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  1. Turtles06

    Celebrity Infinity.... veranda help

    I can't help you with those cabins, but if you haven't done so already, please do a search in the M-class cabin sticky thread at the top of this forum.
  2. Turtles06

    Just off the Silhouette - wonderful time!

    OP: thanks for your review, and so glad you had a wonderful time on the Silhouette. She's our favorite ship. We just returned from her westbound TA a few weeks ago, and had an excellent time. Sue Denning was the Cruise Director then as well, and we also thought she was terrific, and funny. I'm glad you enjoyed John Bressler -- he's one of the best performers we've ever seen on a cruise ship. It's perfectly fine to share information about private tour operators and shore excursions here on Cruise Critic. In fact, that's a large part of the discussion on the Ports of Call boards and Roll Calls. (Also, there's no private messaging function on CC.)
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    My guess is that it will be gone, as it’s just a notification bar. I don’t recall it being there before this notification.
  4. I agree with the advice to stay on board late, and go to the airport. With the luggage issues, and traffic, and the need to get to the airport well before the 3pm flight, there really isn’t that much time.
  5. Turtles06


    I agree. The green bar can’t be missed. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the explanation. I'm sure those cancellations caused a big headache for people already booked, especially if other things like airfare had been purchased. Obviously, I hope that doesn't happen here! Thanks again.
  7. Turtles06

    Daily activities

    Having sailed both HAL and NCL (and enjoyed our cruises on both lines), if you found NCL "kinda boring," HAL may not be a good fit for you. OTOH, how many sea days on your cruise? The star of an Alaska cruise is not the ship -- it's Alaska. Enjoy whatever you decide.
  8. I appreciated the OP's taking the time for the review, but I had the same reaction to the "OMG is she amazing" title not really matching the substance of the review -- so many things the OP didn't like, and especially this statement: "If you pay for a balcony, you should be able to use it. All in all, I probably would not do an infinite veranda cabin again." The IVs are one of the things Celebrity has hyped the most about this ship. I also wanted to note that handling embarkation check-in at the terminal via reps roaming around with tablets, rather than waiting on lines for reps at desks, is not innovative; RCI has been doing this for years. Same with having your sea pass card in an envelope outside your cabin.
  9. Thanks very much! And yes, I know about the currency; fortunately, we have some Euro from our last trip to mainland Europe! Neither my wife nor I speak French. We have managed satisfactorily on our trips to France by knowing important phrases, being polite and courteous, and never assuming people speak English (even when they do). Hopefully, that will work here! 🙂
  10. Thank you so much for your reply and info, which makes me even more excited about this trip. (We will be there on a Sunday, when I've read that most shops will be closed, so it might be akin to your experience there.) When you say those itineraries have been cancelled, what do you mean? After they had been released for sale, or the ports were missed [weather, etc.], or they haven't been offered, or something else? The cruise we are booked on is for this coming September, and has been on sale for quite some time, perhaps a year... Just trying to understand; thanks again!
  11. Turtles06

    2020 Itineraries?

    We've been booked for many months on one of Viking's April 2020 cruises in the Netherlands and Belgium (tulip time). When I checked it the other day, only 4 cabins remained.
  12. You can generally count on one hand the number of children on a Celebrity TA.
  13. We were on the same Silhouette TA with you, and, like you, we are Americans. Our disembarkation at Port Everglades that day, like yours, was quick and easy. But the OP is not an American and is concerned about how non-Americans aboard a recent Reflection cruise were treated and delayed by the immigration authorities.
  14. I think Dom is overrated. If you like VC and wanted to go a step up, their La Grande Dame is usually fabulous.
  15. My wife and I have just booked a HAL cruise for next September, Boston to Quebec City. We've never been to Quebec (nor to most of the ports along the way), and I'm just starting my research. I wanted to thank everyone on this thread for all of the helpful information that's been provided. CC is such a great resource! OP: Have a great cruise! (And since you are traveling across the continent, I would vote for some post-cruise time in New York, unless you think you'll just be too exhausted....)