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  1. We finally figured out the issue. NCL sent a print out and we owe zero. We purchased wine lovers the musical, which was already paid for and now they have changed the price. This is why I have $11 on my account due. Although NCL tells me I do not have to pay this.
  2. I was shocked to see money still owed on my account $11 after making the final payment. I've printed my edocs as well. Called NCL and they're showing a zero balance. Anyone else ever have this happen?
  3. This has nothing to do with NCL and what they offer. The person I replied to said they got a pack of straws for a $1. I asked plastic or paper... because paper straws are not $1 at Walmart. So thanks for your insight. We bring paper straws with us.. maybe others will catch on. 😉
  4. Why would you bring plastic on a cruise ship. Only paper is allowed.
  5. This had nothing to do with your comment. Hence it was to the OP... I drink about 5 martinis a day but my wife doesnot drink any alcohol. She just drinks the freewater from the buffet area and dining room . Iwould have to buy the drink package becausewe usually do the kids sail free promo. 
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Dejaroo-Mesh-Beach-Bag-Lightweight/dp/B01HFBZKQK/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_468_bs_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=4HBPV306WBDZ1G1CCK0C Maybe something like this for a bag?
  7. We tip our main tour guide and the driver. Sometimes in the bus or meeting point a tip bucket is provided and we put it in there. There is no exact dollar amount to tip anyone, tip based on how you feel your experience was. Some tip, some do not. A few bucks for each though I'm sure would be sufficient.
  8. We ordered an appetizer as a dessert or even 2 desserts.
  9. While on the getaway and sitting on the waterfront, I fell asleep. Now it was warm and in the sun, then after a few drinks I was out. Plenty of people resting on vacation. No harm, no foul. Usually the people occupying these spots probably have an inside room as I could go back to my balcony for a view. Should they sleep? I'm not going to get mixed up in that.
  10. We bought a pack of 200 on Amazon. My wife carried them around with her. We had 6 different colors for about $10. We gave them out to people who asked where we got a straw. Even though we did joke about selling them for a quarter.
  11. We went over and walked around, did some shopping. It's a stand alone resort. You could visit the aquarium, eat and try your luck in the casino there. Maybe the beach.
  12. Just figure 5 martinis times lets say $12 =60 right there ($420 for a seven day cruise) The drink package would cost more. Plus you have to buy for 2 people.
  13. We took a cab, well more of a van that had 8 people in it and took it over to Atlantis for something different. It wasn't too much money. Cheaper than the water taxi. The ride was maybe 10 minutes, then grabbed one back.
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