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  1. I find it frustrating that they can't be bothered to extend the same opportunity.
  2. Unfortunately of limited value to Canadians if we booked in Canadian $$$.
  3. Haven't been on Princess for a few years. My feeling was that the shows and entertainment were better on Princess but food and cabins were better on HAL.
  4. Perhaps because there is still a active pandemic? Even in the US.
  5. I am glad the bet on vaccines is paying off for us all. But really thank the super smart people who developed the technologies before Covid 19 was known. This is not often recognized. Somewhere to the south of us 500,000+ casualties seem to be being ignored. Picture not as clear or clean as presented. Hospitalizations are a lagging indicator so maybe a bit soon to be cheering. I certainly hope it is justified but I see total cases for the US to be bending upwards. Hope these are the old type of cases not significantly the UK or Brazilian variants as these are different. Ontario and B
  6. I understand where you are coming from. Vancouver Island did very well until the current escalation. I also have respect for most of what Australia and NZ have accomplished. Not how the former has stranded their residents abroad. I think this was inappropriate. Test and quarantine but not abandon. That said we are a different beast. We have interconnected, sometimes integrated economies with an extensive land border. We could have done better but could never realistically have matched Australia and New Zealand.
  7. I have to assume our Public Health people got a newer concerning bit of data. That is their job and I think they have pretty good antennas. I doubt they are late for any party. Time will tell.
  8. Sorry I haven't been one if these so I am not sure how it works.
  9. SOLAS 2010, I believe. Has to do with boarding the lifeboats.Older ships they are swung out and partially lowered to the promenade deck before loading. This makes it impossible to meet the new timing requirement. I think on the newer ships they can be boarded in the stowed position. The only Canal relationship that I can see is that because of this they overhang the hull. I stand to be corrected.
  10. Just to provide my understanding regarding the classic promenade deck which we would also miss. I believe the change was mandated by the new SOLAS? regulations for how the lifeboats are carried. This made the classic approach infeasible. I look forward to be proven incorrect.
  11. Yes I agree this is possible if the residents were each infected by someone who was unvaccinated.
  12. In BC we have had positive tests within care facilities where the person has had both doses. The vaccination benefit is that it is much less severe. I think it is also clear that if you are positive you can transmit.
  13. We are definitely on two different planets. I hope the other planet never has to address the consequences of a mutation that defeats the current vaccines. The only prevention is to minimize the number of cases as every transmission is an opportunity for a new mutation. This doesn't appear to be a consideration on the other planet. It is not as though this is not understood in the science. The virus is guided by its survival not by economics, our survival or vacations. At the moment, it appears better at its role than we are ours. Jobs 1, 2 and 3 must be to reduce worldwide transmis
  14. I am clearly missing something. With three cruises booked we are keen to travel. But isn't there a pandemic still very active and in many areas regaining lost ground. Did I miss it's announcement that it was quitting transmission? There are reasons why sometimes non-elected officials are granted certain powers. Probably because politicians might not always act in our best interest. You could build a cheaper bridge if the politicians were the structural engineers. Would you drive on it? Please explain what I am missing.
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