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  1. @wrgDo you plan on making the ship your destination or do you want to get off on some unique islands? If you are looking to explore the Caribbean then I wouldn’t do a cruise out of New England unless it’s a longer one (8+ days) that makes it down to the southern part. Florida and Texas has ports for that. If you are looking for a theme park type cruise I’d go with one of the bigger ships and one that stops at Coco Cay.
  2. I would try the Epic first to see if you like cruising, also there is plenty to do on there.
  3. You can usually bring them on, but you can’t take them off.
  4. I would take at least a weeks worth of extra meds.
  5. Booking noon or later for a cruise is fine especially if there are later flights.
  6. There are some cruise lines where you have to contact them to get price info. Silver Seas and Oceania are a couple of them. If I can’t look at prices on the website then I’m not interested.
  7. I don’t have any personal experience, but I decided to search for you. Sometimes curiosity gets the best of me. Sometimes the search function doesn’t work but it did this time. I got a little carried away reading. I put the word bariatric to look and came up with many threads. If this link doesn’t work try searching for it. Good luck with your surgery and the cruise. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?q=Bariatric&quick=1
  8. They’re still up at that time? Do they ever sleep?
  9. That’s terrible. Sorry that you got covid and had to go thru this. NCL should have provided more help.
  10. Completely agree it is totally unacceptable. Why did it take them 3 days to fix the issue?
  11. What if their room was at the back or forward of the ship? The walk would be longer and would wake a person up more than a short trip to their own bathroom. Who wants to get completely woken up 2 - 4 times a night along with having to get dressed? I know I would be very upset.
  12. That’s great to hear it’s still as good as before covid.
  13. Like the others have said a lot of people moved over. There they can pretty much post what they want.
  14. Maybe your TA aka relative has their own rules? Relative or not I would have argued the point. You should have gotten the decrease in fare without an additional deposit.
  15. Depending on the seas that could make for a very rough ride.
  16. Fosters is great on the cruise. Double the trouble for a voucher.
  17. Congratulations on making it to Pinnacle. So there weren’t any other passengers there?
  18. Same here. I’m interested in the cruise info and not what went on before.
  19. Have you actually experienced this. I never have had anyone show any expectations of a tip on a ship.
  20. Thanks everyone for the info. I’ll have to decide which ship I want to do it on and book a few before then to get enough points.
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