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  1. Turtles06

    Southampton Transportation

    OP: Having used Smith's, I highly recommend them. And yes, it's certainly more expensive than public transportation -- they are driving you about 80 miles. Well worth it, imho, for the convenience. As LHT28 said, the place to ask about sharing the ride is on your Roll Call.
  2. Jenn: if you haven't had a chance to see it yet, there's a new thread from yesterday in this forum (which I've linked below) in which a number of folks have put together a list of existing glitches, bugs and suggested improvements. I know that some of these are known issues, but it would be great if we had some idea of whether they are being worked on or can't be fixed. Thanks so much! Here's the thread:
  3. Not on my IPhone 8 either.
  4. A few minutes ago, I tried to open this thread but got an Error Code EX1052 instead
  5. But you don’t have to log out. If you forget, and someone else with whom you are sharing your account tries to log on, they will get a message, as POA1 notes above, that another device is logged on and then be able to log that device out.
  6. It’s not just desktops. The problem of horizontally alphabetized columns exists on iPads (tablets) and laptops as well — any device on which there’s more than one single column.
  7. Yes, it’s a known problem, going on right now. Please feel free to post on the thread I linked above, no reason to duplicate the discussion.
  8. I agree with you about the great value of these boards. I also share your concern that this most recent set of recurring and very significant problems will drive some people away, especially given the level of frustration with the other glitches, annoyances, and loss of functionalities we’ve experienced since the “upgrade.” I have emailed CC to express that concern and suggested that an announcement letting folks know what is going on and when we can expect a permanent fix would be helpful.
  9. Recurring problem affecting many of the cruise line boards:
  10. Turtles06

    Yet another OBC question re excursions

    Not to get very OT here, but when we took our first HAL cruise this summer, which by no means was our first cruise ever, I was totally taken aback by the person at the shorex desk I had asked to fix an error in ticketing that was made by HAL. (Incorrect tour time.) While there was no question that the error was HAL's, this person was argumentative, tried to convince me that I shouldn't care about getting tickets for the time of the excursion we had carefully chosen (which she told me was now sold out, although she agreed we had booked it), and basically made it seem as though she was doing me a big favor by dealing with the matter. This was on embarkation afternoon, and, apart from a few other staff, she was one of the first HAL staff members with whom I had ever spoken. Not a great way to make a first impression! (Fortunately, as you said, she was an aberration!)
  11. If you are otherwise able to access other web sites, and just having problems with one site, the problem generally isn't on your end. (Especially if that one site right now is THIS ONE!)
  12. Turtles06

    LHR T3 Passport Control

    We used them a few months ago for a transfer from LHR to our hotel in central London, and later in the trip from London to Southampton. I thought they were good and would use them again. They say they monitor flights, so do let them know about your time constraints.
  13. I think you were channeling me. I was going to post a list of still-existing bugs, glitches, and annoyances (apart from the BIG one of the main cruise line forums going down periodically). Some of these CC knows about, but it's not clear whether they are trying to fix them or are just leaving them. Right after the upgrade, Jenn on the Help Desk created a thread here where she gave us the status of the various things they were working on. It would be great to have that again, so we know whether a glitch is something here to stay or being worked on. In no particular order, picking up from your numbers: 3. On laptops, tablets and devices other than phones, the columns listing the various forums are alphabetized horizontally, when in fact columns present information vertically and that's how most people's eyes look at columns. The horizontal alphabetizing of columns makes it hard to find the specific forum you are looking for (especially when the ones you frequently visit are no longer highlighted in color -- see number 4 below). It would be great to have a return to the VERTICAL alphabetizing of columns 4. Before the upgrade, sub-forum links that one had clicked (e.g., for a specific cruise line, or port of call, or Roll Call) would turn red and stay red as long as you remained logged in, making it very easy to spot and return to your most frequently visited sub-forums. However, ever since the upgrade, there are no colors. The Categories home page is one indistinguishable set of blue colored sub-forum names. Forums that you frequently visit (click on) should appear in a distinct color. On another thread, someone posted the technical solution for this, which he or she said is that the CSS file for the site would need to be modified to show "clicked links" in a different color. Once again having sub-forums you have clicked on show up in a different color would be a big assist in navigating the boards. 5. As has been discussed here, the Comic Sans font is not compatible with mobile devices, and appears as thin, hard-to-read cursive. If this incompatibility can't be fixed, I believe this font should be eliminated -- there's no reason to have an optional font on here that doesn't really work on mobile devices. (There's nothing special about Comic Sans, and there's nothing wrong with the default font. There are other optional fonts as well.) 6. Many of us are repeatedly being logged out of the boards, sometimes on the same day we have just successfully posted. It would be great to have this glitch fixed. I'm sure there are more, those are the ones I've been most focused on....
  14. Yes, the main cruise line forums (HAL, Celebrity, RCI, etc.) are not loading right now. Same problem as last night (Sunday) and the other times before. Other forums (ports of call, roll calls) and this one are loading.