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  1. I get it. My husband stumbled and fell about a month ago. No damage...he's more careful. Well wishes for your wife....tell her "the hard part" is over.
  2. Sorry about your wife. I had breast cancer almost 6 years ago. BC (before cancer) I ate "whatever" and I looked it. My hospital afforded me dietician services, and thanks to a wonderful dietician I learned how to eat correctly (and shed 45 lbs too). The best thing about the buffet is that I can create my own healthy meals and the portions I want. On NCL the buffet options are limitless. Because of this, I don't worry about falling off the wagon. I've seen the Haven menus. The food may be delicious....but, just not for my lifestlye.
  3. Thank you..... Honestly, the price I could have gotten the Haven for was "a price I couldn't refuse" kind of a price. But, DH and I just wouldn't have enjoyed it...probably would have ended up "eating things and doing things" just because we paid for them. Those "few thousand dollars" not being spent on the upgrade have already been earmarked for a "overpriced bauble" in the overpriced jewelry store.....so it's a win/win!
  4. Thanks for all the tips and advice, but weighing the pros and cons, I've decided to stay put in the "mini-suite" (which isn't really a suite..lol). If the bedding wasn't an issue and if the courtyard was enclosed...those would have been big pluses. As far as "food"...DH and I love the NCL buffet. I took a look at the new Haven menus, and there's really just about nothing on them that I would eat so we'd end up in the buffet anyway. We'll probably get spa passes.
  5. Now, just so I know the protocol (never in life used room service).....is there an extra charge? Are you supposed to tip when the food comes?
  6. @Sthrngary So, educate me. Dining...what are the hours the restaurants are open? Especially important...how early for dinner? Do they do "special orders" and is the fish good? Does one need "to dress" or is casual ok? Is there sort of a buffet in the morning? For the record, pre-pandemic we ate out 6 times a week. We love the buffet because...well, because it's a novelty to us (no Golden Corals in NYC). So, I need to hear really good things about the restaurant!
  7. @Sthrngary Yes, very helpful. I'm not new to NCL at all. We're platinum. We've never thought about booking a Haven because "the amenitities" would go to waste. But on our currently booked cruise, the price of the forward facing Havens is really good (I know...long walk. No problem...good exercise!). And I'd love a large cabin.
  8. Bedding wasn't a real deal breaker, but, I found something that might be. According to my research, the courtyard area on the Getaway does not have a retractable roof. My "tentative cruise" is late March out of NYC-Bahamas. It's not "sitting in the sun" weather yet so that enclosure would have been a big selling point. Maybe I am wrong?
  9. Do you mean they will take out the king mattress and put in 2 separate smaller ones? The other cabins all have "two beds that convert to a queen" so the size could be an issue. Oh well, there's always the couch!
  10. Here's a question probably never asked (and yes, important to me, as I am a lite sleeper and DH is a nightime tumbler"): Is the kingsized bed two mattress together (we don't need to separate them) or just one large king mattress?
  11. Thanks for all the responses....for those re-evaluating and those who are ok with "the status quo" (whatever that may be at the time of your trip). As I said, buried somewhere in 8 pages, is that I canceled my Nov and March cruises, both on the Gem, a ship I've been on multiple times. I had OV cabins for both and both trips had ports where I wanted to do things, on my terms. I ended up booking (who knows what will happen) a cruise for late March. For the same price as my 7 day OV on the Gem I got a Club Balcony Suite (I know...glorifed balcony) on the Getaway (never been on that ship) with ports that I don't care about. As long as I don't need a mask on the ship, I'll be just as happy staying on board. And if I do need to wear a mask, I'll have my Club Balcony Suite to go "au natural". The prices on my newly schedule sailing are really in the "almost normal" range. I was even toying with doing a Haven...but that will be another thread. (The total cost would be less than the 2 OVs that I canceled!)
  12. I'd think it depends on the size, height and weight of the enforcer...and the tone of voice. I had one incident where I was walking in to a store, holding a mask which I was actively putting on, and the security guard made me go out so I would have it on when I entered. Now that was a guy looking for power.
  13. You and your niece where lucky. The Walgreens website says "results in less than 24 hours" and has this footnote (it's exactly what my nephew had, but he just missed "the samples going to the lab" cut off): † Test Results Turnaround Time Test results turnaround time is based on when the sample arrives at the laboratory. Test results for travel purposes cannot be guaranteed in time for travel. Current turnaround times can be found on the websites of our laboratory partners. Click here for the Aegis Sciences website, and click here for LabCorp’s website.
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