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  1. Have fun wowzz. Travel really wasn't the same - only really went as hubby is a travel blogger. I won't be going away again until there is a vaccine, it's all too up in the air. Have a wonderful time in Seaton.
  2. Just back from Rhodes. Was lovely. The all inclusive resorts are doing their best - buffet was well managed - pools open - decent social distancing but Germans and French were the worst for it. We went with TUI - flight out was completely full. Flight back had some space for social distancing - empty rows at front of plane. It looked packed in the back though. About 20% of flight passengers are tested on arrival. You fill in a form for Greece and selection is based on cases in your residential area rather than completely random. We have had no case
  3. You're all right. I'll keep a hold of our October cruise and see if that happens. Feel like such a wimp saying it but I wanted a holiday to look forward to this summer. I care for my mum (with MS) and my husband who has a physical disability while working full time. Guess I'm just needing a break and have a bit of wishful thinking-itis.
  4. You're all echoing what I know deep down. Thankfully, I wouldn't miss the money until it was refunded. I'm very lucky in that aspect. Also, I'm in my 30's and in great health, so I can be a bit blasé with Covid-19. Regarding the 14 days I was hoping that, given France being exempt, perhaps all of Europe would follow. Pipe dream I guess! Should get my head out of the clouds.
  5. Afternoon all! Just going to preface this by saying, yes I probably am crazy, but given everything in my life I want to get away this year. I was due to fly to Egypt on Friday which is just not happening and I am completely turned off the idea of trying to vacation outside Europe in summer 2020. Would I be mad to book onto the Aurora voyage on 30 August? We're also booked for the Britannia transatlantic on October 23, but I have doubts about that as well in case of a second wave. What does everyone think? Am I crazy or should I go for it?
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