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  1. Great review. Love how you had the waiter do the picks. Sea Food Shack make it your way? Alchemy Bar? So the2 Havana Bar bands better than the Amor Cubano? Or were they the live groups playing? We're most likely doing 4-5 nights of specialty dining, but definitely the 2 elegant nights and probably the 1st night will be the MDR. I'll keep your recs in mind. Love the chilled soups on other C ships. Thanks,
  2. crewsweeper

    Gingers Caribbean Grill

    TA reviews look great!! Saw a couple of cruiser reviews. Be mindful they close at 330 for a break between lunch service and dinner. Taxi will be best option unless doing a tour with independent guide. But your adventurous soul needs to check this place out!! (then I can head there in 2020, LOL)
  3. crewsweeper

    Skye Reef for snorkeling?

    Reviews and location support good snorkeling. I have been there but the Money Bar just before Skye Reef is a premier snorkeling place with small man made beach and iron shore.
  4. crewsweeper

    Motorized wheelchair beach access

    In Costa Maya, the malecon is hard surface, but don't believe any loungers are on hard surface. Best way to access the malecon for someone in a chair is by heading through the shopping area and then out the gate to the taxi stand. The captain at that stand can arrange for a van cab large enough for a chair. In the port complex itself, there is a pool and a small beach. Look at Blue Kay on the web. It is directly accessible by taxi and as a hotel may have walkways and cabanas that can accommodate a chair. Roatan will be tough. You'll dock in Coxen Hole. Beaches there don't really have paved access. Best to contact either Victor Bodden or Rony's Tours and arrange a tour of the island with maybe a stop at an accessible beach. If any, these guys will know and have vans for the chair. Cozumel has a Margaritaville right next to your pier.
  5. crewsweeper

    Chankanaab vs Dolphinaris

    Certainly more to do at Chank than at Dolphinaris. But I believe the dolphin and manatee swims are conducted through the cruise lines for Chank. $ will include admission to the park and use of it's facilities, many are paygo. Usually the cruise excursions offer an "observer" rate for those going along but not doing the event. Check the Carnival site.
  6. crewsweeper

    Belize City Tours and Guides

    US$ work. A City Tour and snorkeling are opposed to each other. Snorkeling needs to be done out on a caye which entails a separate excursion and most likely will take up your time in Belize. For snorkeling there are both ship excursions and private vendors like Coral Breeze. A number of threads on this board cover the subject. A city tour can last 2-4 hours depending on your stops (mostly museums) and how long you spend at each. Belize City is a working city not a tourist city. You can cover most of the tourist sites in the city via a taxi or walking. So chose one or the other City Tour or Snorkeling.
  7. crewsweeper

    Horizon Aft Havana Balcony - Premium Balcony??

    I would avoid Deck 9. Lido right above and while that section may be less noisy at night, if you sleep in, you'll begin to hear the deck chairs scraping in the early morning. Is deck 8 aft still Horizon designated? I thought that only extended up to deck 6. Deck 8 is 3 decks above the Horizon pool. And I don't think you'll hear the music from the night club that far up.
  8. crewsweeper

    A fantastic Restaurant in Old San Juan

    For a view and interesting atmosphere, look into Punto de Vista on the top of the Hotel Milano. It's on Calle Fortaleza near the corner of Calle Tanica, just a short walk from the cruise piers. If it's a hot day, though, Barrchinas, "home of the pina colada", or El Jarbaritos will satisfy your local atmosphere urges.
  9. crewsweeper

    Just off the Horizon

    Enjoy. Royal. If on your ship, try Vintages. Great tapas and a very nice wine selection both stand alone and for sharing varieties. Also 150 Central. Chops is good but didn't hold up to Carnival's Steakhouse, IMO. The Asian place is good, too. More traditional Japanese.
  10. I think they do that out of New York and Galveston due to state liquor laws. So purchases then are for 6 days instead of 7. Or one day shorter for shorter cruises. For the OP, isn't your Paradise itinerary only 4 days? And a couple of those days are port days? May not make a whole lot of $ense to spend nearly $60 per day for drinks for a 21 year old anyway. Just something to think about.
  11. crewsweeper

    Just off the Horizon

    laumicmah, Thank you for your review. Some well worth heeding advice too. We're sailing along with jem77bfp in January and are NOT planning on going to the MDR many nights even though we have seated dining. DW likes to go the 1t night and the 2 elegant nights ( or which ever night has the grand marnier soufflé). I' pretty sure we'll rarely venture above deck 5, except for JiJis and Cucina, as we're in a Havana cabin. I've heard both good and spotty on the Havana deck bar, can you opine? On an early cruise on the Vista, the Havana deck area had Cuban coffee and some breakfast items. I hear these aren't available on the Horizon and may no longer be on the Vista. Did you see any menus on the Havana deck. Probably no need to go up to the Serenity deck, if on the Havana deck, but the Vista's Serenity had great salad bars at lunch on sea days. And I enjoyed the lobster rolls at the Seafood Shack. Grand Turk appears to be rapidly becoming a "Been There, Got the Tee" kind of port. Really a bit sad as at one time there were a number of spots along the beach between Margaritaville and Jacks, plus Governors Beach had some limited facilities. All gone now. Debarkation seems to get to everyone. You either don't want to get off and they seem to rush you to long lines; or if you do it seems to take forever because everyone else is rushing off too. We're trying an off port parking site this time, 2/3rds the cost of port parking. Not sure how it will go.
  12. crewsweeper

    Cigars for sales in Roatan ?

    Both ports have kiosks that have Honduran cigars. Some hand rolled. YabaDing Ding in Coxen Hole has cigars. Penelope's Emporium in West Bay has cigars. There used to be a Frank's Cigar Store as well, haven't heard much about it of late. Do be careful if looking for Cubans. There is no LCDH (official Cuban franchisee) on Roatan. Do your research on what the official label/certificate/seal looks like so you don't get taken.
  13. crewsweeper

    Mahogany Bay Zipline at Carnival Port

    here's the link to Clip N Zip. http://www.clipnziproatan.com/en/schedule-location.html They are on FB as well if you want to see latest info or ask questions. Clip-N-Zip-Roatan
  14. crewsweeper

    Cenotes & Turtle Cove Cozumel ????

    We did this back in January. Turtles were absent, water a bit rough. Lunch on a beach was windy, but the food was excellent. The Cenotes were fabulous, the guides were fantastic. They give you wet suits to wear, you'll need them. And your tour will probably be the only ones there, so only as crowded as the tour.
  15. crewsweeper

    Yaya/Barefoot/Los Arrecifes advice?

    IMO, you can't go wrong staying with Tropicante. Yaya's is a good second choice. And their "sister" club, Pitaya has a few more amenities but is a bit more expensive on their packages. I think both Barefoot and Los Arrecifies accommodate cruise excursions from either ships or Shore Excursioner so they could be a bit more crowded if more than 1 ship is on port. Beach massages are generally ala carte and run around USD20 for 1/2 hour. At one time Pez Quadro had the better masseuses, and before that El Faro's upstairs. But with newer clubs opening over the past few years and and all clubs offering beach massages, these ladies move around. Most are trained or have long experience, so you'll get a good relaxing massage where ever you end up.