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  1. I love teppanyaki on the ship! They give you enough food to feed an army. It's just something different, and usually not many people in the restaurant when we go. We won't mind sitting next to people. It'll be fun as usual.
  2. I'm never doing the ruins again, did them once in Costa Maya. Was blazing hot... Love Cozumel! I'll go with a budweiser!
  3. They might show games like the Monday night game and the Thursday night game.
  4. When we sailed on the Getaway, they had the saints game on at a few places, and the big screen.
  5. I've brought spices. Not sure they would allow pastries anymore or opened bottles. I know in Cozumel they have a dog that sniffs out fruit. I couldn't believe how many people tried to take food off the ship to the port after they were told. The pile was massive.
  6. No reports back of anyone testing positive, but I doubt anyone would put that on here. They probably go gather your suitcases from the drop off. And I believe they'll make you quarentine 14 days.
  7. I'm sure they will pick a few games that will be on.
  8. Look for dailies groups on that. We aren't allowed to advertise on here or I'd give you my link. Burdtravels had a post about a month back with dailies on here, it's a few pages back.
  9. I think posts like this will create a lot of panic. You can get covid even after 2 shots, my friend just tested positive after both Pfizer shots. All we can do is wear a mask, wash your hands, get a test before your cruise, and hope for the best. Masks aren't 100%, but better than nothing.
  10. Food, drugs, alcohol must be checked after security, sand, weapons, I'm guessing furs. Tsa told me wood that didn't have paint, because it could carry bugs.
  11. There are dailies on here and FB from the Encore, this will give you a good start to plan.
  12. Just wear a mask everywhere you go starting 2-3 weeks before your cruise, wash your hands, get a test 72 hours before. This is all you can do. I'd rather quarentine at home, than in a hotel. So I'll test before and hope for the best. I've had 3 shots though, is that enough, who knows.
  13. Has anyone rented an electric car from the rain barrel?
  14. I doubt you'll tender at any. Someone else mentioned that on here awhile back, and I think it's a glitch.
  15. Packing months ahead. Watch YouTube videos. Study menus, even though I get the same thing everytime. I try to talk myself into something different. Ship layouts. Cruisecritic reviews. Create an itinerary which my wife hates. But I'm a planner and have to know what is going on. Organize money into a daily budget with categories for each need.
  16. Once booked you can choose your seats, upgrade. We just did this for our upcoming cruise. Still have to pay for your bags each way.
  17. We're booked in October. Same weather as Cleveland... cold.
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