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  1. I went straight to the reservation desk after boarding and had no trouble changing all of my dining times.
  2. We really want to snorkel in Belize and know that there won't be good snorkeling in HC. I also realize there is a ferry to Placencia (?) where you can catch your own excursion. We are too far out for NCL excursions to show up on the website, but I'm curious if anyone did a snorkel trip with NCL? How was it? Price? Any info would be great.
  3. Oh no, we had a great time! I haven't met a vacation yet that I didn't like ;) Just my opinion that the entertainment just wasn't quite our speed. We're not late night partyers but 11:00 or 12:00 doesn't seem so late to be doing something besides "disco lounges." Even if just the Bimini bar had stayed open until 8 or 10:00. Just something to do besides the atrium.
  4. The Dawn had the worst buffet food of any of the two Carnival and one Royal Caribbean ship I've sailed before. Now that I think about it probably the worst MDR food too, but not awful, just not the best. Our favorite part of the Dawn was Gatsby's. Unfortunately they stop the live music fairly early leaving us bored most nights. We're not into the atrium entertainment so we'd pass by but never stopped to stay long.
  5. Can you play pool or throw darts at O'Sheehan's without the package? And is the bowling $6 per person per game?
  6. "Perhaps with a door that opens to the outside?" Exactly! Bad bad placement of the door to the smoking lounge. We weren't fans of the ship's layout or entertainment after 10:00. I know we were with an older crowd too, but lots of times Gatsby's was full when the musician stopped playing. Bad business to send paying customers away from the bar, but maybe they lose money on the drink package crowd if the bar stays open too late.
  7. Breakfast is served daily on the Breakaway in the buffet, one MDR, O'Sheehan's and Margaritaville? Do I have that right?
  8. I think I'm going to tip in cash and remove the charge from my account. If what I've read here is true then all of the cash we give out will be divided anyway. Who knows what really happens with the $14.99 a day.
  9. What may I ask has changed on Royal that has pushed you over the edge?
  10. I have a sleeveless swimsuit cover up that is too long to wear out and about so I wear it a lot in the cabin or on the balcony. It covers enough so I'm not worried about a neighbor seeing me but has easy access if I'm putting on lotion and such. I'm trying to decide if I want to get something else similar to lounge in or something different. What do you like to wear while lounging in your cabin or on your balcony?
  11. Interesting about Cozumel. How much was the Latisse? From which pharmacy did you purchase? Is there a pool in the Haven area or just hot tubs?
  12. I was wondering the same thing asen2asen. I read an old article or review that said day passes were sold, but that was before this price increase.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I love a review that reads like a good story!
  14. Random Thoughts Didn’t realize we’d have to pay tax on our booze the first day while still docked in Puerto Rico. Wonder how many other ports are like that? Seems that how many times a day you get cabin service is a big deal on Carnival and Royal. The first few days we had service morning and night. We finally told her just the morning please. Once we’re gone for the day we don’t need anything else. The location of the only full length mirror was awkward next to the bed. Really couldn’t see full length. Also didn’t like not having a table/nightstand on one side of the bed. I never asked but it would have been nice to have the coffee pot gone and had that area to use, although we felt the room had pretty good storage. Loved the magnifying mirror in the bathroom. We love our magnetic hooks for the walls. It is nice to hang wet clothes or the next day’s clothes on them. We will also take a couple of magnetic ship clips for papers the next time. I’m going to try really hard to remember that most of our time is spent in swimwear and pack accordingly. I bought some caftans on amazon that were so comfy over my swimsuits. Hub lived in trunks and polo. Love our compression packing cubes. Portable steamer passed through security in our checked bag – we never used it. I’d purchased a folding nylon bag on wish . com for like $4. It was super nice to use on the ship as a beach bag and took no room in our luggage. I think we’ve become cruisers. Don’t get me wrong, we’re doing an all-inclusive adults only in Playa del Carmen this fall, but I think at least one vacation a year will be a cruise. We enjoy talking to people at the bars and at dinner. So many wonderful people cruising around out there and so much to learn from them all!
  15. Last Day - Tortola Tortola was among the top reason we booked this cruise because of the snorkeling and it did not disappoint. We were with Aristocat tours for the day. They had a wonderful catamaran that was well set up for tours with lots of shade and sun areas. The crew was super nice and did a good job explaining things and taking care. There were 20 or so of us so that always makes a nice size excursion. The first stop was the Caves and while it was cool enough, didn’t do that much for me. The second stop was a small cove with no other boats and had a lot more fish and was a wonderful spot to relax while waiting for lunch. They also had paddle boards we could have used if we’d have been so inclined. The third stop was the Indians. Our guide said we were quite lucky as a lot of times the water is just too rough to enjoy or even stop here. OMG, this one stop made the entire cruise worth it! This stop was as good as or better than Bonaire. Seriously like swimming in an aquarium. Back to the ship around 3:30-4:00. Got ready and headed to Bimini bar again to meet with friends for our last night. Dinner at Cagney’s was good again. Man I love that crab cake! The folks at the table next to us were really unhappy with NCL service and experience overall. They were pleasant enough about it but said they’d go back to Carnival or Royal, can’t remember which they said now. I will say that I have to agree with the service to an extent. Seemed like wait staff in all restaurants were always understaffed. Cheers to those folks. Hope they like their next cruise better. We hadn’t’ been through Tradewinds the entire cruise so thought we stroll through and see their “big sale.” As I suspected a joke. There was a $65 bracelet on the up to 50% off table. When I took it to the register she told me that it was already marked with the discount. Whatever. Bad business to put up signage saying one thing and then say another. Back to Gatsby’s as usual to hear some music on our last night. It was pretty good and we were enjoying but he packed up at 9:30 and that was it. No more music for the last night. Stopped by the atrium but we just don’t enjoy Jose and Patti. I like their music but don’t like their voices. Back to the room as had become our normal. For all of the “negative” things I’ve mentioned, it was still a great vacation. We enjoyed our first NCL cruise enough to book again (wish we would have done the on board next cruise certificates!) within a couple of weeks of being home.
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