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  1. Can anyone suggest some good restaurant in Singapore? We will be near the marina at the Conrad Hilton. Thanks for your help
  2. thanks I will contact them
  3. We are looking for a tour guide also. Hope someone can help
  4. I will have 4 days before our cruise out of Singapore. Does anyone have some good suggestions for what to do? Thanks Judy
  5. We booked our upcoming Capetown to Capetown departing Dec. 22nd a year and a half ago. Having just come off a Rio trip in the Seven Seas Suite, we wanted that again and booked it for this next trip. The Explorer has a different configuration and although we had no problems with our previous suite being on the aft, our TA suggested we go mid-ship, which we did. Since we were so early in booking, we had no problem getting the suite she recommended. It was only some time later as I was checking something did I see a notation that not all SS Suites have the extra bath! When I called RSSC I was advised that the one we're in does, but not all of them do, however the price is the same. Since I'm an early riser, I like to be able to leave the bedroom, close the door, and not disturb my wife while I wash-up to go to the fitness center. We've traveled Regent several times, have 2 more upcoming, however I'm very disappointed to hear the negatives that people are posting. Good friends just went on Explorer to Venice and loved it, no negatives. We'll see!
  6. Just a thought for all who had the problems with Regent's website last night (and the resultant lousy night of sleep!): I just wrote to our TA to advise her and have indicated I'm giving serious thought to cancelling the 3 additional Regent cruises we already have booked. As they are trying to upgrade their now-sister line, Oceania, it seems like what they really doing is down-grading to becoming an overpriced Carnival! When our TA isn't available and we have a question, the Regent personnel consistently give incorrect or contradictory information. We love traveling Regent, but their are other luxury cruise lines. This is simply inexcusable.
  7. 6:00 EST and I was able to book dining reservations. What is going on with Regent?????
  8. another regent call this time I was told that they are showing us what the excursion would have cost. I guess I will not get an answer
  9. Spoke to another rep from Regent. He did change the time of the tour at no fee and has no idea why it shows a fee now. In addition to that one 2 additional ones that I booked now show a charge. Still makes no sense all I know is that I have a copy of my excursions and it shows no charges. Something else to keep tract of
  10. I called Regent directly - spoke to 2 different agents that said they would get back to me after they spoke to excursion department. agent 1 had no idea agent 2 said that the later one that day has a cost - makes no sense - I will reach my travel agent today
  11. I cannot get an answer as to why shore excursions that were free/included when I signed up now have prices next to them. I wanted to change one excursions from the morning to the later one and now there is a charge. Help!!!!! Is this a new Regent policy? Judy
  12. On our last Regent cruise (Rio to P.R.) I was able to use my OBC's both in the casino (6% surcharge) or direct from the Purser (3%).
  13. Fortunately for me, my wife is just anal enough that she went to bed in another room and set her alarm for 11:45 p.m. (we live in Florida) and got online exactly at 12:00 on the day Regent posted, and was able to book both ours, as well as our friends excursions. She subsequently decided to make a change, and was able to do so. We were very disappointed at the few choices, and I contacted Regent Guest Services, who responded with a "sorry, but nothing we can do"; my wife then called about the fact that everything was already booked (including one that we couldn't even get on the wait list!) and was told that at this point they don't intend to add anymore excursions, but will probably expand the # of people who will be able to get on an excursion. The dilemma is that so many of us travel Regent with frequency and thus either have Seven Seas or type of room priorities, and know how quickly excursions fill up, yet we'd still rather travel Regent than any of the other many cruise lines we've been on. It is disappointing as well that since NCL purchased the line along with Oceania that while they're apparently trying to bring them up to Regent standards, they seem to be downgrading Regent.
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