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  1. While this makes some sense, Carnival might also be holding the cabins booked prior to removal from website to reduce passenger count. I seem to recall somewhere in these 245+ posts that many of the people booking the original early cruises hopped over to those in late November and December. So to the extent that their bookings filled up the ship as much as Carnival wished to handle, the cruises not currently showing on the website for booking may not ever show up for new bookings. Since all the posts about these cruises are mostly speculation based on past experience, we all need to wait and see.
  2. You understand, of course that a vaccine is a preventative measure, not a cure. A flu vaccine, for example, only prevents about 44% of the flu cases. (Note this is an example, not a comparison of the annual flu to COVID19.) And since MOST people contracting COVID 19 have mild or less severe cases many of the 330 million Americans will forgo a vaccine. Only 1/2 the population even got a flu vaccine.
  3. In the US, we're dealing with a high frequency low severity (death rate type of disease. Most cases are mild. Many people are asymptomatic. As testing ramps up there are more positives registered but relative to tests a low inflection rate. We know that social distancing worked early on, we know masks are a good thing in closed or crowded spaces. We don't know how the opening up of the country and the recent mass protests will affect us virus wise. We don't know if there will be a second wave. But we do know that hospitals now are able to handle that wave. Cruise lines, like businesses opening up, can only do so much. But as others have said, the CDC, will determine to level of quarantine on cruise ships if needed. Unless there is daily testing with quick results, I doubt many cruisers will know if they have been infected until after the cruise. And if you are infected, cruise and come home then find out you have COVID19, you're probably past the major period where you can inflect others.
  4. Volunteer to be the IceBerg Lookout and then enjoy the ride.
  5. Just now seeing this. My BIL and I did this back in 2012, along with a guy off our roll call. But all 3 of us are off-shore sailors and I have had 12 meter sailing "experience"--not racing but onboard for practice runs with America 3--a totally different experience from this excursion. Most of the people with us had little or no sailing experience. While given "assignments", they mostly just enjoyed the ride. There are at least 2 "races" between the boats. On the up wind leg the leeward side can drag in the water if the wind is strong. But downwind legs it's pretty smooth. You are inside the bay, but I would guess if the water is too choppy, they would cancel. But this is NOT a leisurely sunset sail type of an excursion.
  6. Cruise Planner is on ship time. Thus if your excursion is a ship sponsored excursion, your scheduled times are ship time.
  7. IMO, The spas on the Vista and Horizon--and as a sister ship I would say the Panorama as well--are not the same type of spas as on the Dream class ships. For privacy, less crowded pools, etc. Havana cabins win hands down. Rebook a Havana for the Panorama.
  8. I think this is something offered out of Bohio Resort. That is a great beach and good snorkeling. Staying guests say the restaurant is good. Taxi is $8 pp each way. http://www.grandturkcc.com/island-information/taxi-information.aspx
  9. Agree with Stevea36, but still double check with your tour provider. Some will state they are on Island Time in some ports. however, 7AM ship is 8AM SXM and 3:30P SXM is 2:30P ship. So you should be good. Plus the port is a short walk to Phillipsburg.
  10. If all the panicking worry worts would just look at this thread, you'd see that the Mardi Gras is progressing nicely and any delay would be due to COVID 19 rebound not shipyard delay.
  11. Vaccines won't be available for general public until sometime in 2021, probably around this time of year. While they are making good progress in developing a vaccine, it takes time to test and analyze it's effectiveness then to produce enough to cover the general population.
  12. The drag deck plans indeed show you are under the back of the men's locker room under the sauna and the relax rooms. There is a small blank space that could be either the yoga room or spin room next to the men's locker room. But you should be ok as far as noise. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/dragdeck.php?ship=Carnival-Panorama&zoom=1
  13. Hey Jimbo, is 1/23/21 just your sailing or the first sailing you are seeing scheduled? Curious as I'm on the cruise behind you. I've looked at the deck plans and the artist mockup of various bars and venues. And while it looks like Shipbound2 is correct about no dance room in the Havana bar based on artist mock, I do note that there is a parquet floor under several tables. Since artist mockups show only a portion of a venue at an angle, not the entire venue, and since most try to display adequate seating, I think we'll see several dance areas on the ship. And as far as I can tell, these deck plans are or are close to the originally released deck plans, so final ship layout might change.
  14. Taxi information here. https://roatan.online/taxi-rates Carnival docks at Mahogany Bay. There's a beach right there. 5 minute walk. Not the best on the island, but just to let you know it's there. The ship will most likely have an excursion that goes to Tabayana Beach. It's on West Bay and the entire stretch of West Bay is open. Great shore snorkeling.
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