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  1. I am guessing you are talking about Royal Caribbean's insurance? I am not familiar with their policy, but from your wording is sounds like it is similar to other lines that have a cancel for any reason (CFAR) clause. If you cancel (for a non covered reason), they refund a portion (typically 90%) of your fare in the format of a future cruise credit that has a set expiration date (typically one year). I don't think any of them will give you cash after a year, but nice try 😀 Here is another option to consider: A number of third party insurance policies offer CFAR clauses. They usually refund a smaller portion (typically 75%) of your fare, but it is in cash. Other policies often offer better coverage than the cruise lines for the same or less money, depending on you age. Adding CFAR to a policy typically adds 40-60% to the premium, so you need to comparison shop to see what best meets your needs and budget. Take a look at one of the brokers recommended by posters on this forum such as tripinsurancestore.com or insuremytrip.com.
  2. @SailorMan20: I can't comment on your specific plan, but most comprehensive plans are priced based on Non refundable trip costs (or the amount you are insuring for trip cancellation) and Ages of the travelers Price will then vary among specific plans based primarily on terms and coverage. So $266 for two people in their thirties in an inexpensive inside cabin might be very expensive, but if they were in their 70s or in a suite, it would probably be a great price. You might want to check out one of the insurance broker websites such as tripinsurancestore.com or insuremytrip.com and plug in your details to see prices for your specific situation. At least you can compare it to what you bought. Also be aware that most insurance sold by the cruise line does not take into consideration the ages of the travelers, so as people get older, it is often cheaper than third party insurance. The downside is cruise line, insurance usually offers minimal emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage. In a serious medical situation, expenses can far exceed cruise line coverage.
  3. Chase Sapphire Preferred also offers these benefits for a $95/year fee with the additional stipulation that "expensive and exotic cars" are excluded from the rental car insurance. Sapphire Reserve offers additional benefits over Preferred for a slightly larger net annual fee. Reserve also charges $75 for an additional user. Here is one article that tries to summarize the differences: https://thepointsguy.com/guide/chase-sapphire-preferred-vs-chase-sapphire-reserve/ My biggest concerns with any of these cards are: negative online feedback on the claims process (But you do hear the same thing about lots of insurance providers, although the Citibank cards seemed to have much better reviews on claims vs Chase) exclusion of pre-existing conditions (But they do have a 60 day look back period)
  4. Here are excerpts from klfrodo's link above. If you were using one of the Citibank cards for insurance benefits, you might want to reevaluate: Citi Gutting Most Travel Protections and Other Card Benefits Across All Premium Products Citibank is ending most of the benefits that are generally purchased through payment networks in an effort to cut costs. Cardmembers are being given three months’ notice that they’ll lose trip delay coverage, rental car coverage, and other benefits that may come with their Citi cards. For instance, Citi Prestige, Premier, and the Citi Executve card all lose rental car insurance; trip cancellation and interruption; travel accident insurance; trip delay; baggage delay; lost baggage; price rewind; and 90 day return protection. Citi Prestige and Citi Executive lose Medical Evacuation coverage and Missed Ticket Protection. Prestige also loses roadside assistance dispatch service and travel and emergency assistance. Here is the link to the other thread. (it currently has only one post)
  5. They sell RoamRight for annual travel insurance. Look at their site map and the 3rd link takes you to http://www.annualtravelinsurance.ws/.
  6. As others have said, call one of the recommended brokers such as tripinsurancestore. It will not cost anything more to book through a broker and the advice can be very valuable.
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  8. Google "St Thomas port schedule" and you will see the docks for the next few months. Caribbean Princess is scheduled for Havensight (WICO) for everything posted so far.
  9. MAY HAVE are the key words here. For you and some others, credit card insurance can be a great option. And Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR) is one of the best. But this is not a great option for everyone. As others have said, make sure you understand what you are trying to insure, and read the policies to make sure you will be covered. For example, here are some of the limitations of the CSR insurance: Very limited medical insurance. If your primary medical insurance covers you out of the country, then this will not be an issue. Somewhat limited Emergency Evacuation and Transportation coverage. If your cruise is to the Caribbean or other places, relatively close to home than $100K should be fine. 60 day look back period for pre-existing conditions. If you or non traveling family members do not have any pre-existing conditions, then this should not be an issue. No "cancel for any reason" option, so trip cancellation/interruption benefits must be for a covered reason. Another thing that is not a problem for many. @4x4TX Be sure to read the policies and better yet first talk with one of the insurance brokers mentioned in a previous post. So many people post here after the fact, because they did not understand what they had or what they purchased. Also look a travel oriented credit cards to see if any of them meet your needs.
  10. We always bring one of these adapters when we cruise. It usually gives us more choices for my wife's CPAP. I believe all of the ships have at least one of these European outlets under the bed, although in some cases you need to unplug a lamp. Other ships also have both European and US outlets at the desk. I know the Grand/Golden/Star do not have the extra outlet under the bed or at the desk (in an ocenview). The Royal/Regal (and I assume newer ships) have one under the bed and at the desk. I never remember about the ships in between including the Crown. But, the adapter is cheap and lightweight so we always keep at least one in our travel bag. https://www.amazon.com/European-Adapter-Schuko-Germany-France/dp/B004SY5O5K
  11. For a while now a banner appears near the top of the forums entitled: Featured Forum: Camera & Photography Clicking on it takes you to another link. Clicking on that link takes you to a "Cruise Foodies" Forum. http.com/forum/125-cruise-foodies/
  12. @Pam in CA answered this in post 14. Did you see that, or were you just looking for confirmation? I am not sure if the information she was given is correct but it makes sense. To be sure, you can go to the IC with your cruise card (or medallion) and they can tell you if the package is already loaded onto your account.
  13. Maybe too many acronyms here, but if by FCC you meant FCD or Future Cruise Deposit, the answer is no. Future Cruise Deposits are charged directly to your credit card. They do not appear on our on board account statement and On Board Credits cannot be used.
  14. While I agree that there have been continued cutbacks over the years, we had all of the above on our 28 day Star cruise in April. Carpet had red or green dots. We had the barrel chair in our oceanview. Plenty of butter on the table in the MDR. We also got an extensive log of the cruise on the last day.
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