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  1. Can't answer all your questions as it's been a while, but the shore excursioner tour was around 4 hours and an hour of that was travel time to and from. As the whole tour group is together, you can't just turn around and head back, unless probably your group is the entire tour group. Not a large boat. The place is(was) basically a spit of sand with a dock and an open air pavilion, couple of picnic tables. They sold soda, water, Beliken beer and BBQ sammies. Don't think it's changed that much since except maybe some storms have reduced the sand area. Adding: the snorkeling is great though, especially for novice snorkelers.
  2. Any of the West Bay beaches will have coral starting near shore (within 50 yards). Look at any reviews here for Bananarama, Beachers, Infinity Bay, Paradise Beach, etc. Ship excursions to Tabayana beach are in the same general location. I would suggest, however, that once there look into a small boat to take you further out or up off the West end. Less crowded and good shallow water.
  3. That's a boardwalk balcony, correct? You've got cabins below and above. Down on deck 8, you're "over" Chops. So you may get ambient noise from the people walking through Central Park, or at Trellis Bar if they have music. But it should be muted.
  4. We think it's worth it. While you miss having a lanai, you have a great, relatively quiet separate deck with loungers and clam shells and couches. 2 hot tubs, a small pool. an outside bar. No need to go up to Lido. No need to fight for a lounger on the Serenity deck. You are on deck 5, near the ocean plaza (breakfast buffet), coffee bar, and specialty restaurants.
  5. Yes. Just get a secure strap for your camera to use when you are at the site. And outside of extra water, snacks, and $, I wouldn't carry anything of value or lots of stuff. small day pack should be sufficient for needs on the bus.
  6. If you liked the ABC islands, doing them again, on the Horizon would be my choice. While Half Moon Cay is nice, coupled with Grand Turk it's back to back beach days. And Margaritaville or Jacks Shack on GT can be expensive, plus you have to wrestle with vendors attempting to gouge you for a lounger at the front of the beach.
  7. Thanks c-legs5. Yes that's the place. Haven't been there either but TA shows reviews from Feb of this year so must be open.
  8. 50/50. flip a coin. Almaplena is further south than Maya Chan. Unfortunately, as ransrider has said, neither rare good for snorkeling. Both have sandy bottoms. Either are great for relaxing, and service though.
  9. crewsweeper

    Harvest Caye

    Opened yesterday. At the Serenity Beach Resort, a 1/4 mile north of the airstrip.
  10. No BlueKay/Nachos is not the #2 in the comments. But as I understand, and again this is from the perspective of a club owner who does live there, the absentee owner of both properties and several others along the malecon, is the same. Management is supposedly different but I have heard they switch personnel around a bit. I think the beach at Blue Kay/Nachos is the better beach area south of the lighthouse. Plus it is isolated some what from the main malecon. The main malecon beach can be okay, but sandy bottom gets churned a bit with boat traffic and it is very shallow. Clubs tend to run next to each other so can be hard to distinguish if unfamiliar. Coral structure is minimal at Blue Kay/Nachos and non-existent elsewhere. Best coral structure from shore is up at Uvero Beach, a bus ride north of the cruise port which requires a ship excursion to visit. However, you can arrange a snorkeling excursion offshore with one of the dive shops. Not far off shore is the northern section of the great barrier reef that goes past Belize. The Chinchorro Banks are only about 19 miles off shore, but depth may not make snorkeling an option. Doctor Dive, Nomad Divers, Mahahual Dive Shop have good reps, PADI certified and good crews.
  11. I need to go back and look. But I thought we did it online and they sent and email confirmation. May have paid deposit via PayPal then rest we paid at the venue (cash). And yes it's a legit company. Did you use this site? https://trikes-aruba.com/ Can you link to the contact page? email is info@trikes-aruba.com phone is 011.297.738.7453
  12. My suggestion is to avoid. Starts late and runs long. But do the zip line, the ice show, the aqua show, 150 Central, Vintages, Park Café (especially on boarding), rising tide bar (one drink). For lunch do Izumi and Chops. Avoid Giovanni's unless they have changed to Olivers. Solarium for dinner versus MDR!! Realize that's more than 5 but so much on this ship and I'm forgetting 1/2 of it.
  13. On our 8 day in January, elegant nights were Sunday (2nd day) and Thursday (first sea day after Aruba).
  14. crewsweeper

    Harvest Caye

    For those wishing to get off the fake island and take the ferry to Placencia and would like an alternative to the Beliken beers, there's a craft brewery opening next month I believe, called "HOBBS". On the beach from pictures. I'll see if I can get more details from friends who travel there.
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