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  1. crewsweeper

    Rony's vs. Victor Bodden tours

    I believe that Rony has more of a tilt to schools and orphanage visits for those wishing to donate good or $. Plus his drivers were among the first to go to Daniel's Sloth Farm, although I think Victor's driver can now go there too. IMO Rony is more flexible in stops on his the "freestyle tour". Victor's Island tour is good though. Rony has lower priced tours t specific beaches like Parrot Tree Plantation , Paradise Beach, Las Palmas, et.al.. Victor does have all his drivers stop at his place with monkeys and cashew nut wine (skip unless Thunderbird or Wild Irish Rose is your beverage of choice). Victor also has a zipline. Rony has tours to Pirates of the Caribbean and SouthShore Canopy for zipline adventures.
  2. crewsweeper

    ATV in Costa Maya

    Island Marketing offers one. https://costamayacruiseexcursions.com/excursion/costa-maya-atv-excursion/ But you need to contact them to see if it's the same excursion that's sold out. Tequila Beach has had them in the past but heard they stopped with tours but offer carts for individual use. https://tequilabeachtours.com/
  3. crewsweeper

    Pressing a suit

    But packing a suit correctly to begin with and adding a small bottle of Downy Wrinkly Release will save you the hassle and $12-$14. Additionally, no one on the ship is going to laugh, frown, or diss you for a few small wrinkles.
  4. crewsweeper

    Warning that bears repeating

    Always a good reminder. Hoping the young lady is doing okay once back on the ship.
  5. crewsweeper

    Best beach club for wheelchair guest

    See this thread.
  6. crewsweeper

    Just Want The Beach

    West End is your best bet then. Beach and shopping,strolling and restaurants. West Bay has beaches with restaurants but not the shopping. Taxi is probably easiest going, and hardest coming back. So perhaps contact Victor Bodden or Rony and arrange for a driver with a flexible schedule, then you can decide as you go. Maybe drop some folks off at West Bay, others at West End,others touring the island if beached out. and meet up somewhere later with the driver,
  7. crewsweeper

    Just Want The Beach

    While I agree with Guest 2000, in heading to West Bay/West End is best from Coxen Hole. I do recall that there was a recent development of a small beach resort next to the port in Coxen Hole with a flying chair/zip line from the port to the resort. Forgot the name and can't find the link. But if you plan on taking a taxi to West Bay/West End, you might want to see if this place is still there and suits you needs.
  8. crewsweeper

    which beach club has volleyball?

    I think Carlos n Charlie's has everything you're looking for. http://www.carlosncharliesbeachclub.com/eng/activities.html
  9. crewsweeper

    Easy to access RUINS in Cozumel, Belize City or Costa Maya?

    Not the best set of ruins, but San Gervasio on Cozumel is very accessible. 20 minute taxi ride from pier, or book an island tour with driver for the day through Tours Plaza. 30-40 minutes on site. In Belize, the Altun Ha ruins are about 50 minutes away. Better than San Gervasio. Grounds have pathways and short grass fields. You can climb if you want to. but don't need to do so. You can view these and the small museum inside an hour, if you don't climb. Book an excursion via a private vendor, with a return stop at Travellers Heritage Center/One Barrel rum or a nice lunch by the ocean at Belamari's in Buttonwood Bay near the original colorful Belize sign. Both are near each other and on the way back to the cruise port.
  10. crewsweeper

    Horizon Prioty

    ^^What my maple leaf frienemy says(Habs fan here). however, It's an easy boarding to Havana Cabins and the Pig and Anchor is right there. No need to hustle up to the crowded Lido. Nothing is going to disappear, nor will you miss out on anything by not being the first group to board.
  11. Great review. Love how you had the waiter do the picks. Sea Food Shack make it your way? Alchemy Bar? So the2 Havana Bar bands better than the Amor Cubano? Or were they the live groups playing? We're most likely doing 4-5 nights of specialty dining, but definitely the 2 elegant nights and probably the 1st night will be the MDR. I'll keep your recs in mind. Love the chilled soups on other C ships. Thanks,
  12. crewsweeper

    Gingers Caribbean Grill

    TA reviews look great!! Saw a couple of cruiser reviews. Be mindful they close at 330 for a break between lunch service and dinner. Taxi will be best option unless doing a tour with independent guide. But your adventurous soul needs to check this place out!! (then I can head there in 2020, LOL)
  13. crewsweeper

    Skye Reef for snorkeling?

    Reviews and location support good snorkeling. I have been there but the Money Bar just before Skye Reef is a premier snorkeling place with small man made beach and iron shore.
  14. crewsweeper

    Motorized wheelchair beach access

    In Costa Maya, the malecon is hard surface, but don't believe any loungers are on hard surface. Best way to access the malecon for someone in a chair is by heading through the shopping area and then out the gate to the taxi stand. The captain at that stand can arrange for a van cab large enough for a chair. In the port complex itself, there is a pool and a small beach. Look at Blue Kay on the web. It is directly accessible by taxi and as a hotel may have walkways and cabanas that can accommodate a chair. Roatan will be tough. You'll dock in Coxen Hole. Beaches there don't really have paved access. Best to contact either Victor Bodden or Rony's Tours and arrange a tour of the island with maybe a stop at an accessible beach. If any, these guys will know and have vans for the chair. Cozumel has a Margaritaville right next to your pier.
  15. crewsweeper

    Chankanaab vs Dolphinaris

    Certainly more to do at Chank than at Dolphinaris. But I believe the dolphin and manatee swims are conducted through the cruise lines for Chank. $ will include admission to the park and use of it's facilities, many are paygo. Usually the cruise excursions offer an "observer" rate for those going along but not doing the event. Check the Carnival site.