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  1. I believe that's been an alert at the top of the page since the beginning of May, I wouldn't sweat it
  2. I personally avoid rooms that have public areas above or below them, but that's me..
  3. May 2021 here! And I agree with the OP, prices are going to do nothing but go up..
  4. Our original cruise was in August out of Jacksonville. When that one was cancelled, I called direct to carnival and had to pay a new deposit to create a new booking, then carnival moved my money over and added the OBC. I just called today to rebook (May of '21) and this time, I DID NOT have to pay another deposit, they just moved everything I paid into the new one.. Still go the OBC..
  5. TL:DR - yes, you can be vaccinated against a virus and still get it. Bacteria are pretty stable, so the body can recognize it once (via vaccine or via exposure to live bacteria), create antibodies, and kill it in the future. Viruses, on the other hand, mutate regularly. The flu is the worst about mutating and does so often. So vaccines will introduce the body to a handful of mutations each year (whatever is determined to be the most likely virus mutation for the coming season) but still end up with a different mutation of the virus.
  6. I hope carnival gets back down to $10.. I'm kicking myself for not buying more when it was that low..
  7. I agree.. I am NOT an anti-vaxxer.. All of my shots are up to date and all of my kids have all of their recommended shots. That said, I doubt I'll be first in line to receive a vaccine that was rushed through the normal channels to get it out quicker..
  8. Unfortunately it's extremely difficult to treat a virus. An effective and consistent anti-viral for COVID is unlikely..
  9. My email said "This letter supersedes any previous offer received" - so I read that to mean that the OBC will not be additive..
  10. Assuming I’ll get the news Monday that my August cruise is done, I’m looking to the next cruise and was wondering about the December/January weather in the Bahamas? We’ve cruised in November twice, one time it was warm the whole trip, one time it was quite cold on the final day back into port.. We prefer to be warm, should we just wait until spring?
  11. I’ve been pretty patient through this whole thing, most of it is out of their control, but if they pulled the OBC offers I’d probably pull out and cruise with someone else..
  12. I would be shocked if they took the OBC incentives away
  13. Are you guys sure about that? I think I’d call carnival and speak to a PVP to verify that..
  14. You are not remembering that correctly. Carnival didn’t say “we’re working on a plan”, they said “Our plan is to resume cruising slowly in August out of a small number of ports”. They then cancelled every other August cruise (including my August cruise out of Jacksonville) and left Orlando, Miami, and Galveston open for bookings (including my new August cruise out of Orlando). They weren’t “working on a plan” for August, they drafted and implemented a plan for August. I’m not mad at Carnival and I won’t be even if this cruise get cancelled, but I get tired of people on this forum saying “execs just said in an interview that they never meant sailing in August was the plan”. Yes, they absolutely did, they actually put manpower hours into planning what ports would sail, cancelling the rest, and then updating the booking engine to reflect the plan they announced several weeks ago.
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