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  1. crewsweeper

    Bar To Watch the Women's World Cup At???

    There are 2 bars in the Port complex that may have TVs. Neither is a sports bar per se. I'd be doubtful they would show that game, though. Sports Networks are different in mexico. Email Steve Uhl at Tropicante and ask if he has a TV or knows some nearby bar with a TV that might show the game. steveuhl@sandalsandskis.com
  2. crewsweeper

    Just the 2 of us and don't know what to do, ideas anyone

    The hotel you cite is about an hour plus away from the tender pier. You'll need a taxi and arrange for pick up to return. It is NOT near a beach. Nothing like Cozumel in Belize City`. There are a couple of hotels within walking distance of the tender pier that may still offer day passes. They have pools only, no beach access. But otherwise you'll need an excursion to one of the cayes, like you did last time.
  3. crewsweeper

    Carnival Dream spa cabin 12201

    By the pictures this looks to be a handicap cabin. Did you book as such?
  4. crewsweeper

    Cheers cost analysis

    But if on boarding you change to have both you and your wife in the same cabin, you could be charged for both. I would buy Cheers in advance while you are still the only >21 person in the cabin.
  5. crewsweeper

    Scuba Diving

    Contact Sea Sports. Very close to tender pier. Small groups. http://www.seasportsbelize.com/
  6. crewsweeper

    Miami parking

    Posters on the Florida Departures Board will most likely recommend sucking it up and paying for parking at the port, unless the hotel you stay at has a park and cruise option. Others say park at the long term parking at MIA and Uber/Lyft?taxi to and from port. Of the 2 parking services I know of downtown, SafeCruiseParkiing (which also operating in FLL) gets the better reviews, with most complaints being about slow shuttle service. The parking is in an uncovered lot but secured, and if you get there early enough you park your own vehicle. Premier Parking has a garage. However, you leave the keys with them. Sometimes they just place the keys on top of one of your rear wheels although they are supposed to put them in a valet box. Again, shuttle service can be slow.
  7. crewsweeper

    West End or West Bay

    You''ll dock in Coxen Hole. For a minibus you need to exit the port and head toward town. Aout a 1/4 mile down you'll see Eldon's and the Hotel Coral. Turn left and head to the Super Mercado, which is where the Ruta #2 mini buses for West End start. Drivers will accept US$ but if you want lempiras, just go into the Mercado and buy something hand them $5 and they'll give you change in lempiras.
  8. crewsweeper

    Horizon Movies for December ?

    From John Heald: Grinch; Fantastic Beasts; Overloard in IMax And I think the Dive In Movies for the Fleet are: Oceans8; Skyscraper; Mission Impossible Fallout; Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom; Rampage; Solo; MamaMia Here We Go Again; Alpha; Uncle Drew; Crazy Rich Asians; Avengers Infinity War; AntMan and Wasp; Christopher Robin; Incredibles 2; Equalizer 2. Those may be Novembers, though.
  9. crewsweeper

    Beach Wheel Chairs Now at Mr Sanchos

    To anyone with mobility issues, Mr. Sanchos now has beach sand wheel chairs for rent. Don't have a picture, but they are 4 wheelers, balloon tires, blue webbing for seating and look like the ones on Amazon by Field Outdoors.
  10. crewsweeper

    Beer Station on CCL Miracle

    And that includes 50% foam.
  11. crewsweeper

    Beach Escape Beach Club?

    Thanks for the sharp glasses. I saw that video link on a search but passed it over because it was labeled Jungle Beach Break which has been used as an excursion name by cruise lines in the past. That is the pier by Tequila Beach so that must be the pool at old Sr. Frogs.
  12. crewsweeper

    Beach Escape Beach Club?

    The description on the Royal Caribbean site doesn't mention a pool. Rather generic. But does say the north side of the beach is quieter, which would lend itself to being up toward Blue Kay. And does say "private", so not just a stop at places along the malecon like Barefoot Beach where some excursions go. But many excursions use the wording "beach club" as a generic description in order to prevent cruisers from reaching out to the club itself and booking on their own. Do note that food is extra.
  13. crewsweeper

    mini-bike or scooter rentals in Aruba

    Realizing that with a scooter you are on your own , but look into the excursions offered by Trikes Aruba. It is a way to assist in getting around the island and traffic. https://trikes-aruba.com/ That said, Georges Motorcycles in Oranjestad has a good reputation. http://www.georgecycles.com/
  14. In a Havana cabin, you will be somewhat isolated from the hoi polloi. No children allowed until after 7P. And probably too expensive for college students. You are on the 6-day which is a reasonable cruise time wise for families during spring breaks. Spring breaks do vary from school district to school district and college to college. So unless you plan on spending an inordinate amount of time up on the Lido deck or Serenity deck, the ship will not be any more crowded than it was on any summer sailing.
  15. crewsweeper

    Uvero Beach

    There's a tram at the Port that goes to the malecon/beaches in Mahahual. You can get off and walk along the malecon. Find a beach club to your liking, not one that has guys out hawking loungers is preferable. Snorkeling isn't as good as Uvero but if you just want a beach, you are fine. Most beach clubs do not charge for loungers but ask for you to purchase food and drink. Very reasonably priced and very good food at several of these. See the threads below. Taxis are very safe in Costa Maya. If you walk out of the cruise Port parking area, you'll see a taxi stand. Ask for Captain Charlie. He'll take care of you. Whether taxi or tram, you'll need a taxi to return. Used to be $3 down and $2 back per person. But I hear it went up a $1 or two. Even so, you'll probably spend less than on a ship excursion.