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  1. Remember you can buy GeoBlue Trekker at the last minute, i.e. right before the first cruise that is actually sailing. There is no waiting period to cover pre-existing conditions. So the only real downside is you purchase a policy just before your first cruise sails, then everything shuts down again shortly after and you you can't travel for another year. Hopefully that won't happen, and if it does, hopefully GeoBlue will offer a refund for the unused portion. Good luck.
  2. I took out my last GeoBlue Trekker policy in January. I went on a one week cruise, then I took a trip to Canada in early February. I have not taken any other trips, nor do I intend to. I did not submit any claims. Based on @phillygirl2400's post, I contacted GeoBlue on August 4,. They ended up refunding my premium based on the date I returned from Canada. This amounted to a refund of 11/12ths of the annual premium. Great service and I will buy another policy whenever I decide to start traveling again.
  3. Better yet, the $75K rental card coverage is primary coverage. Most other credit card rental car insurance is secondary (in your home country). So if you do not have to first file a claim with your auto insurance company. It's not only simpler, it keeps your insurance company out of it and hopefully avoids an increase in auto insurance premiums.
  4. Amex Platinum only recently added travel insurance benefits. Citibank used to have a card with decent travel insurance, but those benefits were recently eliminated. Both changes were within the past year or so. Chase Sapphire Reserve and Amex Platinum also have a hefty annual fee ($550+), but if you take advantage of all the benefits it can be worth it. Chase Sapphire Preferred is much cheaper ($95), but it does have fewer or reduced benefits.
  5. Several of the Chase cards including Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred offer insurance benefits. AmEx Platinum has also added insurance benefits. The insurance benefits you get from these type of cards can be very helpful, but be sure to read the benefits document carefully so you know what is covered and the exclusions. For example expect little if any medical coverage. If you have other medical coverage that covers you out of the country, then this may be ok. All of the cards that I am familiar with exclude pre-existing conditions. So if you have to cancel, or interrupt your trip
  6. We canceled our March 11 cruise on March 3. (HAL never cancelled the cruise, but all passengers ended up disembarking at the first port. What a mess, and I am glad we did not go.) We received our refunds of port fees to our credit card the day after we cancelled, It took about six weeks to get the promised FCC. We were notified via email on April 21.
  7. I currently have a $100 Future Cruise Deposit (FCD) and a Future Cruise Credit (FCC). The terms of the FCC say I must book by 12/31/2020 and sail by 12/31/2021. Right now, I do not want to book anything until HAL is sailing again. If HAL is not sailing by December 2020, and the terms of the FCC have not changed, then I will probably book something in December for a June or July 2021 cruise. Does anyone know how the FCC will work? Can I book in December 2020 using my FCD and apply my FCC at final payment date? (probably April 2021). Or, must I apply the FCC for full payment at the time
  8. Has HAL notified you that an FCC (or FCD) has been applied to your account and it still does not appear online? Or, are you still waiting for HAL to give you an FCC? If it is the latter, that is a whole other issue on how slow everything as been. On the other hand, if you have an email from HAL giving you an FCC, and it does not show online, then I have no idea. Did you check to see if the mariner numbers on the email and your web account match??? For what it's worth, my FCC was granted in April 2020 and the FCD was from January 2020. Up until a month or so ago, HAL did not show
  9. For whatever it's worth, FCCs and FCDs are now available on HAL's website. I am not sure when they added this, but I believe someone posted about this change in June. You must log in. Then click your NAME in the upper left portion of the screen to get to "my Account". Select "My Profile" and "Cruise Credits".
  10. Let me add two more potentially significant negatives with the Princess plan. Other cruise line plans have similar restrictions, but they are not always identical. Cancellation including CFAR only applies to non-refundable cruise vacation-related costs prepaid to Princess Cruises and/or Princess Tours. I am not sure about EZAir, but it definitely does not cover anything you purchased on your own. Third party plans will cover expenses from all of your travel suppliers. Princess does not cover pre-existing conditions (for you or non traveling family members), while most third party
  11. Unless something has changed very recently, the underwriter for RCI and Celebrity is Arch and the Carnival brands use Nationwide. I'm not sure if that's the reason RCCL only sells their plans in the USA, but the two cruise companies you mention use different underwriters (carriers). Both companies do use Aon Affinity to administrate the claims, but I don't think that matters here.
  12. Great question. I was wondering the same thing because in my limited experience*, every travel agent I have worked with has done the same thing. The credit card charge has always been from the cruise line. * I have probably used 5 or 6 different agencies.
  13. For those wanting a summary of the ships involved without reading the entire blog: ASIA: Maasdam, Noordam and Westerdam are en route to the Philippines. Westerdam will continue onto Indonesia. Eurodam and Amsterdam are in the Manila Bay area in the Philippines. Nieuw Amsterdam, Volendam, Rotterdam, Zuiderdam and Veendam are transiting to Asia via ports in southern Africa. AMERICAS AND THE CARIBBEAN: Koningsdam is at anchor at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where efforts are underway to secure transportation home for a number of teammates. Oosterdam
  14. Here is the GoeBlue link: https://about.geo-blue.com/crisisalert/covid19-members Here is a quote from the FAQs. The link will give you more info: Is a member with a short-term (Voyager or Trekker) plan covered if they contract COVID-19? Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 is covered without copay or other member contribution. Treatment for COVID-19 is covered as an Illness under the policy, and we are waiving copay and other member contribution for covered treatment of COVID-19 cases diagnosed through May 31. Please note the following important exclusion: Cover
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