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  1. It's always reassuring to hear positive reports from on-the-spot travelers. Excellent dining, interesting excursions, superior entertainment-- can't ask for more! Except maybe an ironing board, which you confirm the existence of in a previous conversation. Bravo all around!
  2. Thanks so much for your reply about the ironing issue --- beginning to think through what to pack, and an iron will grease those wheels nicely. Appreciate your taking time to answer. We're counting the days until end-September, are so looking forward to this adventure.
  3. We'll be on the Countess from MN to LA this fall. I wonder if there are ironing facilities on board ? An iron and board n the cabin closet? Or both available to use? As an alternative, send-out laundry available? Thanks in advance for any info ! Coffee Drinker
  4. Thanks for your informative trip review! We'll be on a Sept AQ-Countess trip from Minneapolis to NOLA, looking forward to the HOHO buses and greatly appreciated your comments on that aspect. Plus the menus look lovely... PS....remembering a long-ago vacation in GB and Scotland: Edinburgh, Inverness, train to Kyle-Lochalsh and Sky. Lovely, no other words!
  5. Thanks, TinCan 782, for the comments and for your trip photos! Will peruse, pen and paper for notes in hand. We've considered that Winona Boat excursion, thanks for your input on that. Sounds as tho' that 'education' will be useful the rest of the trip.
  6. Wandb: We're on the Countess, end Sept 2022. Thanks, Navy Veteran, for your comment re a private tour. Agree that times may not work for such an effort.
  7. We are taking a Mississippi River, Minneapolis / Red Wing to New Orleans, cruise this fall and beginning to plan our second river cruise-- our first on Germany's Main, Rhine, Mosel in 1995-- after many ocean cruises. I'd like your opinions re the premium excursions offered. Guides good? Worth the cost? Anyone book a private tour instead? Museums, historic homes etc. accessed through the HOHO bus? Which were interesting, not-to-be-missed? Pleasant towns worth a stroll? Thanks in advance to any feedback, much appreciated.
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