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  1. We are Category 2A- Veranda. Does the category actually matter or just refer to the area of the ship? Thanks!
  2. Ship: Millennium Cruise: 7 day Dawes Glacier Date: 09/17/2021 Booked: Through a travel agent No Captain's Tier, first time sailing with Celebrity Was booked in an inside cabin, placed a minimum bid of $150pp for a Veranda. Got the bid, got the Veranda room. Category 2A
  3. From what people are saying, does the premium drink package cover gelato? i dont think it does but people in this thread seem to be equating the two .
  4. Thanks all! I had to google to find the urban dictionary meaning.... sorry about that! I like ladies in all sizes but that isnt what i was aiming at 😛
  5. Good afternoon, thanks for any answer to this small question 😛 Anyone know if it is possible to order a hot tottie onboard? It seems a great drink choice when the weather is cold!
  6. Question: We sail on Sept. 17, so we need to take the test Sept 15 or 16, right? It depends on when the 48 hour period starts so i am not 100% sure. Thanks!
  7. I plan to go in a few weeks, Sept. 17 🙂 Thanks JgMorgan, that is great info!
  8. Thanks for the help! I googled it but i could only find info from 2016 and before... does Millennium do movies anywhere or movies on deck? I plan to be outside alot so it would be nice.
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