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  1. I have postponed my May east med cruise to October. Just to be on the safe side.
  2. You can read this thread...has lots of pictures too. We were on the getaway in June just after the dry dock and everything was beautiful.
  3. If u are 3 or more people taxis work out cheaper in all the ports whether it's the Mediterranean cruise or Baltic. We were a family of four and never had any problems finding taxis and they were cheaper than shuttles and took you where you wanted specifically. Also I had noticed the last shuttle back is always couple of hrs before the all aboard time so your time gets cut short in the port.
  4. The large balconies and cabins are great. Also there is easy access to Osheean, atrium etc. Basically the 678 area of ncl. But there was always vibration when the ship was docking. But lasted for just 5 to 7 min only. Depends upon how sensitive you are to that. There was no noise from the theater which is just below.
  5. They have Wii games....but they limit the time to half an hour per child per session. They can play twice in a day when free play is scheduled otherwise it's the activities that they have planned that kids do. My son really enjoyed his time there
  6. Yes the carpets have been changed...we were on the June sailing just after the dry dock. Don't know whether it is same as Bliss. But the whole ship was very clean and looked very fresh.
  7. Hi there I am also planning for getaway next year. Just wanted to know if you used the cable car while going back from Fira and if so how were the queues for it. Thanks...:)
  8. It was indeed a very interesting iteniary. Not something u find normally in any cruise line. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.
  9. Have they added USB points in the cabin. It is so much easier with USB points no converter needed.
  10. Looks like it's quite cold...seeing everyone is wrapped up. It's really bad that they have made this area for vibe. At least one side should have remained open to all.
  11. What about deck 18....can we still go there. It might be 17 or 18 just the small space on top for seeing the views. We went there on Epic and u get good 360 degree views from there. Please post the daily planners if possible.
  12. The mini golf looks really nice....:). How's the weather....the forecast shows 16 c ...is it cold.
  13. Thanks for the update.....please do post more pics if possible about the changes....we are in the next cruise...looking forward to it
  14. This would be great...when is your cruise . We are on the 7th June sailing.
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