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  1. Fantastic! That will improve customer service....NOT!
  2. What's going on with Celebrity and their vacation planners? I have worked with the same person at Celebrity for 15 years. I sent her an e-mail yesterday and received a robo-reply saying they are "in the process of reassigning our vacation planner coverage. You will soon hear from your newly assigned dedicated Celebrity representative." I didn't want to wait for Celebrity to get back to me, so I phoned my representative only to be put into a queue in the customer service pool where I've been waiting on hold for 55 minutes now. My dedicated rep was working on resolving an issue with OBC for an upcoming cruise, and I have no confidence that if she is reassigned that any information she may have found will be passed along. This is ridiculous.
  3. No, I did not, and am quite annoyed. After all, I did spend $25 on the slot machines last cruise! 🤣
  4. Thanks, GeorgiaPeaches and CapeCod Cruiser for the info.
  5. Looking at the deck plan, Room 6019 appears to be larger than its adjoining rooms. If anyone has stayed in this room, I would appreciate getting some feedback. Thanks.
  6. It might be a good idea to ask your doctor for a letter indicating that you require this apparatus for medical purposes. Probably not necessary, but it could help avoid issues. Just a thought.
  7. Couldn't find anywhere to update the app, so I thought I'd uninstall it on my tablet and download the newer version app. Now I can't even find the official RC app in the Google Play Store. The only "official" RC app I found was in Korean. Fortunately, I didn't uninstall the one on my phone, but that one has not updated and I can't find anywhere to install the update. We sail tomorrow on Enchantment and I got an e-mail telling me to complete the health survey on the app. Well, I can't find the survey, and the app just keeps spinning and won't let me in to the check in section. Please, please RC, hire some IT people who know what they're doing! Every time you "improve" something it turns into a can of worms!
  8. I'm having problems with the app as well. I have an android phone but did not have an update notice. Checked in settings and there was nothing there either. I'm trying to find and complete the health survey for a cruise that leaves tomorrow. RC is abysmal when it comes to technology. Seems like every time the "improve" the website or app it turns into a can of worms.
  9. The Maritime Museum has much more to offer than just Titanic exhibits and memorabilia. It is an excellent museum and I learned alot about Halifax and the Canadian Maritimes on my several visits.
  10. So sorry about your misfortune. Even when you know it was result of weather that you just can't control, it's still a disappointment. I'm not trying to be offensive, but when you rebook, perhaps consider doing it outside hurricane season. There's usually a good chance that you'll be okay booking then, but there's always the chance that something like Ian happens and throws a monkey wrench into well made plans. Good luck with whatever you plan to do.
  11. Are masks still required inside the terminal at the port of Baltimore?
  12. I hope that you will stay safe from the storm. Good luck.
  13. RC apparently still hasn't "gotten the memo" so to speak. This is an automated e-mail and I expect that there will be a new one sent with the updated information, probably October 1st since that is the date the new protocol goes into effect. I'm on the same cruise with you. Also, don't bother calling RC. Their reps are usually the last to learn of new protocols and procedures. See you on October 6th.
  14. We will be arriving in St. John, NB on October 10th, which I believe is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Will anything be open?
  15. Bermuda is not tropical like the islands in the Caribbean. It is located about 700 miles east of Cape Hatteras, NC and while it will be warmer than NY weather it will not be summer-like in February. It will most likely be more early spring-like with temps in the mid 60's or so. Evenings will be cooler. Found this link. You may have to copy and paste in your browser. /www.bing.com/search?q=average+temperature+in+bermuda+in+february&form=ANNTH1&refig=5b4e115f56954d78a7369ca75d7a5077&sp=2&qs=SSA&pq=temperature+in+bermudain+feb&sk=PRES1SC1&sc=10-28&cvid=5b4e115f56954d78a7369ca75d7a5077
  16. I can drive to Baltimore in a couple hours to sail on Enchantment instead of flying or driving to Florida for newer ships. I also feel that the smaller ships have more "personality " than their newer larger sisters, and crew is more accessible.
  17. How big a deal must it have been if there hasn't been one post from someone who is actually on board the ship. We all know when something like this happens the boards light up like a Christmas treee with people posting pictures and information. IMO it's a great big NADA.
  18. My condolences on your loss. I really appreciate the detailed information you provided. I have been considering doing this with some of my late husband's ashes but didn't have a clue where to start. Thank you for taking the time to post.
  19. Glad you're in Bermuda today. Looks like Bermuda will be in the crosshairs of hurricane Fiona at the end of the week. Bermuda is one of my favorite places. Enjoy
  20. OMG!! What was your boarding time? I assume you got there late because of the traffic on I-95 (always a nightmare). I've sailed out of Baltimore dozens of times and fortunately never had a problem like you did. I'm glad you made it on board and hope you're having a great time.
  21. I think it depends on the mood of the restaurant manager. I've been able to do later days (paying for it on day 1 or 2) and have also been told a resounding NO!
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