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  1. My refund came today via cheque. Day 61. Cruise date 9th May. Rushed down to the bank this afternoon to deposit!
  2. Hmm. Thanks Jean. I’ll try and get a BACS payment.
  3. On day 51 myself. Paid via TA so would I get a cheque?
  4. I'm on the same cruise Tikka. Undecided on taking a full refund (over 70) or FCC.
  5. I am in a deluxe balcony cabin and prices for a suite are now only an additional £83pp. I booked through a travel agent and have tried both them and calling PO direct but they won't budge on letting me have it for that price. They said it has to be based on the upgrade cost at the time of booking and that it would be unfair to other customers if they let me have it 😞
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