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  1. Hi Was wondering what the currency on board any MSC ship in the casino, that is sailing in Europe. Thanks Jazz
  2. Not true! Virtually every cruise line allow hair straightners/curling tongs, if that is not a fire risk i do not know what is? I would bet that a fair few people who uses these leave them in the cabin to cool down unattended once they have finished using them as they take a long time, also charging phones,ipods(other makes are available),shavers etc. all these items are not risk free. Basically, it is not appliances that start fires on ships but the irresponsibility of people who own them. BUT, I do agree that you can never be too careful when anything that can be harmful to the safety of the ship be confiscated and returned at the end of the cruise. Jazz
  3. I wonder how a water sprayer and the cabins hair drier would work? An instant steamer provided by the cruise line. Anyone ever tried this.Is it effective on blouses ,shirts etc.? Nothing like getting inventive!😊 Jazz
  4. I think you are spot on there Essiesmom! All electrical items are equal---------but, some are more equal than others.😖 Jazz
  5. Thanks for all your comments guys. I think the answer to my question will be no (not allowed), but for the life of me i cannot understand how a steamer is more dangerous than hair straightners/curling tongs which are allowed. Bewildered Jazz
  6. Hi My wife would like to bring a garment steamer on our upcoming cruise as their is no ironing facilities onboard, does anyone know if this is okay? I personally do not see a problem as it does not get burning hot like an iron and cools down fairly rapidly. Thanks Jazz
  7. Hi How far in advance of your MSC cruise does the cruise travel documents become available online? Thanks Jazz
  8. Thanks for replying to this post, my wife will be delighted to know there is a sweet wine available. Jazz
  9. Hi everyone We have an MSC cruise coming up soon and wondered if anyone can tell us if Asti sparkling wine is included in the Easy drink package on European sailings and if so is it very sweet. Many thanks in advance. Jazz
  10. Thanks Beamafar, and everyone who contributed to my post, very informative. Jazz
  11. Hi I was wondering what the speciality meal 'taster' dinner that comes with the black card benifits entailed? Many Thanks Jazz
  12. Thanks for the review Alushar, very enjoyable. Jazzman
  13. Hi Thanks for posting this review, its a great help in knowing what to expect. Will be on the millie on the 16th March, can not wait! Jazzman
  14. What they have done to the Millie looks ok to me, after all you are only on board for a week or two, if it is cleaner, newer and fresher that's a bonus, you will be going home to your own taste abode at the end. I am more concerned that there is enough money left for some decent entertainers on board, Celebrity have a reputation in general for having bland entertainment (if it was a colour it would be grey). It would be nice if they took a look at NCLs programme of entertainment and revolutionized that accordingly. I will be on the Millie in a few weeks and am looking forward to the cruise, i do try to enjoy every aspect of any cruise i have been on and Celebrity is one of my favourite lines. Jazzman
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