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  1. crewsweeper

    Mobility issues, wheelchair, pool, day pass?

    In San Juan you are a taxi ride to the nearest beaches from the cruise piers. Try these sites for some ideas: https://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/2014/07/31/wheelchair-accessible-san-juan/ https://www.accessiblecaribbeanvacations.com/san-juan-puerto-rico-disabled-access#.XBQMCWqWxHg http://globalaccessibilitynews.com/2012/02/08/new-accessibility-guide-to-old-san-juan-puerto-rico/
  2. crewsweeper

    Free wifi at the port?

    There's a Starbucks in port? Must be new. Thought Playa del Carmen was as far south as they went. Karlita's Coffe along the malecon has wifi. Much better local coffee than Starbucks.
  3. crewsweeper

    Zip Line

    Yes. Clip n Zip is right on the other side of the shopping area. Easy to get to. Other information can be found here. http://www.clipnziproatan.com/en/index.html
  4. crewsweeper

    Do I need a reservation for a Monkey River Tour?

    Unless the ship has a tour, you're probably SOL.
  5. crewsweeper

    Romaine Lettuce

    And it's back in stock now. Look up the reports on FDA or CDC websites.
  6. crewsweeper

    Best beach?

    Go to Tropicante. www.sandalsandskis.com Anywhere along the malecon you are going to be requested to buy something to drink or food to eat in order to use a lounger at that facility. The folks at Tropicante do not stand along the malecon and attempt to lure you into their beach area. The food and drink are very reasonably priced. service is very good. Or hang out at the port's small "beach" and be forced to pay double for anything.
  7. crewsweeper

    Romaine Lettuce

    I believe the "epidemic" was over by the end of June. Growing season in the areas where the tainted lettuce came from ending in April. No tainted romaine is on the market. I realize we only recently heard about this after 5 people died. But in 36 states, only 210 people were ever diagnosed with the e coli strain. 96 developed kidney failure. for a country with a population the size of the United states, those are extremely small numbers.
  8. crewsweeper


    If RCCL offers an excursion to Tulum, go that way. You can reach the ruins independently but using the public ferries and taxis or collectivos to get there can be a little tricky and potential delays. The caveat with any tour while on a cruise is that you'll spend more time traveling to and from than at the ruins. IMO, your best option to see Tulum is via a land based vacation staying in either Playa del Carmen or in Cancun. And there are hotels near Tulum as well. You will then have ample time see the ruins at your leisure and also, if interested, take in the ruins at Coba which are much more substantial.
  9. crewsweeper

    Sand Dunes

    check out ABC Tours, Road Runner or Trikes Aruba. https://abc-aruba.com/ http://www.arubaatv.com/index.html https://trikes-aruba.com/
  10. crewsweeper

    Horizon December 15 Questions

    Too bad there's not a Keurig machine where you can carry on Black Rifle Rounds. But wondering if the expresso machine has pods or pre-measured servings or if you ladle out your own? And agree on *$$ as that's what is used now at the coffee kiosk, not Lavazza.
  11. crewsweeper

    Horizon December 15 Questions

    Just a reminder that your 11:30 AM time is NOT your boarding time. That is your check in time at the terminal. Once checked in you will board by zone number unless you are diamond/platinum, or have FTTF whenever the ship is cleared to allow passengers to board. Not sure if Family Harbor falls under early boarding privileges. Not a bad thought to lounge by the pool, but the Lido deck and pool will be crowded as people come on board and head tot eh Lido for food and drink. I suggest you get your protein jones taken care of at the Pig n Anchor on deck 5. BBQ. Chicken. flights of craft beer. Salads.
  12. crewsweeper

    Havana Rooms?

    5201 on the Vista is the first Havana balcony in from the plaza bar area on the starboard side. Back of aft elevators across the passage way from you. Crew space for Plaza bar on one side. Cabins above and the ladies room for the Limelight theater below you. Have fun.
  13. crewsweeper

    Havana Rooms?

    For Havana Interiors on Deck 5 you do need to make sure they are back of the Havana Bar bandstand if you go to bed early. You can hear the band. so look at cabins with numbers lower than 5220. On deck 7 the two interiors closest to the aft balcony cabins are Havana Interiors. 7448 and 7457. I'd look into those.
  14. crewsweeper

    Cheers cost analysis

    That's what I thought you meant, but others might assume differently. However, if cruisers have 8 drinks from lunch to before dinner, not sure if many would be eating or missing dinner by "napping". And 15 drinks in a day is a LOT of alcohol for the body to process. So, I'm not dissing those who can drink 90-120 alcoholic drinks in 6-8 days and still "enjoy" a cruise. But for many even a one more than breakeven of 30-50 drinks on a cruise is too much.
  15. crewsweeper

    Carnival Cruise - Day in Mahogany Bay with 2 year old!?

    Unless you do a ship excursion, best to hang at Mahogany Bay. Beach right there. To access the transportation for a private excursion, you need to walk up the embankment from the pier to the exit from the shopping complex and then over the "hill" to outside the main gate for the port. That said, either a Rony Tour or Victor Bodden tour to see the sloths and monkeys and then some time on a West Bay beach would be good excursions to consider. Information is on these boards. But you can google and find their websites and pricing and make reservations.