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  1. 27 minutes ago, winemaker1 said:

    Ok, so I called the rewards desk and said I want to book a b2b2b2b using 60, 000 and be upgraded from inside to balcony. she said I have to use 60,000 points for each segment. I said no, I read on cruise critic that I only needed a total of 60,000 points for all. She put me on the line with a "resolution specialist" who said no, I needed 60,000 points for each segment, and that is that. 

    What I am doing wrong?????????????

    I tried to message you but you don't have it turned on. 


  2. 2 hours ago, Até said:

    Ship and sail date?  It would be pretty harsh if MSC decided to bump you for someone willing to pay that $1800 more.  I can understand not being willing to take the cruise in these cabin downgrade situations, I hope you will be given the option to cancel if MSC can't change you back.  It seemed that MSC had stopped this practice.  I haven't heard of any cases since Seaside's introduction, and lately it's only been when MSC changes the ship.  I think MSC charges the current fare for the new cabin and not what that cabin cost when you booked months ago.  Perhaps you can get them to agree to a decent deal if you upgrade to a Deluxe?  I've learned to keep a screenshot of what the cabin prices were at the time I booked. 


    Unfortunately the Conditions Of Carriage make them more willing to do these types of things.



    3. A Passenger shall not have the right to exclusive occupancy of a cabin with two (2) or more berths unless he has paid supplement for exclusive occupation. The Carrier reserves the right to transfer the Passenger from one cabin to another and may adjust the fare accordingly. The Master or the Carrier may, if it becomes advisable or necessary, at any time transfer a Passenger from one berth to another.

    Seaview 3/12/2022.

    Over a year away. I saw what you posted regarding occupation of a cabin, but mine only holds 2 people therefor I would be safe. If we read it differently, the next question would be why is it advisable or necessary to move me now over a year away.  Defeats the book now to lock in the best rates and best cabin mantra.  There is a Yacht club grand Suite available to transfer me to. 🙂

     We will see on Monday what happens.  


  3. They cancelled my Yacht club and put me in a regular Balcony without my permission.


    Got an email confirmation that my cruise was booked at 5.45pm yesterday.

    Next email is at 6.15pm canceling my Yacht club.


    All have same booking number????

     I booked Yacht club last July direct with MSC for an inside.

    Now I am on the same cruise (b2b) with the same booking number but in a regular Balcony cabin for only $500 less in a Bella category no less. I always get the booze package. So if I added booze it would cost me $900 more than what I had. 


    I called at 6.30 as soon as I saw the emails. I have to wait till Monday now because the promo I booked was no longer available and the current price is $1800 more.


    I am not happy. They kept me on the phone last night for 30 minutes with no resolve yet. One problem is my cabin is gone on both b2b cruises.


    Any thoughts? I am Diamond, and have 2 other Yacht club cruises booked 

     This is the 2nd time in several months as NCL did the same to me.




  4. 3 hours ago, winemaker1 said:

    This is the first time I am reading this thread so bear with me. Do I understand this correctly that if I book a B2B I only have to use 60,000 miles to get a double upgrade on both cruises? And, if I book a B2B2B I still only have to use 60,000 miles to get a double upgrade on all the cruises?

    If this is true I am upset because I just booked a B2B with my NCL  cruise consultant, used 60,000 miles for an upgrade on the fist leg but paid full B2 fare on the second.

    Thanks for any help.

    You got slighly taken....maybe.

    I have used it for b2b2b2b. I actually have one coming and already applied points.

    Keep in mind if you combine them, yes you get the upgrade for all for the same points but the cruise is treated as 1.

    So what ever perks you would get for each cruise, you only get 1. Use only 1 Future cruise cert, you get 1 shareholder benefit, and 1 of each perk based on your status. So free 100 minutes of internet perk is all you get whether on a single cruise, a b2b, b2b2b, ect. Same with a dining package, if it comes with 3 meals perk, that all you get for all cruises total versus the perk repeating for each cruise.

     Always look at the itinerary and ship to see how many balconies they have and if its popular and time of year as well as difference in cost between categories. Makes no sense to book and inside and use 60K points when an outside is only a $100 more. 


  5. 15 hours ago, Beamafar said:

    Is that February or April?

    Mine is February........



    January 14, 2021

    Dear Guest,

    We want to make you aware of a change to your upcoming cruise on MSC Fantasia.

    As the world continues to face challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, MSC Cruises has been working with authorities in the Gulf region to review our operational proposal and comprehensive health and safety protocol that has proven effective in Europe and supported the restart of MSC Cruises’ operations in the Mediterranean since the middle of August.

    Unfortunately, at this time, we have not received the necessary approvals required for the restart of operations in the Gulf, and therefore have no option but to cancel the planned cruises on MSC Fantasia for this winter, including the repositioning cruises that were set to depart from the region. Regrettably, this includes canceling your upcoming sailing on MSC Fantasia.


    Guests booked through MSC Cruises USA and paid in full, will be provided a 125% Future Cruise Credit of the original cruise fare paid to be used on a sailing departing on or before April 30, 2022 and booked by December 31, 2021.

    The Future Cruise Credit will be directly sent to the email we have on file for your reservation by January 31, 2021 so there is no need for you to do anything. Any applicable pre-paid items and government taxes and fees will be automatically refunded to your original form of payment. For any other expenses that you may have incurred, such as flights, hotels, or transport, please contact your travel advisor or airline.

    Please note, due to the extraordinary circumstances related to the pandemic, we are currently processing a high volume of refunds and Future Cruise Credits, ultimately slowing down our normal refund process. We appreciate your patience as we aim to process refunds to prepaid items and government taxes and fees as quickly as possible.

  6. 13 hours ago, Named-Tawny said:


    I guess the question is, if MSC does acquire NCL, what do they do?  Do they keep the NCL branding and run business as usual?  Keep the branding, and have NCL and MSC 'specialise' in different areas?  Rebrand NCL to MSC ships?

    It would make sense to keep things as usual.  You don't want to mess with a loyal customer base. Whether they would honor all that FCC is another question? 

     Now the FCC.....why don't they put an expiration of 10 years on it? This spreads out the free money, this does not make people to hurry up and use it and allows cash paying customers to fill cabins instead of free passengers.

     My assumption would be they jacked the prices to offset the extra 25% but the higher fares are moot if everyone is using FCC. What good is sailing ships that you are not earning anything on.



  7. 21 minutes ago, BermudaBound2014 said:

    It's just a matter of time folks. Writing has been on the wall since May. The fun speculation now is who will acquire/merge? My money is on RCL, but MSC is not to be ignored. They do operate the largest shipping company in the world and since they aren't publicly traded who truly knows how much cash is in the cow. I know this is a forum filled with NCL fans and I'm not dissin on NCL, as this is just basic economics. They are the smallest fish in the pond. The music stopped and and it is highly unlikely there are enough chairs to go around. Like everything, time will tell.

    My money is on MSC.  I am a huge NCL fan and user but I doubt they can survive on their own if this drags on for several more months.

     Like you said, MSC is an unknown financially but I bet they are cash fat and to acquire part or all would give them the a bigger share of the industry. IMHO opinion they are the only ones still making money with their shipping company and they actually has cruise ships sailing in Europe.


  8. On 1/6/2021 at 10:59 AM, knitlady037 said:

    it will go back to the gift card. BUT make sure you check the cards after you receive notification of the refund. i had 3 cards worth over $1000 refunded. When I went to go use them again, they had no balance and said cards were not active. After numerous calls and hours on the phone I finally sent an email to Harry Sommer asking for help. Took almost 2 weeks to getthe balance back to them. Also if they are inactive for a year, you will lose$3 per month off the balance.

    That's illegal in FL.



    Here is state law......

    (2)1(a) A gift certificate purchased or credit memo issued in this state may not have an expiration date, expiration period, or any type of post sale charge or fee imposed on the gift certificate or credit memo, including, but not limited to, service charges, dormancy fees, account maintenance fees, or cash-out fees. 

  9. 2 hours ago, suometar said:

    I'm not sure if NCL tracks gift cad numbers but I assume they must, for otherwise how would they know that your daughter paid with a gift card that needs to be refunded. If this is the case they have both her name and the number of the gift card and for her to claim that it was stolen would constitute fraud. (I don't know that this would happen, but I would certainly keep it in mind.)

    An another point: you say that the card is worth $2000 but according to the NCL gift card site cards can be customized only up to $1000. 

    Actually you are correct, she has two $1000 gift cards.

     We would not claim it was stolen, but no longer in possession of the card as after it was used and applied, it was tossed.


    As far as the 5 years expiration date, which would have been 5 years for her next month, there is another law on the books her in Florida that states they "never" expire.  She is a FL resident. Yet they sold it to a FL resident from their FL headquarters but still has an expiry date?


    That is why I wonder if FCC can have an expiration date?  Here is the FL law.....




  10. 1 hour ago, Midlothian Cruiser said:

    As long as she uses it by the expiration date there is no issue at all.  However They MIGHT extend the expiration date upon request.  If al else fails, call back later and tel they the card is now lost and pay the 9.95 replacement fee and you get a brand new card with a full life span.  So worst case scenario is that you do end up paying the 9.95 but get the card reinstated and extended.


    I will tell her to say she lost the card. Its $2000 so its not chump change.



  11. 42 minutes ago, Midlothian Cruiser said:

    Payments made with a NCL Gift card go back on the NCL gift card.  One should ALWAYS keep the NCL gift card until returning form the cruise just in case any refund needs to be made.  If you do not have the cad you need to call in and have a new card issued (9.95 fee). 1-888-976-6904


    She has the card. What about the fact it expires next month? Its been almost 5 years.


  12. Daughter used a gift card for a cruise this April. I doubt the cruise will happen. Paid 80% with gift card, 20% with a check mailed into NCL.

    How will they refund it? The current card would have expired next month

    I called NCL and got 2 different answers.

    Back to original form of payment.   I would assume new Gift card with new expiration and a check? Was paid with a physical card originally not an ecertificate.

    FCC. Which she don't want


    Anyone had this experience that can shed some light on it?


  13. 4 hours ago, Beamafar said:

    We have an FCC which expires tomorrow.  However, the UK office is closed so we can't book using it at the moment.   I don't know if they will extend the expiry date in this instance, though I'm hoping they will.

    Call another countries office and take names and keep a record. I would probably record the phone call as well.


  14. 17 hours ago, WYB! said:

    Hello Steve,

    Hope you are well.

    On a B2B2B with a 30k or 60k meta upgrade, if the price should significantly drop on one or more of your original cabin segments, have you contacted NCL to reprice and were you successful in doing so?


    - WYB

    Hi WYB,

     When you the upgrade you should have 1 booking number, so in theory there is only 1 segment, so you need to price out all 3 and add them up. If 1 segment goes down in price, another may go up or visa versa.

     I reprice all the time but its always the total of all segments under the single booking number. I also want to caution you that sometimes the NCL system will reprice higher than the total you may get when you add all segments up. Sometimes its a little other times its been a $400 difference, but when I am double meta from an inside to a balcony the price savings is $3000 to $6000 on the average so I just accept it.

     Keep in mind that the whole cruise is treated as one, so you get 1 shareholder credit if your have stock, and your lattitudes perks may be single as well. on a b2b2b2b I have only gotten 1 bottle of champagne, 1 bag of laundry, and 1 gift. If I booked separately I would have gotten 4 of each. Allot depends on the cruise next rep onboard. I get treated well as I am plat plus.


  15. 22 hours ago, Heather1972 said:

    . I'm not convinced you can take 2 different cruises even though back to back and use 60,000 points to do a double meta cross upgrade to BOTH cruises.  

    I do it all the time. Not just b2b but b2b2b2b. I currently have  2 b2b's and 1 b2b2b2b all with one booking number and 60,000 point double meta upgrades applied.


  16. On 12/23/2020 at 9:44 PM, P_Mcruisers said:

    Thank you for your response. 

    I have two cruises booked individually with 2 diff reservation numbers.

    I booked these  2 cruises with NCL. All of my cruises (25) have been with an NCL TA employee.

    I have a new TA at NCL as my old NCL TA is no longer with NCL.


    I now have two cruises b2b one a BA (the first cruise) the second cruise  an I4. 

    It looks as if i may have to cancel the BA, retrieving my 60,000 bonus points and re booking the first  cruise.

    Or do i need to cancel both cruises and start from the beginning. 

    Start from the beginning. Get both cruises in highest inside category with 1 booking number, then call back and make sure you are speaking to a World points rep.


  17. 16 hours ago, P_Mcruisers said:


    As stated previously I have a B2B cruise from NYC to Panama and Panama to NYC. Jan 25th and Feb 6th. 2023.

    I called 1-866-954-4077  on Dec 18th and requested  a Double Meta Upgrade for my B2B cruises from an I4 to A BA for 60,000 points. 

    She was very polite and asked for the Res#. I  complied  and she put me on hold. In a short time she came back on the line and said the transaction was completed. I thanked her and we ended the call. 

    5 minutes later i received the updated reservation and to my surprise ONLY the first cruise was upgraded. I immediately called and spoke to a different person and explained the problem. She put me on hold and my phone call was abruptly and unexpectedly transferred to my NCL TA without explanation.

    I immediately called back and spoke to different  person who, after listening to my situation, put me on hold. When she returned  she explained that the 2 cruises were not coupled (or linked ) and only my TA (she stated his name) could fix it.  


    I  called  my NCL TA and he stated that the B2B cruises are linked. In this way the ship personnel know I will be sailing on both cruises. He stated that he could not link the I4 to the BA cruise. But he could book the second cruise as a BA but at the current BA price.  NOT an option for me.  

    Tomorrow I will call NCL 's Upgrade dept. and have them get in touch with my TA.




    Any suggestions will be helpful.

    Thank You





    First question....do you have 1 or 2 booking numbers?

    When you go on "myncl" do you show 1 cruise or two cruises?

     Yes your TA may be able to link them but it may cost them commission. If they give you any grief, cancel it!!!!

     Then rebook direct with NCL with 1 booking number, then call back and talk to world points and get your double meta upgrade.

    Now if you want you have 30 days to give the new reservation to the TA with a form you can print online. If the TA is not giving you anything back, then don't use them.

     It seems when ever I use a TA, they are concerned about the commission. They don't want to reprice as it cost them $$$. 2023 is long off. I have a b2b2b2b for 2023 and I am direct with NCL. I have repriced 3 times already.


  18. 16 hours ago, SteveH2508 said:


    IIRC you still have cruises booked with NCL.

    Our Latitude points disappeared eventually (we were on that March Spirit cruise with you from Cape Town), however we do not have any future bookings with NCL and we took the cash refund. Maybe that makes a difference?

    HI Steve,

    I have 8 booked with NCL and I hope I keep the extra points. I will be half way to Ambassador status and that free cruise. 

     I have Africa booked again for November 2021. I hope it sails.


  19. On 11/20/2020 at 7:38 PM, truwoman said:

    This is how they treat their Latitudes Platinum members.  I would have been Platinum Plus by now if now for the cancellations.

    If you did not cancel you would have gotten the points. What many did not realize is that when they started cancelling cruises, you can get a refund or fcc, but .....you still got points for not sailing. 


  20. On 10/30/2020 at 6:02 PM, Geobugs said:

    MSC is leading the cruise industry with sailings in the Mediterranean since August with tight regulations that work.

    The next step for the industry is to slowly ramp up operations again.

    Since MSC has been successful with sailings then it should be able to sail in 30 days.

    If MSC is allowed just one ship to set sail for its initial start up, then it should sail out of the largest US port, Port of Miami.

    If MSC is allowed just one ship to set sail from Port of Miami, then it should be the newest ship, MSC Meraviglia.

    Of course, I am booked on a December sailing of the MSC Meraviglia.



    I think they canceled all US sailing thru 12/31 of this year.



  21. On 10/8/2020 at 5:54 PM, SAPMAN said:

    NCL make the FCCs very complicated, on purpose I believe.   Here is my story


    I had been given a total of $8,006 in Future Cruise Credits from cancelled sailing back earlier in 2021.  The also gave me a 20% off a future cruise if I purchased a new one within, I believe, 20 days - which I did.  .   They also added a 25% bonus FCC for the cancellation.  


    I booked a 29 Nov Panama canal cruise using the above FCCs and 20% off.   That has just now been cancelled.  So what do they give me.  1) they will refund the cash I paid on my credit card for the additional amount owed due to more expensive cruise/cabin.  Fine.   2) According to my agent, I will get (not posted yet although they said by 7 Oct) the $8,006 as FCC back into my NCL Latitudes account.   They will NOT give me the 25% Bonus FCC nor the 20% early purchase that I got when rebooking.    Those "discounts" amounted to about $7,500 (as I booked a more expensive cruise, the 20% off was significant). 


    So basically, NCL took away the FCC Bonus AND then 20% discount - although they now give me 10% off a new booking.  


    And to make it worse, the same ship/cabin and itinerary now costs about $3,000 more, not even wiping out the 10% off they will give me.


    Bottom line, NCL took away the bonuses they gave me and raised the prices for same cruise by $3,000.  So, by my calculation, I lost out on about $5,000.   No, the FCC credits have not posted yet in my NCL account.  So, maybe, they will reinstated the 25% bonus amounts, which will help - but I doubt it.   




    They did that to me as well on a 45 night NZ cruise this coming February. But..... I was also given the 20% on a 36 night Africa for 11/2021. I still have the 25% bonus as I did not apply it yet. I booked 11 cruises total and used the 50% deposit promo. They canceled NZ so 4 gone and refund of deposit.


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