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  1. FYI-The sailings are still showing as available on the website! Between MSC and Carnival I'm on 5 cancellations......... One less "stresser" for me: I canceled the Meraviglia before the official cancellation so I missed out on the 125% FCC. Since I only sail out of NYC...I wouldn't need it anyway. Living in NYC...where everything is still closed....and now with demonstrations/lack of social distancing which may give us a 2nd covid wave...so who knows when anything will open.....looking forward to this cruise was such a bright spot. I mean, what could go wrong for Sept 2021???? Oh well, I had happiness for 2 days.
  2. Unfortunately for me, it looks like nothing out of NYC. Oh well....now I give my "$98 Gamble" 60 days to be refunded. This is exactly why I refuse to give Carnival any money now. Their rates are inflated to adjust for the $600 OBC. I know those rates will drastically fall after "the rebooking period".
  3. It's on their website: https://www.msccruisesusa.com/cruise-itinerary-changes-and-cancellations/select-2021-cancellations
  4. WHAT!!!!!! I don't believe it!!!!!!!!
  5. From one cat to another....NCL Bliss has a glass enclosed area in the casino where smokers can smoke to their heart's content.
  6. I just booked yesterday. The port fees are $126/pp.
  7. That's the one I booked. Based on the enthusiasm on this thread, I'm glad I booked early. I right with you in "the hoping".
  8. LOL....you can call me stupid. I also had a Carnival cruise booked, canceled, rebooked and then canceled again. I won't rebook with them despite a FCC and large OBC because I don't want to give them another penny until things "clear up". I was really hesitant about booking the MSC cruise...I didn't book because I got the best price in the world. But, the deposit was only $98 and I got a Fantastica Balcony...one of the corner ones....with a very large balcony. Those go fast. In addition, it's a unique itinerary. I guess the bottom line is I'm gambling with $98 to hold the cabin. Final payment isn't due for a year, and, well, would you have believed "this" if I told you about it a year ago. What I mean is, who knows what will be next year. I'm in NYC and I only cruise out of NYC; unfortunately MSC only has a few sailings here each fall. I prefer MSC over Carnival and NCL. I love the whole MSC experience....entertainment, pizza, Swarovski staircase, the bling etc. Worst case scenario...I lose my $98. That's how I justify it. You don't need to trick yourself. The customer service and idiotic refund policy have nothing to do with enjoying the cruise. Hope to see you onboard!
  9. I currently have a credit card dispute with MSC for refundable deposit that wasn't refunded. Conditional credit given...will be permanent on 6/29. So...I just booked the Davina for Sept 2021 with the same credit card. I wasn't blacklisted and neither was the card. Hopefully there will be a vaccine or a cure...or something....by then!
  10. And I'm stating my opinion....many people will say that they had a great time even if they know they didn't have a great time....because that's what people do. Am I not entitled to my opinion?
  11. I have a very strong feeling that the reviews may not reflect the reality. If anyone is so determined to sail, despite all the warnings, he/she will rationalize "what a great trip" it was.
  12. The ships may be ready.....and "new protocols" may be ready. But, I doubt that the product offered will be what I enjoy on a cruise. Reviews of early sailings will be very interesting.
  13. I'm not too sure what you are referring to....about running into me and not wearing a mask? (Maybe I misinterpreted). I do guarantee you that I won't be wearing a mask on a ship because I have no intention of cruising unless things radically change or someone comes up with an vaccine. I'm the President of the "Wear a Mask and Don't Come Close to me Club". I just made a woman in the building laundry room wear her mask or get out (as I told her I had Covid once, I don't need it again)!
  14. Thank you....I forgot about "upgrading"
  15. This should be an easy question but I can't find the answer. If you book, let's say, and 8D category balcony....does it have to be that exact category to get a price reduction? If other balconies go down in price...but your category is sold out...I assume no price reduction. Also...until when can you apply for the price reduction? How many days before sailing? Thanks......
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