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  1. Great question. I was wondering the same thing because in my limited experience*, every travel agent I have worked with has done the same thing. The credit card charge has always been from the cruise line. * I have probably used 5 or 6 different agencies.
  2. For those wanting a summary of the ships involved without reading the entire blog: ASIA: Maasdam, Noordam and Westerdam are en route to the Philippines. Westerdam will continue onto Indonesia. Eurodam and Amsterdam are in the Manila Bay area in the Philippines. Nieuw Amsterdam, Volendam, Rotterdam, Zuiderdam and Veendam are transiting to Asia via ports in southern Africa. AMERICAS AND THE CARIBBEAN: Koningsdam is at anchor at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where efforts are underway to secure transportation home for a number of teammates. Oosterdam is at anchor at La Paz, Mexico, in minimum operating manning and will move closer to Panama in the coming days. EUROPE: Zaandam and Nieuw Statendam have brought several crew home to Europe and are at anchor in Scheveningen, the Netherlands, under minimum operating manning.
  3. Here is the GoeBlue link: https://about.geo-blue.com/crisisalert/covid19-members Here is a quote from the FAQs. The link will give you more info: Is a member with a short-term (Voyager or Trekker) plan covered if they contract COVID-19? Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is covered without copay or other member contribution. Treatment for COVID-19 is covered as an Illness under the policy, and we are waiving copay and other member contribution for covered treatment of COVID-19 cases diagnosed through May 31. Please note the following important exclusion: Coverage for pandemic illness, including COVID-19 is not covered if a member failed to depart a country within a reasonable time from the date the country became subject to a level-3 travel warning by the CDC, or similar travel warning from that country’s government. Members remaining in a country in that circumstance would not be covered for COVID-19, but otherwise would retain all coverage under the policy within its normal terms and conditions.
  4. I believe this thread was originally posted to the Princess forum. The thread was recently moved to the Cruise/Travel Insurance forum by the moderators. So you are both correct at the date/time each of you posted.
  5. I completely understand your reasoning for wanting to take the safe 75%, but here is the problem you MIGHT run into when submitting a claim: You have CFAR, so you can cancel because "you changed your mind". The insurance company will pay 75% of the non refundable costs. The insurance company will want proof that you actually paid for your cruise, proof you canceled the cruise, and documentation of your non-refundable costs. For the last part, the insurance company will probably want something from your cruise line or travel agent showing how much they refunded (such as port fees/taxes) and the amount your forfeited. I also bet the insurance companies are familiar with current COVID19 cruise line cancellation policies. So the insurance company might not pay anything until you go through the process with NCL to try to get a refund and either NCL denies your request (or they go out of business). Based on what you have said, I would cancel the cruise and request a refund from NCL. I would then review your insurance company's claim forms and the documentation they want. You can then submit a claim. The insurance company can always ask for more information, but at least you have started the process. If NCL reimburses you, then you can always cancel the insurance claim. Unfortunately, I think the chances of a quick insurance payment without giving NCL the opportunity to give you a refund, is not very likely. Good luck
  6. You will have to cancel with the cruise line before you can start a claim with your insurance company. The insurance company will ask you for specific documentation. Documentation will most likely include proof of payment for the trip, proof of cancellation and proof of the amounts that were not refundable. If there is a possibility that your "personal medical reasons" are a covered reason under your policy, then you will also want to the requested submit medical documentation. A covered reason will provide you a larger reimbursement. One more thing. Before you cancel, you should probably confirm the current cancellation policy with your cruise line. Things have changed drastically over the past few weeks, so you might be able to get your 100% money back for the cruise and not have to file an insurance claim. Same thing for air fare.
  7. Hey Steve: Here are links to three Allianz policies. "One Trip Prime", "One Trip Premier" and "All Trips Executive" https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/api/certificates/download/all?ProductID=17497&State=FL https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/api/certificates/download/all?ProductID=17523&State=FL https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/api/certificates/download/all?ProductID=18563&State=FL All have similar Exclusions sections: GENERAL EXCLUSIONS This section describes the general exclusions applicable to all coverages under your policy. An “exclusion” is something that is not covered by this insurance policy, and therefore no reimbursement would be available. This policy does not provide coverage for any loss that results directly or indirectly from any of the following general exclusions if they affect you, a traveling companion, or a family member: . . . 14. An epidemic; . . .
  8. https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/
  9. I believe you are incorrect. The time to arrange private transportation seems to be one of the biggest reasons so many passengers are still onboard the ship. Someone posted this morning that they are heading home today. Carnival Corp has chartered a flight with three stops (ATL, CLT and IAD). Then, private ground transportation has been arranged from the airports to home. A second chartered flight is going to Houston and Dallas. There will be more.
  10. Not sure why it worked for me. Within the article was a link to the actual document. You might want to try this one: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6824278-Carnival-Complete-Agreement.html#document/p1
  11. Try this: https://www.travelinsured.com/news-resources/current-events/2020/02/24/coronavirus-2020 Scroll down to Future Travel Credits.
  12. It looks like you have done your homework. Here is the comparison chart between the two plans. I am sure you have seen it, but it might be helpful for others: https://www.geobluetravelinsurance.com/products/multi-trip/trekker-compare-plans.cfm My take is is Choice is the way to go, if you have no other medical insurance that covers you out of the country. If you have other insurance, then Essential may be fine, depending on the terms and conditions of your primary health plan. I am not personally concerned about the differences in Emergency Medical Transportation Coverage, because Essential provides enough. I am also not too concerned about the other differences. For us, we chose Essential because our primary health insurance covers us out of the country. In most cases this coverage will be considered out of network. We have a high out-of-network deductible, but there is an out-of-pocket maximum for out-of-network coverage that is below the $50K maximum coverage for the Choice plan. So if we had a significant medical issue, we would submit first to our primary health insurance, then to GeoBlue as secondary. GeoBlue should cover our deductibles from the primary plan, and when the out-of-pocket maximum is reached, the primary plan should cover everything. Based on a conversation with our primary insurer and someone who sells GeoBlue, this should work. Hopefully we will never have to find out.
  13. The original memo said all cruises through 4/14 were cancelled. Is it now indefinite, or have they announced a new date?
  14. Also remember the FCC under the new policy will be for the non-refundable amounts. You will get something back in cash (or a credit card refund). All of your taxes and port fees will be refunded Then depending on when you cancel, some of the remaining payments may be refunded in cash as shown in the first table of post 2. Whatever remains is your FCC that must be used as stated in post 3.
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