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  1. This thread is out of control. You can't say one thing or another about what you think. Everyone is allowed and opinion, and if I choose to tip the porter I will! I mean it's my money! Why should anyone else care how you spend your money? This is is my last comment. I'm done trying to have a debate about who to tip, who doesn't, if you use cash or sign a paper. Everyone just do you!
  2. I'll remember that about the buffet people! Thanks for the recommendation!
  3. It's a use it or lose it perk. Many people ask do I get the credit, we'll not unless you book an excursion. So if you book online it will be deducted automatically, and on board it will be credited to your account. But you have to book an excursion to get the credit at each port.
  4. Just took a photo for mine with my phone. You can also upload one from your computer. Just make sure it's a recent phone, not your baby photo lol.
  5. The OP wanted to know if people tipped on top of the already prepaid gratuities. So I told them what we do. I'm not going back and forth on this with you. You can do as you please. It's you're life. But I am allowed my opinion!
  6. You do realize that most of the people who work on NCL do not receive those tips. They have to pay for mostly everything extra. They work 12 hour days, 7 days a week at 8 months. So by me giving a few extra tips here and there goes the extra mile. You can cruise how you want.
  7. Reevaluating why I didn't pick to cruise earlier than later this year. Let's go!! Covid will be around forever at this point.
  8. We always budget in money to tip. These people have to pay for most things on the ship. So we bring cash for bartenders, room steward, etc.. We work in the industry based on tips, so to see how hard these individuals work, a few dollars always help. Now that being said... most people don't tip. They will remember what I like to eat, drink, my name. Will go out of there way for me with a few dollars here and there. I've even had people remember my name from previous cruises years before. It's really up to you. But you'll tip your server here, pizza guy, etc.
  9. You could always try to call NCL and maybe they can reserve a spot for your group somewhere. Maybe you can reserve a table at teppanyaki for everyone.
  10. We usually go to the MDR (main dining room) on day 1 for lunch. Usually open 1130-230 or close to that time.
  11. When did I say anything about the Haven? Guess what... it's still my least favorite. Enjoy your Epic.
  12. The shuttles run often, that said they wait till the bus is full before they walk you down to the shuttle. It's actually easier and faster to take a taxi. I really try to avoid these shuttles. The bus has to go drop off people, then drive back. So if you're the first shuttle, it's great.. everything after that can be a lot of waiting. But this is what I can tell you for US ports, not Europe. For the flights, I have no experience, but we get a deviation and go in a day early.
  13. No Kinky boots for my cruise in October. Only Choir of Man, comedy and cavern club.
  14. Thanks for your reply bird... My point is very valid.
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