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  1. We’re on the Celebrity Summit right now, out of Bayonne. Thanks for that heads up (no pun intended 😀); it will be interesting to see if this is used when we return. @Gershep I hope you had as nice a time in Portland as we did on Wednesday. I have some photos of the Escape that I’ll post when we get home.
  2. I’m on the Summit now (Sept. 8 sailing, 14 nights NE/Canada). We are not in Aqua Class but yesterday we were speaking with some folks who are and they said Blu has been terribly overcrowded and people have had to wait for tables. They also said the staff have been trying to come up with a solution, including opening earlier for dinner.
  3. If you are asking about a ship-sponsored tour, you can also post in the RCI forum.
  4. No one above suggested a full ballet with two dancers. What I said was that the program would have been much better if the entire 45 or so minutes were ballet, not two dances with a singer in between the pas de deux. If the two dancers can’t perform for 45 minutes, then perhaps ABT should send four dancers, with each pair dancing twice. The other overhead costs — particularly transporting and setting up the special floor on the stage — remain the same.
  5. In terms of scheduling, it was explained to us that they have some real constraints (obviously) in terms of potential rough seas, and are doing their best to minimize possible problems. For example, the two nights on which the ABT is performing now on the Summit coincide with our low-speed passage through the Gulf of St. Lawrence and along the St. Lawrence River toward Quebec.
  6. When everyone has “priority,” no one has it.
  7. Exactly. BTW, the ABT rep is on board the Summit now and listening to the feedback, much of which is that folks would like a show that is entirely ballet.
  8. It’s probably just too early. Keep checking your Cruise Planner and your Roll Call.
  9. I forgot to mention that Captain Matt was on hand last night to present flowers to Young at the end of the performance. It was a very beautiful touch.
  10. Yes, I read that thread. And I’m guessing that the folks I saw trying to cut the lines last night must have read it too and believed those comments, and were shocked to find so many people trying to get in. 🤣
  11. I use both cruisett.com and cruisetimetables.com, as neither is perfect, and of course check the schedule on the port’s web site if there is one posted.
  12. My wife and I are aboard the Summit right now (Sept. 8 sailing). Some months ago, we were excited to learn that dancers with the American Ballet Theatre were scheduled to perform on our cruise. The other night, our Cruise Director announced that the first performance would be tonight at 9pm, with an encore tomorrow at 7pm. We got to the theatre this evening at about 8:15pm; there was already a line on both sides. By the time the doors opened at 8:30, the lines stretched back through the casino. By about 8:45, there was not an empty seat in the house. The first dance was a pas de deux from “Swan Lake,” about ten minutes long. The two dancers — Remy Young and Alexandre Hammoudi — were excellent (and I could listen to Tchaikovsky all night). This was followed by a twenty minute musical performance by a very talented singer, Kristen Hertzenberg. However, she opened her set with “I’m a Woman,” which was a very jarring segue from the classical ballet that had preceded it. After her set, the dancers returned for another pas de deux. I was not familiar with the name of the piece, but it was quite beautiful. All in all, the dancers performed for about 20-25 minutes, which I don’t think was enough. I think it would have been better if Celebrity and ABT had committed more to the ballet, so that they could fill a whole show. Hertzenberg has a great voice, and I would really love to see her do an entire show as well. (She is certainly tons better than the singer who performed two full shows last night.) It was a refreshing change from the usual shipboard entertainment to see ballet this evening. It was a good start by Celebrity and ABT; I hope they can grow it into an entire show.
  13. Don’t just make a note. Take a screen shot of the price right before you book (or a photo on your phone) and bring it with you. Shorex prices can change. (After you book, you won’t be able to see any shorex for that port. You might if you saved them as favorites.)
  14. The TV isn’t in the way. There’s still room for a mirror. But it would mess with the symmetry created by having the TV sitting astride the two-color wall. I’ll post photos when we get home.
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