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  1. May’s extension applies to May cancellations ( either Vikings or your own) and new bookings in May.
  2. Email TellUs at Viking dot com. Those folks are terrific.
  3. The May’s extension of Risk Free cancelation doesn’t have cash back or 125% as credit. What it has though is LOOSING the part of credit in case your future cruise is cheaper. So your assumption is incorrect.
  4. Yes, this will be the best. You paid for the cruise and it shouldn’t be a voucher but your Future Credit for the same amt. You could use it for new cruise, upgrades, drink package, excursions, etc. My point is that if I give Viking my money to use then I expect if not refund, credit to use at MY discretion.6
  5. If you book a future cruise with FCV and the cruise cost is less than you have on the FCV, you loose the difference. I have a real problem with this. please re-read conditions on May’s extension
  6. We booked Barcelona to Bergen (June 2018) and we loved the direction. We spent more time in ports. We booked our own flights. We flew Lufthansa to Barcelona one stop (3 days before cruise) and Iceland Air one day after the cruise also one stop. Sometimes it’s better to book your own air.
  7. Well said Andy! I was very glad when whiners finally departed. It was so unfair to the crew and Viking. They did as much as they can and some to make up for something that was out of their hands...and minds
  8. Happy for all 8 of you that you finally going home. Safe travels! Sad that after following your trip daily after disembarking in LA. The won’t be any suspense any more and urge to check the thread. 🥂 to Magnificent Eight!! 🥂 to Viking and crew!!!
  9. My 🎩 is off to you and Viking! I’m sure Viking will find a good solution. Meanwhile enjoy great company and beautiful ship. Wishing all WC safe flight home.
  10. This is great! Thanks to Viking you won't be exposed to strangers. Andy, It was a pleasure following your adventures. Safe flight home to everyone!
  11. Remember that we unfortunately get a lot of chemicals from out of country (mainly China and India). People are afraid that we will hit the point of untreated water...and that means you could use bottled water only sorry if this a bad news
  12. I agree with you to bring our business back to US. Unfortunately it not very popular We were on the last leg of the first part of 2019-2020 WC. Unfortunately we missed each other. i really hope our cruising paths will meet again 🥂
  13. Haha... I follow Jim since inaugural Viking WC. Never missed his posts 😀. Then comes Andy 😀
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