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  1. ItaloAmericana

    Is Gem the only ship left for itinerary changes?

    You are not alone! We are also waiting: Norwegian Dawn Nov 3rd
  2. ItaloAmericana

    Leaving this month and no update.....

    Yes, the Vacation Summary on the NCL site still shows the original itinerary. Many of us have called NCL, but they won't even confirm our ending port (San Juan). So, we're taking it all in stride. We'll have a good time no matter where we go!
  3. ItaloAmericana

    Leaving this month and no update.....

    I'm on the Dawn, leaving in 4 weeks, and we also do not know where we're going. From what we read about the cruises the week before and after, we are fairly certain of our starting and ending ports, but NCL has told us nothing. We are also several days past the "we'll let you know in 2 weeks" email. It's a Magical Mystery Cruise!
  4. ItaloAmericana

    Norwegian Dawn re-positioning November 3, 2017

    I'm 99.9% sure that we'll still leave from Boston. A friend of mine is on the Dawn the week before us; they arrive in Boston the day we depart. She has heard nothing about any changes to her itinerary.
  5. I wear a 32GG...very difficult size to find, especially since I only wear seamless. I mostly wear Panache and Fantasie. My tip is to find a bra you like, then look for it on eBay. I've found the styles I like for at least half the price. HerRoom.com and BareNeccessities.com are good, too, when they have sales. Thanks for the ideas for some other brands. I will try them, too.
  6. ItaloAmericana

    Hurricane Maria Discussion Here

    I just checked American Airlines' site for flights leaving SJU. For Friday, Sep 22nd, they show morning flights (before 10 am) as canceled, but the rest are posted as "on time". Of course, this could change, but at least there's a glimmer of hope.
  7. ItaloAmericana

    Naples it Ischia

    In my opinion, if you want to go to one of the thermal spas, there isn't much time to do anything else on Ischia aside from having a nice lunch...not that it's a bad thing! Poseiden is one of the best, and you can get to it fairly easily from the aliscafo (hydrofoil) port of Forio. There is also a very nice one in Sant'Angelo (I can't remember the name, but I'm sure you can find it via an internet search). The CD and CS buses go around the island in a circle. So, whether you land in Forio or Ischia Porto, getting to Sant'Angelo is easy. Cabs are also available. We will be in Naples (on the Epic) in just a few weeks. We are going to Ischia to visit family. Even though the Epic is docked for 12 hours, we'll only have about 5 - 7 hours on Ischia because of the ferry schedule. Thus my first comment in this posting. I would suggest either going to a thermal spa OR seeing the island. For the ferry schedule: http://www.ischiareview.com/ferries--hydrofoils-between-ischia--naples-timetables--guide.html The port in Naples is "Beverello"...just a few minutes to walk from the ship.
  8. ItaloAmericana

    Naples it Ischia

    The aliscafo (high-speed, passengers only) are the higher of the fares. The traghetto (passengers and vehicles) costs less. Bus fare for a non-resident is 1.20 Euro for 90 minutes. An all-day ticket is 6 Euro. You can buy the tickets at tobacco shops and newsstands. Remember to validate the ticket when you board...even though you'll see that residents don't! It's a yellow "box" near the doors of the bus. As you probably know, "biglietto" is "ticket" in Italian. It's pronounced bill-YET-oh. So, you'd say, "Un biglietto per l'autobus, per favore" ("One ticket for the bus, please").
  9. ItaloAmericana

    US Dollars to Euros

    Sorry, I should have clarified that. I lumped debit cards and credit cards together. Yes, in most cases a credit card will have those high fees. Using a debit card to get cash at an ATM is usually the way to go. Either way, call the credit card and debit card companies to get the details before you travel.
  10. ItaloAmericana

    US Dollars to Euros

    Hello-- Call your credit card companies before you go. For one thing, they will know that you are using the card in Europe. You can also ask them what their foreign transaction fees are. You may find that one of your cards is great for ATM withdrawals and another is great for purchases. We always get about 100 Euro from our local bank at home before we leave. Yes, you feel like the bank is robbing YOU, but we like to have some cash to get a gelato or something after we land. Once we get to our hotel, we then find an ATM to withdraw cash.
  11. ItaloAmericana

    Naples it Ischia

    Ciao! Since my family is from Ischia, we go there every year. September will be the first time as port stop on a cruise. For a lot of good information---in English!---here's a website: http://www.ischiareview.com/ It takes roughly an hour from Naples (Molo Beverello) to the island. We usually go to Forio because that's the side of the island where my family lives. However, Ischia Porto is bigger AND has more options. We always rent a scooter, but the public buses are fine if you have the time. The "CD" and "CS" bus lines go all around the island in a circle. Buon viaggio!