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  1. Pina colada and fruity drinks will be free. You have up to $15 which the plan covers. Restrictions do apply to top shelf liquor, etc. If you don't use the shore excursion credit at each port, you lose it per cabin. Just an incentive for you to book with NCL. Some people think they automatically get this money. If you book an excursion, then the credit will show up on your room account.
  2. We have done this before. Our catamaran pulled us close enough to the beach that you got off in maybe a foot of water. We had someone with a broken arm even able to do this as well. Couldn't tell you how often it wasn't able to pull ashore, but the catamaran is designed perfectly for this. They only need the front part of the boat where you disembark through a hatch onto the beach.
  3. We did this first thing. They explained a few things, scanned our cards and we were off the have lunch in the MDR. Not sure if they still do this but we had to watch the video on our room TV before we could access our account.
  4. I like the specialty dining on Norwegian. I like some over others, but that's just my preferences.
  5. Yikes! Might want a new PCC. Changing the age will create some trouble for you at boarding.
  6. All depends if you're a spa person. You have to make time to use it. They will sell a limited number of passes per cruise around $200 maybe for the week.
  7. I've had goof and bad service. Sometimes if you don't get the answer you're looking for, call back and you'll get someone different. We don't use PCC, just too much hassle for us.
  8. Saw on some recent dailies for the Encore. Vip passes to the spa were limited to 200 passes at $316.
  9. The closets always have enough room. My wife and I always overpack and fit everything in. You may need to request more hangers or bring some.
  10. Muster drill station check-in. Sign up for shows. Mdr for lunch.
  11. Very light offerings. I was very disappointed in this. After seeing photos it looked great, but was a let down.
  12. We head to the MDR. Just a different atmosphere from the buffet. The local isn't a bad option either.
  13. I always pack a few outfits in my carry on for this exact reason. Did you go to the place where bags with illegal items go? How about cruise tags, still attached to the bags and easy to read? I just can't see them not loading a bag that was placed with the other ship bags.
  14. The cheap route is to purchase a few drinks a day. Nothing will be given for free though unless it's juice from the buffet.
  15. Escape! We've been on almost every ship in the fleet. This is my favorite ship by far. It has everything. The Encore was okay, we just sailed her in October. The observation did nothing for me since it was usually very crowded and chairs were taken all day.
  16. We've been on both. Pretty much the same ship. I'm partial to the Getaway, only because it was the first ship I cruised on.
  17. It's not a bad stop. We usually hang around the pool, but it gets crowded. You can also choose the beach area. Bring cash or credit for the restaurant and bars. Prepare to pay tourist prices.
  18. I've been to both. Ocho rios: not a fan of Jamaica. This is towards the bottom of my list when it comes to ports after everywhere we've been. Just my preference. Cartagena: we loved this stop. Here we did a walking tour through the city and to a museum of torture. Just beware the vendors are very aggressive. But if you've never been to either, it's a toss up. You may have different experiences than everyone else and enjoy Jamaica.
  19. We had a spa balcony last October. You get special soaps in your room and it's close to the spa. We picked it for something different and to enjoy the spa since the outdoor pools would be too cold to go outside. We didn't use the observation lounge much. It was always packed and people chair hogs that area for the views. Disappointed with the tiny buffet area in the observation lounge. It was mainly a few items, meats and cheeses. Just not worth the hype. The spa is great, it's big. Not enough heated loungers. When we went they weren't selling extra spa access passes, so it was only spa rooms. Now they sell 100+ passes, so it will be more crowded. Honestly, I'm not much of a spa person either. But the thermal pool where you turn on these sprayers was heaven, then they have a hot tub, snow room, wet and dry sauna rooms, salt bath room.
  20. We usually head to the MDR for lunch. Then we will head to a bar outside or inside. You could always look around the ship. Book shows. Or just people watch.
  21. Bring a jacket. The week we went in October, it rained at every port. The cruise before us had no rain, so just to be prepared for the unexpected.
  22. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2806124-live-from-the-encore-to-seattle-alaska-with-cleveland-and-company/page/2/
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