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  1. I agree 100% on that. And I do not believe that there is that many people having it so the line could be use temporarily when people with FTTF are present and if not, you use it for people not having it.
  2. The only thing I do not like about FTTF is the priority debarkation for tendering only. They should have a line even for standard docking. But hey we got it free so no complaining here 🙂 BTW first time I got something for free from a TA.
  3. We did not buy it. We got it free from out Travel Agent.
  4. Hi everyone, We are looking at doing the Damajagua Falls and Monkeyland tour with Carnival. I have a few questions about the falls: 1- We have someone a little bit afraid of jumping. Do you have to jump at all the falls of you can take a ladder at each of them if the person does not feel like jumping? I read somewhere that the first one jump is mandatory. 2- how deep is the water. You have life jacket but just wondering as we would have a 8yrs old kid with us. Thanks
  5. ok thanks all for the answer. Hoping to have a great cruise on Carnival and to be the first of many.
  6. Hi everyone, I checked my documents for my cruise on February 29, and it says my boarding time is 12-12h30. However, I thought that with FTTF, you could board at anytime and just after Diamond and before group 1? Am I right or do I need to follow the boarding time? Thanks
  7. Small question here. We received FTTF free from our cruise trip agent and she said we had priority debarking at ports while I read only tendering ports. Which is true?
  8. Ok thanks so need to use the shuttle then.
  9. Hi everyone, We are renting a car at Alamo at the end of our cruise in Port Canaveral. There seems to be a shuttle but can we walk from Carnival Cruise Terminal to the Alamo location? Thanks Jonathan
  10. Hi everyone, New to Carnival here but not new to cruising. I have a few questions about camp ocean carnival: 1- Are they strict on the age group? My 2 kids will be 8 and 11 and would prefer to be together. 2- On NCL, they had periods of ''free time'' where all groups were mixed and playing together. Is there something like this on Carnival. 3- Anyone ever notice any of the camp staff speaking french? As we are in Canada (province of Quebec), our native language is French. Kids know a little bit of English but not enough to understand all requests for activities. We will be cruising on the Breeze departing on February 29th, 2020 and if someone has a program for the camp, that would be helpful. Thanks all Jonathan
  11. Our cruise is ending in Port Everglades and the time for disembarkation is 8:00AM. There is a flight i would like to take out of Miami at 12h15. Is it too tight? First time I have a cruise disembarking so late. Thanks.
  12. Could you ask for once a day for sea days and twice for port stops?
  13. Teibban

    Jost van Dyke

    Thanks just checked on Google Maps and saw that it is my mistake. The one for Virgin Gorda is near the cruise pier. The one for JVD is further to the south of the island.
  14. Teibban

    Jost van Dyke

    We are stopping there on a Carnival ship. Looking at: 1- Planning the excursion by myself or 2- Taking a Carnival shore excursion
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