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  1. Masks have been a hospital go-to for years/decades as a means of preventing the spread of respiratory viruses and bacteria. However, they subsequently determined COVID 19 was not similar to flu or even SARS, for which masks worked well. Rather it is an aerosol and the spray is finer, travels further and gets through the holes in most masks. But they don't have a better idea or means of protection from the airborne transmittal. Once every grandmother and sewing machine in the country started churning out masks from web designs, they went along with wear masks. So basically, they're still
  2. We all grouse about mask wearing and social distancing. Does it work or not? Actual data and studies are inconclusive. Well the Good Dr said they do and, thus until the Good Dr changes his mind or stops pulling non-answers out of the air, we're stuck in the wear mask/social distance mode. Albeit washing hands and face frequently are probably the way to go. I'm getting used to masks. Just change them frequently. 2-3 always in the laundry basket. So on board a ship, as long as there are areas to take a mask off for a while, I'll be fine.
  3. I was going to say the same thing. Travel restrictions for US based vacationers to Europe are still in place on both sides of the Big Pond. Someone living in DC should know that.
  4. I could have read wrong, but I thought Loft 19 for Suite passengers was on a first come first served basis and that only non-Suite passengers paid extra, if available. From Website: Loft 19 You don’t need to choose between a vacation that’s fun and one that’s indulgent. Loft 19™ is proof: a retreat-style experience right there on your cruise. Soak up the sun all day from the comfort of a lounge chair or Loft 19’s own infinity whirlpool, or opt for private time in the shade by renting a cabana. Just a few are available, so reserve yours early — for the day or for the
  5. Just reacting to Thread Title: If DeSantis doesn't have authority and CDC decides to not permit cruising out of FL, there's no other Gov. outside the possibly of Abbott in TX, who has more pressing border issues, who would allow cruising, Not John Bell Edwards, not McMaster and certainly not Cuomo, Islee or Newsom.
  6. Oh so, the container ships that bring all the imported items you buy at Walmart and Costco and Target aren't polluters? More of them than cruise ships and they are still sailing. As for COVID Infection hubs, the the notable exception of the Princess Cruise Lines early on--the Diamond Princess, Grand Princess and Ruby Princess--none of the other cruise ships have had many cases relative to total passengers and crew and very few, if any deaths. Diamond Princess had 712 cases and14 deaths out of 3,711. Ruby Princess had 852 cases and 28 deaths out of 3800 on board and Grand Princess had 12
  7. These studies were done in many instances prior to a vaccine being developed. They are , if you read carefully full of "coulds, "mights", etc. and many are inconclusive. Some were based on "models" which we now are aware that medical modeling is far from accurate. But basically these are observational studies on limited numbers of people and say that an inflected person is less likely to spread own aerosols wearing a mask and don't give the same conclusion on non-infected persons wearing masks and not catching. Thus, not definitive, relying on Hope versus true data. The authors also point
  8. Only until Dr. F. no longer get paid to be on TV.
  9. But that's what he says. Sorry if you don't get the sarcasm. Look, in truth, as much as I and others buck against the mask mandates and other overly cautious things that haven't really stopped the spread of COVID, wearing a mask (or2 or 4) on a ship and the attention to sanitizing everything often on cruise ship will have other positive health things like reduce the Noro and flu infections on board. So we may not like to wear masks and practicing social distance on a ship is a challenge, if we cruise we'll follow the rules.
  10. Welcome home. Glad you made a safe return, even with the ankle.
  11. I would guess anything like that big of a project, with no cruises coming, the time line would get extended. at least a year or longer. No mega ships scheduled to come into Cozumel thus far. So other things need to happen before "Field of Dreams" becomes real.
  12. Well, despite being asked for scientific evidence that masks work and giving no answer, Dr. F. says even vaccinated wear 2 masks. Even though the CDC says vaccinated people don't spread COVID and it's okay to mingle, Dr. F. says wear 2 masks and prepare for surge #4. Even though areas with very strict lockdowns has just as many cases as those more open (COVID is APOLITICAL) , Dr. F. says wear two masks and stay inside with the germs in the air. So as long as Dr. F. says wear 2 masks, cruise lines will require masks.
  13. The Wagner family started and own Caymus back in the 70s. Vineyard has a nice tour if you're every up in that part of Napa.
  14. Yes the News Team at CBS has drifted to more bias vs the old days, especially 60 Minutes trying to hang on to audience as Millientals and Gen Z ers desert mass media for steaming.. However, that doesn't mean that all stories out of CBS News are bogus. The one on Morgan was just 1 man's opine.
  15. We usually just explore Willemstad when in Curacao. Good alt to getting over-beached. But Blue Bay Beach and Cas Abou are a couple of the best beaches you'll find with the amenities you seek.
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