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  1. As long as the reservation number doesn’t change you will be fine.
  2. I would pick either the Harmony or Symphony and go with which ever one is easier to get to. Are you driving or flying in? As for Labadee Royal isn’t going there right now so that will be changed.
  3. That wouldn’t help because it’s not going to tell you if you are going to be moved.
  4. Thanks, yes I know it’s plated. I have never been interested in it, except couldn’t find a mask holder on board so I was wondering if they could make one. Guess I don’t want to risk it not being on Adventure next month so I’ll just have to find something at home. That’s terrible people are fooled into believing it’s real gold.
  5. I guess I should have stated that it was gold plated. I’m aware of that and was just wanting some to make a mask holder. I don’t think anywhere does anyone call real gold “gold by the inch”. At least not that I’m aware of.
  6. I have taken on four bottles in the beginning and they didn’t even ask if I was on a b2b.
  7. Has anyone seen this sale since the restart of cruising?
  8. OZ.


    I think being able to dine in Blu is the best thing going for Aqua Class. Congratulations on the upgrade.
  9. There was a lime shortage on one of our cruises in 2018. You would think they could easily get them from one of the islands. Now sure why they didn’t.
  10. It did help, but the whole thing can still be confusing for some of us.
  11. It’s confusing to me also and I think a lot of other people.
  12. Loved your review and thanks for the journey. Looking forward to being on a ship again.
  13. It should be automatic but not sure since covid. If you are diamond+ or become pinnacle you will still be elite on Celebrity. They don’t match tier for tier.
  14. It would be great so I have a better idea what I want to book for next year but I don’t think so.
  15. Is your cabin fare refundable? You might lose some money if you change.
  16. Add it yourself since that’s all someone else would do where he had his shot.
  17. You can take them from any bar to your room.
  18. Usually they will substitute for another port.
  19. That’s what I thought. My mom couldn’t fly several days later because of this.
  20. My guess it’s a one time thing but it would be nice if they did it several times.
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