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  1. Ships would disembark in one terminal then move to next terminal for embarkation. Problem solved lol
  2. I am hoping my Dec. 4 2021 Cruise on the Sky Princess sails. Have had 2 cruises cancelled so far and I am pretty confidant this one will sail.
  3. I tried to refund my Paid in full March cruise on the Glory and get the same message. Currently been waiting on hold for rep for the past 30 minutes,
  4. mine as well, my march 14th on Glory out of New orleans comes up with same message.
  5. So i am heading out of Port everglades in december 2021 and just found a really good deal for a pre cruise room. Renaissance Hotel about a half mile from dock was only $122 before taxes. I usually stay at Holiday Inn Select but they wanted $300 plus. Anyone cruising out of Port everglades in December ( I'm out the 4th) check out that deal.
  6. I have sailed twice on the Grand Princess and once on the Regal Princess and booked for Sky Princess in December 2021. I must say i do have a soft spot for the Grand, but i do prefer the Royal Class Ships.
  7. Depending on what you want to spend. I was on the Glory and had a Ocean Suite which i thought was great! Only cabins above and below you
  8. Well just seen the Glory went Red again, so that pretty much guarantees my March 14th Cruise on her out of New Orleans will be cancelled. Not that i expected anything differently.
  9. So I have been doing some more research and found a video of the Regal Princess and looks like that Cabin 626 has very minimal obstruction looking straight out, just if you look forward you will see the lifeboats. Anyone have any opinions on this?
  10. I am in Cabin e626 on my cruise December 2021. Usually I would not book an obstructed view Balcony but honestly it was the same price as a Ocean view and got a great deal that included drink package wifi and all gratuities. Would love to hear peoples opinions on the obstructed view balconies on the Sky Princess.
  11. So I made final payment on my cruise for March 14th 2021 out of New Orleans today as I received the email advising if I did not I would be subject to the cancelation penalties (my deposit lost). I attempted to extend final payment as I know without question it would be canceled in the coming weeks. Carnival will only extend final payment 14 days now, last cancelled cruise they allowed me to extend to 30 days out. Anyway, my thought is they are hoping people cancel and if there is a penalty it is free money for them.
  12. Yes it has been sold. Not sure what they will send there if any in her place. Would love to see a larger ship there. I have been on the Dream and the Gory out of New Orleans. I love RCCL but the Maj was just to small of a ship for me. I'm sure there will not be an Oasis class ship but possibly one of the 168k ton ones. Who knows.
  13. So I just Paid in full my March 14th Cruise out of New Orleans and I fully Expect it to be cancelled. If for some reason it isn't it will be an experience being one of the 1st 2 cruise out of new Orleans. Lets see what happens.
  14. I have called carnival and they gave me until 30 days prior to sailing to make final payment. I am on the Glory March 14th and i do not feel optimistic that it will happen. My final payment is due December 14th. I will simply call that day and ask for extension considering there is nothing sating it will or wont sail;
  15. We are scheduled on 14th of March....I am trying to stay hopeful but not getting that fuzzy feeling again. I have another cruise booked for December 2021 on Sky Princess as a back up. If Glory sails that will be awesome 2 cruises one year
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