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  1. I'm looking to drop the hub at a bar on embarkation day while we wait for our cabin. Prefer deck 8 since that is where our cabin is located. Does anyone know if those bars there on the waterfront will be open?
  2. Thanks julig22. Is Delta the only airline that might allow a change in general, or specifically for NCL air? I know on Southwest years ago I was able to get on an earlier flight because of a storm coming in. We are flying American Airlines on this particular flight. Not sure how wiling they might be. I guess we could wait until closer to the date to see if the flights before us are very full or not. I just don't understand why airlines aren't more flexible if their flights aren't full. What does it hurt them to be accommodating????
  3. I've read here that you cannot call the airline and change flights in anyway and that NCL can't change anything. But, we just got flight info today and we don't fly home until 6:30 that evening. I don't know whether to book the ship's excursion to kill a few hours on the way back to LAX or just go hangout at the airport and hope we can get on an earlier flight. Anyone have success with changing flights at the airport?
  4. Looks like we're going to have about 8 hours to kill when we get back from our cruise before our flight. Has anyone ever done the cruise line's (NCL in this case) excursion from ship to airport? I think it is about 5 hours. If so, how was it? Any suggestions on what to do?
  5. Thanks Complawyer! We only do carry-on luggage so I like to keep it with me and not have it delivered to my room. I was super excited when I read there was a holding place. I hope someone will answer who knows where this is. Good to know about the Observation Deck and Manhattan room - sorry they don't have music though 😞 Also good to know the reservations are at guest services now. Is that true for shows or just restaurants? We love live music but aren't so big on shows. I hadn't planned on Jersey Boys but folks love Six so we might have to try it. I wish Prohibition was still showing. We would have liked that I think.
  6. I finally feel like my cruise is getting close(ish) so I have some questions that I haven't really seen many/any answers for, or just looking for updated info. I read that on embarkation day there is a bar that will hold your luggage until cabins are ready. Anyone know which bar that is on Bliss? Where do I go on embarkation to reserve or change specialty dining reservations? What time does the music in the Manhattan room usually start? Q Smokehouse - what time is the music there? Is there a bar or something that you can sit at to listen to music even if you aren't eating there? How much for - Bingo? Wine & cheese/choc pairing? Deal or No Deal? Mojito tasting? Observation Area - Is there a bar always open in there? I've read about them sometimes having "snacks." Is that like peanuts snack or a snack you can make a meal on? Is there live music at all in this area? What time does music start in Brew House and Cavern Club? Thank you!
  7. I wish we were in port on that day. I would imagine Mexico for Day of the Dead is FUN!
  8. We'll be on the Bliss this fall and I was wondering if we should take a costume? Do they celebrate or is it just another day?
  9. We're thinking about taking a big family cruise next year with age ranges 4-66 years. Tell me about your great family cruise! What made the vacation so great? Ship? itinerary? I need someplace to start my search.
  10. We're thinking about taking a big family cruise next year with age ranges 4-66 years. Tell me about your great family cruise! What made the vacation so great? Ship? itinerary? I need someplace to start my search.
  11. I just want your own opinions and thoughts. I shouldn't have asked for a "good fit for us" I guess. I hoped to get responses from people who had great family cruises and wanted to share what made their vacation so great whether it be the ship, itinerary etc.
  12. We're thinking of a big family cruise next year with age ranges 4-66 years. Anyone have recommendations for a NCL ship or itinerary that you think would be a good fit for us?
  13. It has been so long since we've been on a cruise, I can't remember my reasoning for choosing a specialty dining night. Anyone care to share theirs? I feel like a sea day is good, but then sometimes I'm so lazy and relaxed I don't want to get ready for dinner. Then again, port days seem like we might be hurried. Your favorite night?
  14. There were way too many people on the boat. Not much to see where they took us. This is a snip from my review: When it came time to get out at the first spot they passed out masks and snorkels and the captain announced “we have vests for the lazy floaters.” *****? Shaming people into not using a flotation device? I raised my hand and said I was a lazy floater and would be happy to have one. Then when the hub asked for fins he was told that he had big feet and didn’t need them. WFT again? If you don’t have fins and you have to use your arms then you get tired. What happens when you get tired and these asses didn’t give you a snorkel vest?? They didn’t help fit masks, get in the water and even worse didn’t help them get out of the water. I take that back, worst was that not one of the crew got in the water to help people. There were people really struggling and other people trying to help them. Folks trying to climb in the boat with fins because no one explained to them or helped them to take the fins off before climbing out. It was chaos and there were probably people on that trip for which it was their first time snorkeling and they'll never try it again because it was so awful.
  15. My husband usually purchase thermal pass but Bliss in Oct is showing $299 for 7 days. Not worth it on a Caribbean port intensive cruise. Not to us/him anyway.
  16. Whatever you do, don't book with Bounty Adventures. Worst excursion I've ever taken from land or sea.
  17. Thank you both. We really like to be out on the water and we're really disappointed in the water offerings in PV. What else should we do? Just walk around? Beach? Ugh.
  18. Is there a CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreens or the like, around the San Pedro cruise ship pier? We're flying in and I'd like to purchase sunscreen when we arrive rather than pack it.
  19. I saw a pick with a chair and ottoman. Do/will they put a lounge chair there? Thanks for all of the help. I think we'll keep it.
  20. I chose to let them when I booked.
  21. I finally booked the cruise I've been looking at for a while. This will be our first Princess cruise and we were assigned cabin M106 on the Regal. This is a forward facing balcony with the metal railing instead of glass. I can't find many pics of it online but from what I've seen it is a bit different layout than a regular mini suite. Has anyone stayed in this cabin or one like it that can give me an idea of what it is like? Will I be able to see at all with that metal railing when sitting down? Is the room smaller with the layout? Thanks
  22. This is an excursion option thru NCL for our fall cruise. Can anyone say what kind of boat you are on? Is the snorkeling any good?
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