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  1. For me, this is a discomforting thread. As some passengers appear not to be able to use their imagination to consider an emergency, I do think some level of discomfort is warranted. When we first sailed with HAL they lowered a couple of lifeboats to boarding level during the drill. Drills on another line where we mustered inside, we went out to the lifeboat with hands on shoulders of the person in front in the line. We have gone a long way astray from these experiences. I share the Oceania concern but this has more to do with poor design tradeoffs than the brand. I think executives ordering megaships should be required to critique the Prinsendam evacuation off Alaska and passengers should be briefed on why frequent emergency drills are so important and how important their knowledge and behavior is to survival.
  2. Less so than in the past but there are still benefits. Somewhere on here the current benefit list was posted. Within the last couple of days I think. Smaller deposit and small OBC dependant on category and length of cruise if I recall. You can also buy a credit for a future cruise which will give you similar benefits less any special offers that are on board only. If I have misinformed, I will be corrected very quickly!!
  3. I am not that familiar with the Kamloops hospital issue but I think there is a capacity issue aggravated by Covid. It is a high growth area and has new facilities due next year. In the meantime it is operating above capacity. I am not sure Covid is especially bad there, although probably not good. The earlier issues were centered in Kelowna. To follow up on Iancal, I think the changes are Sept 20 not Oct 20. As for dining, I think restaurants can still offer inside dining if they require vaccinations or negative tests for all customers. In BC, it has to be vaccination proof now. We have QR codes and also need ID. I feel we can manage the Covid risk by being super cautious and masking. We are 70s/80s. My personal concern is if we get sick unrelated to Covid or have an accident and the health system can't provide a timely response. As I gather is the case in Idaho, Alaska and probably other places. I am expecting RM to carry on as they are permitted to do so. Thought in BC we might be requested not to travel to Alberta but it hasn't happened yet.
  4. So sorry about this. At this late stage. So many unknowns and unpleasant surprises at the moment. I was so disappointed when we cancelled last month. Our trip Tuesday on the Rocky Mountaineer is our consolation prize but with the overloaded hospital in Kamloops and the out of control 4th wave in Alberta, I even have concerns about that.
  5. Magicat, thanks for taking a second look. It has been much appreciated that AC has given us more flexibility with Covid but I fear it is nearing its end. I think cancellation was $150 before Covid. Also consider if a return is booked as two one ways, it will be $300 for the trip so it can add up. I think the fee may be waived if you have Status which I don't.
  6. A caution, the free cancellation ends on Sept 30 for new bookings unless they extend it. It was a Covid thing.
  7. They have have had free cancellations on reward flights but I think that ended. A few more months yet before we will book. Good luck with it.
  8. The trips that I have looked at Bus Class have concerned me as the points that bought Bus in the past would only buy PE under the new program. This has just been investigation. I did get a reasonable Bus class to LHR in October but will probably have to cancel. Does your investigation suggest I am being too pessimistic? Are you thinking AC or United?
  9. We sure did. Managed to convince myself it was half price with an early payment for the second trip! Please don't damage my fantasy!! We have wanted to do it for years but could never cope with the cost. Even though we paid for the Indian Pacific 3 years ago in Australia. It was so much fun we never thought about the cost when onboard!! We even get Aeroplan points which I am trying to accumulate to see if we can travel in comfort to South America in 2023 to do Antarctica again. Got an ok direct flight home to Victoria from Air Canada. Sometimes one is lucky as it doubled the day after I booked.
  10. I agree there is some risk although we believe low. Key for us is no risk of things going sideways on the other side of the globe in a foreign country or on the ship. So very different at this point to a cruise. We will eat at our seats so no table sharing.
  11. We are also doing the Rocky Mountaineer next month. Very happy it will now require vaccinations due to new BC requirements.
  12. It gets pretty scary unless you are a lawyer.
  13. That appears to be true. We were hoping to visit relatives in mid-October. At the moment it is highly unlikely but this is one issue we can tick off the list.
  14. Wondering why your final payment date is so late. We had to pay by end of July for the Oct 30 sailing, which is why we cancelled. Also thinking we will probably skip our UK trip to visit with my sisters and other relatives.
  15. We have cancelled or been cancelled several times. Recently cancelled the October TA on the Eurodam. Too much risk for our comfort but I think several Canadians are sticking with it. Our next cruise realistically is June 2022 to Alaska.
  16. I really have no idea except I am sure it is covered in the fine print we all have to agree to. Perhaps the cruise lines don't want a whole lot of resells st a profit going on for popular cruises. We also probably don't want to be competing when we first book. As there are always people looking for the advantage, we all are disadvantaged when a genuine need arises.
  17. Clarified that being 75 is a major contributor. The cover letter only mentioned Covid. I guess I should be very concerned that I am now such a large risk if I travel.
  18. Just received the renewal for our Prestige insurance through Johnson. Cost has tripled so I have work to do.
  19. On the marketing presentation yesterday they described a 60 day refurbishment. I guess it doesn't have to be as concentrated when she isn't revenue producing anyway.
  20. Apologies Kazu we overlapped.
  21. You both have to get the package. I don't think the prices fluctuate other than when included in a promotion like Have it All.
  22. I guess I am glad that we can cancelled for Oct 30. Just too much opportunity for problems. Still very sad about it. Air Canada just cancelled our Auckland flight home in March which was expected.
  23. I think the most important thing globally is that the more cases = more likelihood of new variants. What, no one can have a clue. On this front we are all failing miserably.
  24. We are supposed to be on the Eurodam Oct 30 out of Barcelona. We will have to cancel next week as I can't see going with this in place. I understand other people see it differently or have a higher risk threshold. We might cancel anyway because of the case growth both in the UK and Spain but feel we could probably mitigate that risk. Very disappointing.
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