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  1. timbs32

    Ventura 2 day mini cruise to Guernsey

    I went to Guernsey a couple of month's ago and couldn't dock :( which resulted in an extra sea day
  2. timbs32

    Mysterious Charges After Cruise

    Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I was billed £3.50. Called to query and was told that this was 'cabin services' I did not touch the minibar, disputed this amount and they did refund it easily enough. At the start of the cruise, I did notice however that there were some items detailed on the mini bar price list but missing from the fridge....chocolate if I remember correctly. It makes me wonder if the cabin steward did not accurately keep a record of the contents and that we were charged for these missing items.
  3. timbs32

    New show Astonishi

    I was on Ventura a couple of weeks ago for a 7 night Cruise and Astonishing was shown. No you can't book tickets but it was very popular and I recommend getting to the theatre about 10 mins before it opens and joining the queue. We ending up going early just by chance and I am glad we did as within 10 mins of the theatre opening all the seats were taken.
  4. timbs32

    Muster - newbie question

    If you are someone in your party has difficulty standing for long periods I definitely recommend going down early so that you get a seat. On my first and only cruise so far... we didn't particularly leave late, but all the seats were taken and we had to wait standing up for 20 mins before they even started in a stuffy crowded room. Ok for me but my mum very nearly blacked out and had to lie on the bed afterwards for a while.
  5. timbs32


    I am off in 2 weeks and my embarkation time is 3pm We will likely get to Southampton around 12.30 but still undecided if we are going to head straight to the terminal or go to the shopping centre and have lunch there!
  6. timbs32

    Leisurely Vigo Views excursion any good?

    Thanks all for your responses. Not being a seasoned cruiser, we didn't really know what 3rd party options were available. It does sound like the Tours4Cruisers would be ideal. I will cancel the P&O one and reserve some seats
  7. timbs32

    Leisurely Vigo Views excursion any good?

    Thanks for the reply Dave, I will def take a look. I have booked the tour with P & O after being on the waitlist but may cancel as it does seem quite overpriced for what it is.
  8. timbs32

    2 Night Cruise

    I have only been on a 2 nighter, but will go on a 7 early next month. It will be interesting to compare the different atmospheres on board. For the 2 nighter we managed to get a very good price as we went for a late deal off season so it was worth it for us. I am glad I went it but like others said the biggest frustration is that you get very little time onboard and it is quite a rush. For this reason I don't think I would go on another one.
  9. Hi Folks, Will be going on a Spain/Portugal cruise next month. Has anyone been on the P & O Excursion Leisurely Vigo Views? Just wondered what you thought of it? Travelling with my semi elderly parents (early 70's) My mum has some mobility issues (cannot walk in the heat for too long/difficulty going up steps) so this excursion sounded like something she could manage. I know you can just walk around the town but if it is a really hot day than this option would be out and from my understanding as we would be docking on a Sunday most shops would be closed. Many thanks.
  10. timbs32

    Embarkation time.

    Just checked the e tickets and yes they do have the cabin no on them... do you get straight on the boat after check in or do you have to wait around to be called? Thanks.
  11. timbs32

    Car parking @ Southampton

    Thanks everyone for your responses :) Think I will stick with CPS as they seem to be coming up the cheapest for a short stay. I will be wary of the short stay car park... what a nasty surprise to come back to after your hols.... I'll also take photos/notes on my phone where the car is! I have been caught out before in the car parks for Disney in Orlando.
  12. timbs32

    Car parking @ Southampton

    Thanks for the suggestion guys. Was thinking of maybe using another one of those companies if it was cheaper, but I guess C & PS are the official recommended one, so I feel a bit safer using it.
  13. timbs32

    Embarkation time.

    Hi Mystical Mother, Yes we have. I like your thinking :D
  14. Hello, Shortly going on a 2 night cruise to Bruges. My first cruise! Anyone have any recommendations please for car parking at Southampton. Many thanks,
  15. timbs32

    Embarkation time.

    I am shortly going on a 2 nighter, my first cruise. We were initially given a 1.30pm embarkation time which we were happy with However we were later upgraded to a higher deck with the same class of cabin and the time changed to 3.00pm. For such a short cruise, I think that I would have rather been on the lower deck and given an earlier embark time. For a longer cruise I wouldn't have cared much, but as we are only on the ship for a matter of hours, we are going to try our luck and arrive at the earlier time. Fingers crossed we can get on early.