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  1. We are sailing March 9...…...and going...…..trying to stay healthy until then!
  2. Yes, I saw that deal and almost jumped...….I decided against until we do this sailing on the Infinty in March......priors were on Norwegian....and a bad experience on the last.....so far greatly impressed from the time of booking thru reading and conversing with others who sail/ have sailed on Celebrity......and of course a good deal can sway my mind!
  3. I sailed on the Bliss and loved it....yes its a much larger ship but was built for Alaska cruises. Alaska is on my bucket list and although I did not have a pleasant experience on my last Norwegian cruise would strongly consider sailing on the Bliss.
  4. Was in Costa Maya and Cozumel earlier this year. Had originally booked beach days but canceled...….next year , will have Cozumel again on the itinerary and booked an excursion to Playa del Carmen/Tulum Ruins.....was not impressed with the Cozumel port area.....Costa Maya was in my opinion better shopping, ample time to get off the ship, walk around, and get back on to relax without being crowded....
  5. I will be sailing on March 9,2020 same itinerary.....already booked Aqua class same deck -9127. As a first timer on Celebrity, I will be eager to see how it compares to the previous cabins I had sailing with Norwegian......and interested about the overhang as well.
  6. We booked the Regency Hotel sail and stay package for early March 2020/ any thoughts???
  7. I booked the Regency Hotel sail and stay package for early March 2020...……..
  8. I booked the Regency Hotel----sail and stay package. Free airport shuttle, price includes transportation to cruise center in Miami
  9. This will be my first cruise on Celebrity--my other two NCL. The first was the Bliss out of Vancouver on a repositioning to LA ---where we met some of the nicest people you can meet.....which helped me decide to cruise on the Dawn in early April. We met some nice people as well--the one that stood out was a woman from abroad playing a slot machine and not understanding how it really worked. I assisted her and showed her "yes indeed you are winning--and winning pretty good too!" She offered me $20 and said "may my blessings come to you and your family"--and of course I was resistant...and she insisted. It did bring good fortune. I have a good feeling of my booking of this Celebrity sailing March 2020.....and hope to meet some wonderful people as well.
  10. It is highly unfortunate that people must act in that manner. I have met all types of nice people on ships. We had a couple fighting and cursing on our last cruise during our dinner at a Tepanyaki restaurant which took away from the show of the cook and for the others trying to enjoy the meal......the manager tried his hardest to difuse the situation to no avail......I work too hard to go and show my spouse a great time to have that happen or even ruin our trip...….
  11. I have to agree.....they treat soda and water as commodities but hey all the liquor you want you get! Found a cold soda on a port day and was in tears! Also, regular coffee is horrible....hope management reads these and reconsiders
  12. Sailed twice on NCL and have switched to Celebrity...…..I admit my first NCL was on the Bliss and a recent on the Dawn basically did me in....the Bliss was phenominal-the Dawn abysmal.....where do I even start? I wanted to plan a 2020 and believe me, Celebrity outdistanced themselves from NCL in price, cabin category, package, everything.....booked an Aqua class cabin cheaper than a run of the mill balcony with way better perks on Celebrity. To me, I was insulted that NCL had such poor service and handling of maintenance /customer service. Even after responding to the survey--not a single Thanks, hey we understand we failed....nothing. As I was told by NCL--you entered into an agreement with us......hum, ok but I also paid for service to be provided. Celebrity has gone out of there way to so far make me feel valued-and I haven't even sailed.
  13. The Dawn----oh my! April 7 to 12...……..the good---met some great people, the drink package, the food. The Bad---constantly blocked toilet due to a neighbor flushing things they weren't supposed to, some of the crew----lets say they were just there. Many I met had cabin issues--an interior with no a/c or resolution, sewage smell in cabin, loose steps going to deck 13 from pool. The ugly- electrical fire on deck 10 a few cabins from ours-----we were NOT evacuated like others---it was not pretty from what I understand......people on top deck at 2:30 am, panic with others, guy stuck in elevator, person in wheel chair panicked, etc. We smelt the issue the next am---told by a few others later in day....if there was a real catastrophe......guess Id be the last to know. I like Norwegian- I hate the Dawn
  14. paper straws that break...…….
  15. Balcony cabin 10058----here is the skinny...…..nice room, small, clean, quiet.....bed decent size but a crack in the middle. The room smelled like "spoiled milk"-permeated our clothes. The bathroom---very small. The toilet was horrible. It kept blocking throughout the cruise due to someone flushing "unmentionables"....looked like it was going to fall off the wall.....if you lower your head-you hit the wall! The shower--ugh! If you like a cold shower, this is the place! Had a lukewarm shower on last day...adjustments to temperature were fruitless!! The sink area again tiny.....the coffee pot !! Worked when it wanted to---old fashioned pod type , good luck again!!! Really not a decent cup of coffee on the whole ship. If you want espresso , great! No starbucks, no dunkin, and I started to miss convienient store coffee!Many people I met had issues in cabins---no a/c, sewage smelling,
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