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  1. It does look like they got some competent people to work on the report: "While the No-Sail Order was in effect, cruise lines endeavored to find new ways to keep passengers healthy onboard and create protocols in case of outbreaks. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings teamed with Royal Caribbean Group to create an industry-wide Healthy Sail Panel, chaired by former Utah Governor and former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Mike Leavitt, and Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The panel concluded a safe return to cruise was possible, deli
  2. Maybe I should limit my thoughts to a Canadian cruise sailing out of Canadian ports. Difficulties doing contact tracing could be alleviated if Canadian passengers, and HAL crew members, all had the Canada COVID Alert on their cell phones that way if there was a confirmed covid case you would get notified on your cell phone and then you go get tested. I realize that not all passengers have cell phones and that some contact tracing might have to be done manually. HAL could always limit the cruise to those passengers who have COVID Alert on their phones. HAL could also do what the ai
  3. There are other deep sea ports where a HAL ship could stop in Canada other than Victoria and Vancouver -- Port Alberni for example where you can take an excursion up to Tofino or stop at Pacific Rim National Park. Kitimat also has a deep sea port and the ship could take the Inside Passage to get there. Sailing up the Douglas Channel is like sailing up a fjord; it would be like scenic cruising up Tracy Arm. Both of these ports offer gorgeous scenery, fishing, hiking, restaurants just like Alaska. There's always a way. Even if a ship leaving from a Canadian port has to stop at a US p
  4. I wonder if the powers that be could lobby the government(s) to allow "bubble" cruises? Would it be feasible, for example, to have ships leaving Vancouver on an Alaska voyage but only with Canadians onboard? For an Alaska voyage leaving from Seattle, only with US citizens onboard. Same thing with the East Coast, maybe leaving from Montreal or Quebec City would be a Canadians' only cruise; and leaving Boston would be US citizens only? Surely something can be worked out -- by next summer people will need a proper vacation or go bonkers. They could even make the bubbles smaller: East
  5. I should've written, someone who had had polio in their youth. The lady is a very old senior now, but still with that distinctive polio limp.
  6. I will gladly take any vaccine out there but I'm from that generation that grew up when there were no measles vaccines, no mumps vaccines, no polio vaccines, etc. My next door neighbour had polio. So did my uncle. I remember my mom taking all of us to get our polio vaccine when I was little. I still remember waiting in line; I must've been only four-years old. I remember parents talking to each other and how happy they were that there was a vaccine available. After that, it was pretty standard, when a new vaccine was available we got it. They were even available in schools, when it was your tu
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