruise endpoints and have docks Boston MA - docked New York NY - docked Brooklyn NY - docked Cape Liberty NJ - docked Baltimore MD - docked Tampa FL - docked Ft. Lauderdale FL - docked Miami FL - doc
  10. Just remember that there are no guarantees that any of the information sources will be completely accurate for your trip. If you have a port without a pier, then I guess it is pretty much guaranteed to be a tender port 😀. On the other hand, some of the smaller ports may have a limited capacity and some ships may dock and others may tender. A previous poster mentioned some of the Alaskan ports. I know Charlottetown PEI has dock space for only one ship. The last time we were there, we had to tender. Someone told us that ship with the greatest number of passengers gets the dock. Other ports
  11. I believe the key words are “most benefits”. My understanding is there are several exceptions to the no lifetime maximum provision of the ACA. Medicare supplement plans are one of those exceptions. All of the supplement plans that offer foreign emergency travel coverage (plans C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, M and N) have a lifetime limit of $50K for foreign emergency travel. Exceptions Supplemental benefits. (i) The following benefits are excepted only if they are provided under a separate policy, certificate, or contract of insurance - (A) Medicare supplemen
  12. You can purchase the Princess plans up until final payment date in order to get CFAR coverage. Most independent plans with CFAR need to be purchased fairly soon after the initial deposit to get CFAR coverage. But, most independent plans let you take out insurance to cover your initial deposit and then add coverage as you make more trip payments. Another thing to be aware of is what the insurance companies call pre-existing medical conditions. If this possibly affects you, when you purchase the policy and what policy you purchase becomes important. If not, then you have much mo
  13. Look at independent insurance through a reputable broker. You might want to browse through the cruise/travel insurance boards for more insights. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ The biggest problem I have with most cruise line plans is inadequate medical coverage. The Princess standard plan only covers $10K while the platinum plan covers $20K. Plus, it is secondary insurance, so you must submit to your medical insurance plan first and then the Princess plan only picks up what your own insurance does not cover. For those of us on Medicare with a
  14. @klfrodo This has to be very frustrating, especially for someone who probably understands more about travel insurance than 99% of typical travelers. It is the "gotchas" that one only understands if you know the plan details inside and out. Few people do, plus who is thinking about the insurance requirements when you are injured and need medical care, especially when the insurance company referred you to a doctor. @iamtrustworthy Does GeoBlue Trekker require any pre certification before getting medical treatment? I know they have (or used to have) a 60 day notification requiremen
  15. You might want to rethink the need for travel medical insurance. "Medigap plan N" and the other Medicare supplements that cover foreign travel are fairly limited in my opinion. They only pay 80% of certain medically necessary emergency care outside the U.S. after you meet a $250 deductible for the year. Plus there is a $50K lifetime maximum. The $50K may not even be enough for one serious injury or illness. Depending on the trip, most people recommend a minimum of $100K medical coverage. So I strongly suggest you have some medical coverage in addition to your Medigap plan. If
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