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  1. Thanks for sharing your cruise. Great pictures. Waiting to hear your take on the ports. Glad your meals in MDR were good. After our Oasis cruise, we've decided that there are enough options for us to avoid the MDR altogether. Nice info on shows. We're Woodstock generation ( buut not attendees; probably 2 out of a handful that didn't go, LOL) so lack of current tunes won't be an issue for us.
  2. You might also want to look at Maya Key. Short water taxi type ride from Coxen Hole Animals and small beach. Ship Excursion only as is Gumbalinda Park, which is also a good choice. Any of the private vendors like Rony or Victor Bodden can set up a private tour for you, and you can spend as little or as long at the beach as you want.
  3. I thought at one time I saw a dufry liquor store in the port area on your right as you pass under the entranceway. Not sure if they let you carry it back to the ship or if they send it to the ship and the ship gives it to you when you return to the home port. There is/was a liquor store just outside the port in Nuevo Mahahual. Not sure what they carry. Down on the malecon in Mahahual, Tropicante has Mexican craft beer and artisanal tequila, maybe even the craft whiskey (hooch) distilled in Chetumal. There's a small store one street inland from the beach that carries beer. Not sure about wine at any of these places.
  4. You will most likely dock at the pier. Check cruisetimetables.com and cruisett. com websites and see how many ships are in port that day. Then most likely the largest ship will dock and other tender, or if similar size, the earliest arrival dock and the later one(s) tender.
  5. The Taxi Association used to publish their rates. Guess you have to contact them now. http://taxistmaarten.com/zones-rates/
  6. Uxmal and Dzibilchaltun are both close to Merida and Progresso. Uxmal is a UNESCO World Heritage site , Lots of great photo opportunities.
  7. 2 different plantations in growing and processing: Doka Estates is one of the largest plantations growing both coffee and sugarcane. It's on the slopes of a volcano. Espiritu is a smaller plantation outside of San Jose. Probably a bit more intense and they will show you how ticos brew coffee. I think independent tour operators offer a tour of Finca Rosa Blanca which is a much smaller boutique operation. Harvest season is in the mid-late fall into early winter and they do let you pick beans if harvesting. May want to search. Just remember your ship is probably an hour and a 1/2 + from any of these places. So include that travel time in your planning.
  8. DW just heard of the Connie's Panama Canal cruise in 2021 out of Tampa. We're starting to research. For those who have been on board, what is the difference between a C1 and a C2 stateroom? Like the perks in the Aqua Class, but not fond of Deck 11 aft over the restaurant and bar and under the sports courts. If this area is reasonably quiet though, might be an option. Thanks for any assist.
  9. But be aware that trails in El Yunque are closed until December 2020, as I recall. Ellis or other guides can give you the update as to what they can or cannot do in the meantime.
  10. Jaime's on RCCL is NOT the same as Jaime Oliver's on land. "Captive" demographic versus review driven dining and competition from other Italian restaurants in the area. RCCL signed a contract for use of the name. Once that contract expires, they could or could not look to renew. Only a couple of years ago these were all Giovanni's. As far as Keto and Italian, you need to get your mind out of the Chef-Bo-Ardi spaghetti mode. There are a lot of Keto type options in Italian/ Mediterranean cuisine. Of course if you follow a Mediterranean diet, you would not need to shift to the extreme stuff ( just My opine).
  11. That's one way to look at it. Plus in the mean time you get a few $ in dividend. If you have the extra $ to buy, want the benefits, and it is a small portion of your equity assets, you'll be fine holding for a long term, regardless of price.
  12. Salt does terrible things to paint and steel. One wonders why over the years, a better paint hasn't been developed. In the Navy over 40 years ago, we were always chipping and scrapping and re painting areas of the ship. On return from a relatively short deployment, the outside of the ship would be encrusted with salt. Didn't make our ship a rust bucket, just the effects of being at sea.
  13. On the Oasis we enjoyed the Solarium at because it wasn't crowded. And yes, the food is served buffet style but we liked it better than the MDR. Luv2teachandcruise, your itinerary is the same as ours will be next year. So enjoying your thoughts on the ports. Glad they cleaned your cabin and hope you made good use of the OBC.
  14. Can't answer all your questions as haven't been there yet. But according to cruisetimetables, 2 ships-- Empress of the Seas and navigator of the Seas will be in port on 8/31/19. Both scheduled to arrive at 8 in the morning. And according to some July posts South Beach is closed until December 2019.
  15. Flat ground. Royal Walther has a large lot shopping area so that might be considered too far where the busses are. The second smaller tender pier they make you walk to the bus lot on the other side of Royal Walther. But I think you can catch a taxi right there. Ask you tour provider if they have wheel chairs available.
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