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  1. I hear you and already sitting in our favorite corner behind large armchairs next to fireplace and next to windows. There was such a magnificent start to the game… Very upset 😒 At this time can I have an Armagnac please
  2. Great point. If you would like to have any soft drink or a cocktail with it (coke,, sprite, etc) or a glass of juice, any specialty coffee, mineral water, etc, you’ll pay for those unless you have SSP. it’s nice to have mimosa for in room breakfast during sea days, beer after sauna, digestive after diner, and espresso any time 😇😂 so, think about it, check the prices from the lists provided on page 6, and see if SSP will work for you. Happy and safe sailing 🍷🍸🍹🍺🥂🥃🥤🧃🧉
  3. We spent last Christmas and New Year on the Viking Sun. Christmas dinner was disappointment for our table mates (Restaurant). No dressed up people and less than a few Christmas dishes. We loved our dinner though it wasn’t traditional. New Years was a lot of fun with river of Champagne and New Year Day branch was SPECTACULAR!!! Mimosas and Bloody Mary everywhere plus delicatessen food for every taste together with the hearty dishes. It seems this was ages ago :( our trip was last min deal we just couldn’t miss - Santiago to Los Angeles.
  4. Of course!! Sorry again for the confusion.
  5. Sorry. We thought that by the end of May we will be Ok :(
  6. BTW, there is nothing yet on updates for current sailings on the VO site.
  7. Sorry for the confusion. Here it goes: Because we are a private, closely-held company, we do not have to rush the decision to return to service. As our Chairman has said before, we will only sail again when it is safe for our guests, our crew, and the communities we visit. It is in that spirit that we are extending our temporary fleetwide suspension of scheduled departures through March 31, 2021. For several itineraries, we are also cancelling additional sailings further into 2021. We are contacting you today because you are currently booked on Mediterranean's Iconic Shores o
  8. FYI, Viking.just moved no cruising to March 31, 2021 plus some other cruises in later dates. we got email that our cruise Barcelona-Istanbul (May 30th, 2021) has been cancelled.
  9. Just found out from CharTrav that indeed all cruises were cancelled through December 2020. She already updated the spreadsheet!
  10. She goes to Los Angeles - Dec. 24, 2021 - Jan. 10, 2022. After that WC2022 I got email from Viking this morning to consider one of three voyages through Panama Canal. One of this voyages Panama Canal & Coastal holiday is on Viking Star.
  11. Hello Baron Barracuda, Got an unpleasant surprise from TA. Is it possible to email you? Thank you.
  12. This promotion covers any cruise. Those were just an example 😁
  13. Jack, not all Polaris clubs are the same. LA was ok but Huston was pitiful. The club itself was nicely done with good furniture and lighting. The bar was ok. The buffet food was pitiful with most plates empty and the “dining room” had a long wait. The reason for this - it has around 20 tables or less for two and most of them was occupied by one person who just hanged out there. We looked forward to try Polaris but.... It seems the service and amenities varies from club to club.
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