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  1. I've only stayed in a balcony once before and I don't remember if I saw a bunk pulldown.. Do they exist in the standard balcony rooms?
  2. This cruise was originally a last family hurrah in May of 2020 to celebrate the graduation of our youngest and engagement of our oldest. Then we bumped to June of 20, then to this coming May. My wife and I have both had covid and the vaccine, our kids have a either had covid or the vaccine, and we were definitely ready to cruise again. Alas, it wasn’t in the cards. I’m now looking at March of ‘22. Fall of 21 doesn’t work because of college schedules, so there’s a 1 week window in March that we can make work. Very disappointed..
  3. Not a bit, but I didn't offer any details.. I said "hey can you bump this" and she asked when I thought I could pay it off, so I told her the end of March and that was the end of the discussion.. She put me on hold, came back and it was done..
  4. My current booking is for 5/17 and I’ve not received word that it’s cancelled..
  5. FWIW I called and asked them to push my final payment due date (which was March 2) to March 31 May 17 cruise..
  6. Me too.. then when I rescheduled to June I thought "this will be fine!" Now I'm just waiting for my May '21 cruise to be cancelled.
  7. That's not entirely fair, medicine is completely different from what it was even when compared to the last pandemic (1920)
  8. Pretty sure my May cruise is going to be cancelled, if not I'm highly considering moving my booking anyway.. My kids and I are both in college, so there's only a few windows when we can cruise. One of them is the first week in January, one is Spring Break (March 12-19) and I'm looking for input. For a Bahamas cruise, what's the weather like in January? We've done a few in November, one was warm, one was chilly (especially in the evening). Any other thoughts on January cruises... For the spring break one, how crazy is the ship? None of us are big partie
  9. Same email.. My final payment is due in two weeks, going to see if I can extend that. I will likely reschedule.. I don't have a hugely impactful amount of money tied up at the moment (other than airfare, which was a dumb purchase), so I'll just let it ride.. If I do reschedule, I think it'll be for May of 2022.. I'm done with this whole "will it happen, won't it happen" game..
  10. It’s less about the mask and more about the overall experience.. Nearly 2 years ago I booked us a family vacation to celebrate a few big things. After having been cancelled twice now, our current sailing date is 5/17/21, but the cruise we’re getting is NOT the vacation we signed up for, nor is the vacation we want. One of the biggest things from our perspective is the whole “you can only get off the ship if you have an official carnival excursion”. Sorry there’s 6 of us, which means excursion days will be $600+ and this vacation has already tapped me out. We like to
  11. mRNA therapy has been used in cancer patients for years. This is NOT the first time mRNA has been injected into a human.
  12. So the real question is: Will carnival work with you if you have a cruise booked but don't want to cruise under those conditions? I'm fine with just transferring the funds to a new cruise, but would be pretty upset if they would tell me I lose my OBC and deposit..
  13. Do we then carry around 2 sail and sign cards then? One to get into our room and one to swipe for drinks?
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