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    We were able to apply taxes to our deposit but not the FCC. They deducted the amount that was due and we paid the balance even though it had not been processed. Better than nothing.
  2. Doesn't look good for Australia and NZ in early next year if they can't even circle Hawaii.
  3. Excellent question. This must have happened before although very rarely with the Health Questionnaire.
  4. Find an online cruise agency. Sorry I can't suggest. Put in a Greenland port as one to visit and u should get a list from multiple cruiselines.
  5. U would eventually get the premium back if they cancelled. Not sure if you cancelled first. In my case they reduced the amount owing on a new cruise deposit by the total of fees, taxes and insurance from the cruise they cancelled. In effect I have had this refunded.
  6. How could you think that!! I just want the automatic doors to the Lido replaced with the person who both greeted and opened the door. Not much to ask.
  7. Typically the former is a Federal or country-wide holiday vs a provincial holiday
  8. We had our family BBQ on Friday evening to miss the rain. It was great. First get together since the social distancing lockdown.
  9. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful responses. Outlook is pretty much what I was thinking. We have had several great trips to both countries so may have to live off our photo memories (Uluru 2012) for a while longer! Iancal we also have used Jetstar from HNL ideally in conjunction with a business class points flight or a one way cruise. Being in BC we fully understand the concerns about opening borders. We have relatively low case volumes, currently around 15 a day but that is not the case around us.
  10. Sounds like we are in very similar boats so to speak!
  11. I am interested in the sense of a cruise season this winter down south. We are booked in February 2021 from Sydney to Auckland. At the moment I can't see how this could happen as it will be too early for any widespread vaccine use. We could forego the cruise and do a land trip but that still has the risk from long flights and I can understand if we wouldn't be too welcome anyway. Specially interested in any comments from residents of that amazing part of the world.
  12. I can't see this. They are very different beasts with different clienteles. Maybe the 'old' HAL but it is long gone. I get the concept that Seabourn could limit further decline within HAL but that is a bit self-serving!!
  13. Crazy for Cats have you done this in todays situation? I don't think you can because of the delay but maybe there is a way I am not aware of.
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