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  1. The very best entertainer I’ve ever seen on any ship, including NCL, was piano bar entertainer Laurie Anne Gardner, who sadly passed away several years ago. She was extraordinary.
  2. Yes, I think so. In post 42, the OP said that they bought the CN cert in question in Feb. 2016. So we know that it expired in Feb. 2020. From the rest of what the OP has said, it seems NCL gave them an extension to be able to apply the cert to a cruise sailing beyond the expiration date. Per the OP's post number 8, it appears that the extension was given prior to the Feb. 2020 expiration. I think the OP's position is that because NCL cancelled the cruise, they should now give the CN cert back to them and allow them to use it on another cruise. (It's unclear what expiration date the OP thinks should apply now to that cert.) If that's not the OP's position, I hope they clarify it (as well as correct any dates/facts that we've perhaps incorrectly gleaned from their posts).
  3. OP: thank you very much for the stunning photos. We were fortunate to have been able to visit Greenland, as well as sail through most of Prinz Christian Sund, with HAL on the Viking Passage in 2018. I hope those who have been unable to do the VOV or the VP this year will be able to do so in the future.
  4. We'd been booked for quite some time on this October's westbound TA aboard the Jade out of Italy. What a great itinerary. Final payment was July 3. It was abundantly clear by early May that this cruise was unlikely to go and that, even if somehow it did, there certainly would not be a safe, effective, and widely available vaccine before then, and we knew there was no chance we'd be engaging in that sort of international travel without one, especially the long flight across the pond. (Not to mention that our airline had already cancelled our non-stop to Rome.) Since we were never going to make final payment on July 3, we cancelled in May and our deposit was refunded in a few weeks. To no one's surprise, a number of others on our Roll Call cancelled before final payment as well. And I see today that there are plenty of cabins available.
  5. I had the same question reading the original post. The OP was wondering about being able to get off the ship in ports, but the bigger concern is that she wouldn’t be able to get to the ship in the first place.
  6. The conundrum presented in this thread is quite fascinating. I tend to agree with @Mandalay1903 in that it’s hard to believe that all of these cruise lines have published itineraries that they will not be permitted to sail in key respects, which raises the question posed by @cruisemom42 — has something changed about the new regs (or perhaps is the understanding of them here on CC incorrect? I tend to think not, given the experts). Are all these cruise lines so inept that they don’t know what the rules are, or are they seeking to mislead? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I do feel sorry, though, for those, like @cruisemom42, who are interested in these cruises but can’t really plan one without getting the correct answer. I hope those answers are forthcoming soon.
  7. Obviously, whether or not your certs have expired is an objective, knowable fact. When you told him, as I assume you did, that your certs don't expire until June 2022 (the date you told us above), what did he say? I'm sorry, but I keep feeling like we aren't getting the whole story here, since there shouldn't be a debate over whether they are expired or not.
  8. Everyone here has been trying to help you. As has been pointed out, you did not provide enough information to start with. If your certs don't expire until June 2022, as you have since told us, then there's no reason to have any debate with NCL about redepositing expired certs used on a cruise NCL cancelled, since that's not the issue here at all. You still have valid certs, you should get them back.
  9. The problem you are having in getting help here is that you haven’t clearly stated the facts and it’s difficult to understand what is going on. Apparently, you used Cruise Next certificates as part of your booking of a cruise that NCL has since cancelled, right? If so, how many, and what is or was the date of expiration of those Cruise Next certificates? If they have not expired, what is the reason NCL is giving you for not redepositing them into your account? If they have expired, what is it that you would like NCL to do?
  10. It's the Silhouette. And that's of course exactly the question you should have, since the itinerary shows them going south of 60 degrees S. Separately, I will say that Celebrity's S-class ships are beautiful, the Silhouette especially so. But Celebrity is very much into class distinctions now, and has restricted certain previously-public spaces to suite guests only. One thing that really impressed me about our Viking Passage cruise on HAL was that the bow was opened to everyone on the sails into and out of every port. I truly loved that. (I don't know if that was a one-off for that cruise.)
  11. Thank you for your very kind words! I do hope this HAL "test" cruise will be a good one for you for this part of the world. And congrats on arranging that Hurtigruten cruise (especially with that great deal!). I recall how much effort you put into figuring out what would work best for you re Greenland (as of course you should have). Enjoy!
  12. There's no question that a trip to Antarctica aboard an expedition ship is pricey, but I don't think it's necessarily true that there's a solo supplement. There are some expedition ships, like the Nat Geo Explorer, that have cabins for singles. The reason for taking an expedition ship to Antarctica is to have a unique experience, one that cannot be replicated on a drive-by. The beauty of the area is beyond extraordinary, and getting to do things like be up close to the ice at sea level in Zodiacs and kayaks is unbelievable. And then of course there are the up close experiences with the fauna. And not having a set itinerary, so the Captain can just decide to follow a bunch of killer whales for several hours as they try to chase down a minke whale for breakfast, and you feel like you are living in an episode of National Geographic. Since you said above that you don't have a great interest in those things, it would be hard to justify the expense, even without a solo supplement. For us, the expedition trip that we took to Antarctica truly was the trip of a lifetime. I hate to use a cliche like that, but it was an incomparable trip, period. We love history, art, museums, love visiting Italy (I mention that because of your interest), but Antarctica is absolutely in a category all its own. If the new large-ship drive-by itineraries don't go south far enough to sail along the Antarctic Peninsula, I don't know how much of an "Antarctic experience" that really will be. They won't even be near the continent. I'm not trying to talk you into doing an expedition, just pointing out that you may not really get to "scratch your itch." Good luck with, and enjoy, whatever you decide!
  13. Actually, they paid that money with a plan to show it in movie theaters, starting in October 2021. The decision to stream it now of course was made because of the pandemic (and with the consent of the creators, since this “early” release was not part of the deal). But yes, obviously they are hoping folks stay on for more than a month. Disney+ is relatively inexpensive compared with, say, Netflix, but of course if you don’t have kids and aren’t huge Star Wars fans, you may find their library limited. We did watch the 2019 version of The Lion King the other night and really enjoyed it; it’s visually gorgeous. Avatar is another visual stunner in their library. For us, after some more noodling around in their library, I think the decision on how long to keep Disney+ will eventually turn on how long we want to have access to Hamilton. 😊
  14. Same here, have seen great casts but not the OBC; they really were terrific. I just finished my second viewing of the film. 😄
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