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  1. We are looking at Carnival Spirit in late February next year. I'm hopeful. Based on prior Caribbean cruises we are able to get off at 7-730am, is this the same in Australia?
  2. Hello All. I am trying to plan our first Australian cruise and having a hard time figuring out the distance between the airport and the cruise port. Reason this is important is our departure flight will be at 1120 and want to ensure we will be able to make it.......
  3. Still cruising, and if for some reason the cruise industry goes belly up (which I highly doubt) we will find a new vacation format.
  4. It is a max OBC of $500/person. Once you meet the max, which we have, they will refund the remainder back to the original form of payment. Please do not let anyone make you believe you will lost money, you will not.
  5. Mine and my husbands are worse as well. We are booked Premier on our April 11th Panorama sailing, but I have been planning for plan b and c just in case those are needed and ours are much worse 😞
  6. So riddle me this. Schools have closed very unexpectedly in many areas, leaving many parents stuck. Should those parents have a pre-planned response so they can flip the switch and ensure they have an alternative method of child care?
  7. 1. I'm glad you think a Fortune 500 company can get out unprocessed information in seconds. 2. Do you know when Carnival made the decision? 3. The President sent the tweet at about 620pm EST, the poster even stated he was notified within almost 6 hours, others got their before and after that. Again if you think Carnival and ANY OTHER COMPANY are not doing everything they can to not only keep their damn business afloat but also appease customers at the same damn time, your insane. Any vacationer still planning ot go with their plans is taking a HUGE risk right now
  8. This will NOT be a perfect, or even near perfect process. If you think Carnival and every other business being absolutely ripped to shreds because of this virus, aren't doing everything they can to ensure that everyone effected is notified as quickly as possible, then you are every much mistaken. We live in a world of instant gratification, and right now that is not reality, uncertainty, frustration, delays, etc. are. Be grateful that in actuality you will come out on top based on this unfortunate situation.
  9. Its fraud, please don't try that avenue. These are very uncertain times and we have become very accustom to instance gratification, these two things don't mix. Be patient and go about things the right way. For better chances of getting through, try calling at 4-6am EST.
  10. We cruise April 11 as well, most cruise lines have advised they will resume operations on April 12th. I am scheduled for a 7 day, my thought is that they may change mine to a 6 day.
  11. OBC all day, I refuse to live in fear, what will be will be. I guess there are quite a few people that do not fell as I though because our cabin rate for the Panorama April 11 sailing went down $300 each...so between my two cabins we have $1000 in OBC!!! We will make the most of our vacation for sure!
  12. We are picking up our rental at LAX and returning it the next day at Long Beach Airport and taking the shuttle to the port. This is for our April cruise.
  13. With the exception of Guys, we only eat in the MDR. Just our personal preference.
  14. @klfhngr I also just noticed on another board that you will be on Panorama in April, wouldn't be the April 11th cruise would it??
  15. @klfhngr thank you so much! Those are some awesome ideas and I am looking into them now!
  16. Very nice, let me look into that. Did you book before hand or at the port?
  17. Looking for adventure, not really lounging on a beach (we live at the beach).
  18. This is our first west coast cruise and I am in need of suggestions of things to do in all three main ports. We are a family of 6 with older teenage or young adult kids. We had really wanted to do ATV in Cabo, but I just cannot bring myself to pay $700 for an excursion. Sooooooo, what else can we do......any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
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