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  1. Nice! I read about Yellowstone the other day. Very interesting and pictures are great 🙂
  2. SM77, glad to hear this! 🙂 We were at the same hotel as Post-extension.
  3. Clay, we had similar situation last January. Viking Air Plus wanted over $4500 for IAD to Miami and Buenos Aires to IAD (domestic first and business on a way back) plus deviation fee for flying earlier to Miami. I bought domestic flight directly from airline-$680 First total for two. We bought our return business class tickets from Viking. This way we saved almost $1000. Talk to them again. Maybe they find a reasonably priced flight for you. I think you have free air not included free air. If I’m not mistaken Viking doesn’t have included free air anymore. They used to have it and people could get credit for not using Viking Air. Good luck! Enjoy Portland! ;)
  4. You won’t pay $500 extra Transfer was $40p/p if you bought it from Viking. I’m afraid this info is old because I was told by Viking Air that if I deviated I can’t buy transfer. This sounds ridiculous to me.
  5. I didn’t know this. I saw only “our business class upgrade is $1,999”. Maybe I missed “from”😱 would need to check it out. Did $5500p/p include Economy price?
  6. You could still have Viking Air. We are flying in a day ahead of cruise. We do loose transfers but it’s ok. We booked a hotel in Valparaiso and they will book our private transfer ($140 per car).
  7. We will be on the Sun. The standard business class upgrade is $1,999 p/p. This will be on the top of economy class cost. We had a free air deal and bought only one way ticket. It was still $1,899 p/p for us from IAD to SCL through Atlanta. We bought business class on a way back from LAX directly through airline. Total was much cheaper this way then through Viking. I was told that this (probably South America Pacific) was a new route for Viking and they didn't have much choice with flights.
  8. Please disregard my reply. Our plane doesn’t have suites.
  9. I don’t think so. We are flying Delta to Santiago this Dec. on 777-200. We paid standard Viking Air business class.
  10. SM77, I hope they’ll do. It would probably depend on how many people will have a late flight. There were around 200 on our cruise. Good luck and have a fantastic cruise! 😊
  11. We stayed in 6011. It was very quiet. That cabin has large window and separate door to veranda. Staying after that in cabins with sliding doors we found we like them better. I wouldn’t stay more forward - you will be under Explore Lounge. I would choose starboard for your direction which is better IMHO than reverse. You have better times in ports and in some of them staying longer. I wouldn’t choose aft cabins due to their location under World Cafe. There will be noise and sometimes smell. Go to website, click on Ships, and check deck and cabins location. Enjoy! This one is very good cruise. We just loved it! 🥂
  12. You are very welcome! Apparently, there were around 200 people with late flights from 5 pm to 10 pm. I believe we were on the last Viking bus.
  13. Early this year we were on the first segment of WC Miami to Buenos Aires. We had the same dilemma-where we will spend 12 hours. We had various answers from Viking and just before the cruise we were told that management on board is in contact with HQ and we will know the plan when on board. Meanwhile our TA arrange hotel room for us free of charge. To make it shorter, Viking arranged a 4 hours boat excursion, after that Viking brought everyone to the Hilton where there were a few conference rooms reserved with refreshments. Buses were leaving to airport for the scheduled flights. Our large luggage was taken to the storage area in airport by Viking in the morning. All day was well organized and we had all info we needed all the time. Our TA switch our reservation for Hilton and we were able to have a shower, lunch, and a good nap :). Our flight was at 9:59 pm. That day though rainy was a great finish to the great cruise 🚢
  14. Yes, this is true. We had the wine we liked in CT not only in the restaurant but in Explore lounge as well.
  15. Plus you have gym and Nordic spa available. If lectures are good for your brain, Nordic spa is good for your soul 😉. Please note Nordic spa includes sauna, steam room, different temperature pools, snow grotto ( ahhhh 🙂 ), salt water pool, etc - all these free of charge 🥂
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