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  1. vnb2003

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    According to our guide this was First Lady’s decorations for the Christmas festivities that last this year from Nov 1st to 3rd weekend of January.
  2. vnb2003

    Thank you TellUs!!

    Yes, this is their email
  3. vnb2003

    Thank you TellUs!!

    TellUs@vikingcruises.com is the Social Media Team that answers the questions you didn’t find answer and helps with issues you encounter with Viking. It’s a fantastic very attentive group of people. hope this helps. :)
  4. vnb2003

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    we are also on the first leg and I packed summer clothes. Happy New Year 🍾🍾🍾🥂🥂🥂 see you you all in 2 days 😀
  5. vnb2003

    Thank you TellUs!!

    I had an unexpected issue 2 weeks before the cruise. I wrote TellUs and as always got a call the same day. Had a good discussion with Lynn who thought of different scenarios why it didn’t work and what might work. She had to research this issue farther.. I got a call from Lynn in a couple of days and the issue wasn’t an issue but miscommunication between departments. In other words the issue was gone and I’m very happy. Thank you Lynn and TellUs!!
  6. vnb2003

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    We will be joining you just for a 1st leg but then it will be a double fun to follow you and your experiences because we will already know you 😀 See you in 10 days and Happy Holidays everyone!!!
  7. Oh, I finally understood your complain. You are confused. It is OPTIONAL excursion that you are interested in. You don’t like an included one at that port. Don’t blame Viking. It is clearly stated on the excursion page which excursion is INCLUDED and you are guaranteed this one only. Sometimes, please note sometimes, Viking might add more spaces to popular OPTIONAL excursion. The INCLUDED will be always available to you but there is only one INCLUDED excursion per port.
  8. vnb2003

    Dinner Reservations on the Star

    You can make reservations by phone, on TV, or using Viking Voyager mobile app when on board. These are the most convenient and quick options. You could reserve your dinner while in bed 😉
  9. vnb2003

    Final payment due

    Vineyard View, welcome back. Glad to see you 🤗 Happy sailing and I hope you will share your experience on the smaller ships. Best wishes!
  10. vnb2003

    Chef's Table Menus

    If CT chef can’t Taylor dish to your taste, they will happily bring you anything from Manfredi’s that is next door. My DH and I love CT. We are foodies and adventures food wise 😉 but it is an experience that we like most.
  11. vnb2003

    Debarkation in B.A.

    Thank you very much!! 🙂
  12. vnb2003

    Debarkation in B.A.

    Last questions - how far in advance you booked them. Do you need to pay in advance or you could pay a driver? thank you.
  13. vnb2003

    Advise for gifts for a world cruise

    Thank you!! 🙂 it’s an excellent idea and I’m so glad I stumble on your post 😉. This our first time to go that far in the South and during summer months so I try to find as many tips as possible.
  14. vnb2003

    Advise for gifts for a world cruise

    Christine, What brand did you buy? There are quite a few of them. Thank you!
  15. vnb2003

    Viking Bergen Norway to Barcelona

    We took the opposite direction last June. We had own air (it was cheaper and with one stop only with the excellent departure times). We loved the cruise. Bergen is very difficult city to flight in/out, so I would try to look for flights well in advance. If necessary buy Viking Air Plus to have some control over your flights