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  1. I would change cabins. Unless you are hard of hearing you will hear loungers being moved around, kids running, etc. I did it before and never again.
  2. They move the numbers around to make people think it’s a sale.
  3. Wonder what they did to get that? Must have known someone. Thanks, I don’t think I would like the aqua theater.
  4. What ship was this on? Do they do the pineapple cake on all the ships? Any dancing or any type of partying? That’s strange they don’t do any kind of top tier event or celebration. I thought all the ships did something, but wasn’t sure what they did.
  5. What about the ships? Do some do it differently or are they all the same? What about ships that don’t have the aqua theater where I have seen them? Where do they hold those and what are they like?
  6. I should make pinnacle in either October or November. Do they acknowledge you on the cruise you turn pinnacle or the next one? I want to decide which ship to book for it. Which ship a better? Looking for a ship home porting in the US.
  7. I had the scallops before. They were tasty, but were smaller than my thumb nail. So tiny.
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