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  1. Just came off the Sunshine, May 5-12 sailing. My husband smokes, and does most of his smoking in the casino. I noticed that the smoke smell was a little heavier on this ship then prior ships (Glory and Magic). I noticed while in the casino that they don’t have the big industrial air purifiers as I have seen on the prior ships mentioned, may be the culprit. The only deck I smelled the smoke on was deck 4, just before and just after the casino. Was not impressed with the service onboard, with the exception of our room steward everyone else was pretty mediocre at best. The MDR staff was less than ideal, examples....asked for lemon for water, numerous times to receive, had to find a pot of coffee on the two times we went to breakfast and pour my own refills. The service was something I would expect from a fast food restaurant. Just my opinion though. We had room 7118, we felt the ship vibrations ALOT. I spent 16 years in the Navy and was on much smaller ships that could handle the seas (maybe 6-8 foot) much better than this large cruise ship. Not it impressed and won’t sail on her again. Just my two cents.
  2. I'm sorry I still don't know what I am doing wrong....I told you I am special with computers....
  3. This sign just cracks me up! My boys Fort San Cristobal Old San Juan, Raices Fountain and the start of the walking path to the rear of Fort San Cristobel Fort San Cristobal
  4. Amber Cove, DR So originally we were not planning on leaving the ship in the DR, however since we did not go to St. Thomas and our pre-booked shore excursion was credited back to us we decided to participate in a shore excursion here. We choose Zip Lining at Country World, cost $79.99 per adult. With the Carnival booked excursion we all meet in the Northern Lights dining room at 830 and proceeded off the ship. We meet up with our drivers, and after a fairly short wait we proceed to the open air bus to take us to the site which was only about 10 minutes away. There was 8 separate zip lines through the countryside of the DR. It was hot and there was some walking involved to get from one line to the next but overall we all had a great time. We proceeded back to the port and decided we were worn out and wanted lunch and a nap so we just proceeded back on the ship. On the way back in we stopped in the Duty Free to purchase Crown, two 1 liter for $31.00...just cant match that anywhere in the states. Back on board we ate Guys Burgers (it must be said I gained most of my cruise weight on their fries...yum). Toke a much needed nap and then just prior to pulling away I walked the top deck to look at the port and settle in an read before dinner. I must say that from what I could see there looked to be quite a bit to do right there at the port and it was pretty and clean. That evening we proceed to dinner, with no wait. Finally we are seated in head waiter Juan's section! He introduced himself and made sure he knew who each of us was at the table. While he was of course busy he chitchatted and made food recommendations. The experience was wonderful....and we finally had someone to TIP!!! At the end of dinner we ensured he knew we would see him tomorrow. Before departing he let us know that he does the seated breakfast in Southern Lights in the mornings as well (we will definitely keep that in mind for the next sea day). Spent our evening gambling as usually, we always have a good time at the Blackjack table, we don't play slots (sorry I just don't find it to be enjoyable). Adult Drinking I had 2 Pina Colada's and 2 Corona and the husband had 4 Long Island's....$64 .67. Running Total:$343.80
  5. The hanger, for us on deck 1, was on the wall hanger by the TV.
  6. teknoge3k I am little computer challenged, can you help me understand what you mean by putting a direct link?
  7. I think I have already posted this, not quite sure though, but I personally do not care one way or the other, but I can certainly understand when people go on vacation they want to be pampered.....its what we pay for.
  8. I made sure everything was loaded correctly on Flickr and the photos are still not showing up in the posts.....I don't know what I am doing wrong. I am using the insert image icon and then copy and pasting the URL from Flickr. Any ideas??!! In the meantime I will continue with Amber Cove, just as soon as i am done eating pizza :p.
  9. Haha, I don't even know if they are, thanks l’ll take a look at that.
  10. I do, going to play around with again when i get off work.....fingers crossed!
  11. Just my two sense, both of my cruises I did not have FTTF and was able to go right to my room, also I noticed a very small difference in when FTTF luggage arrived and mine.
  12. I tried on the first post and they are not loading :(
  13. Everyone has different experiences with different stewards on same or different ships. Our steward last week on the Magic greeted cruisers on the hallway upon arrival, he kept the cards on a small clip board that he held on to and he asked morning or evening, he didn’t offer both as an option. Nor were we given the option to complete the card ourselves. No one person is going to have the same experience, as these boards clearly point out. Personally I don’t care when the room is serviced, I only sleep and dress there.
  14. I really think they should use the main theater for comedy shows (they seem to pack the house), I know that will be an unpopular idea though. :confused:
  15. Hahahaha, I am sure they did as my youngest and his best friend practically lived there the whole week. :D
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