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  1. We went almost an entire year from the start of covid until the vaccine was widely available, which is plenty of time for mutations to have occurred.
  2. So I just checked priceline, looks like there are several flights amongst several airlines that morning that would get me there in time. I'm going to do the early flight.. Wish me luck!
  3. Family drama has prompted me to try to book a last minute cruise for my wife and I. Our options for flights aren't great, as she works until 7p on the night before the cruise. There is a flight at 7:15, so she could possibly get coverage and we could do that. There's another flight the next morning (day of the cruise) which arrives in Miami at 12:40pm.\ Actually I just found a third option, a direct flight from my airport to Miami with American which arrives in Miami at 9:30am (day of cruise) How risky is the flight on the day of the cruise? It's
  4. Interesting, i had no idea. Can we use the ships intranet to text each other? We’re going with a big group this time..
  5. Wait, you can’t do QR codes unless you have internet.. We don’t ever get internet on cruises, it’s part of the vacation to be completely disconnected.. Are paper menus an option at all?
  6. FYI, the US is pretty far ahead of Canada in per capita vaccination rates.. But by all means, continue your rant.
  7. The medical difference between droplet and airborne is absolutely relevant, and understanding the difference between the two is the cornerstone of preventing the spread of pathogens.
  8. No healthcare agency is going to take the liability of going against CDC recommendations..
  9. We’re only wearing masks because the CDC still says we have to. Most of us are totally over it.
  10. I'm not sure you're using the word "deal" correctly 🤣🤣
  11. You wait until after the muster drill??
  12. Find blerk, you win. I’m not sure what you win, but you won.. You’ve been steadfast thst the only way to cruise is fully vaccinated with full time masks, evidence be damned.
  13. The passengers are around people.. Interacting.. Touching the same surfaces.. Swimming the pools together.. Dining in dining room.. Gambling in the casino.. Ordering fruity drinks while sitting in a lounger on the deck around other people who are doing the same.. It is not only reasonable, it is critical to look at these cruises to see how covid spreads (or doesn’t spread) on these ships. I’m going to give you the cliff notes - these cruises haven’t been the floating covid balls that you assume they’d be.
  14. I don’t get how you two always seem to try to find a way to make it irrelevant that cruising has been going off without a hitch for 8 months.
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