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  1. Yes, good starting point. But, not by May.
  2. Yes, for those who are living in LaLaLand. For everyone else, no.
  3. Oh no! I was hoping our NY-Canada Oct 2021 could be redirected to Bermuda (Canada is closed until 3/2022) but it looks like that won't happen. Oh well...another cancellation...another FCC....another cruise to be booked....another cancellation....and it goes on and on.
  4. Here you go (reviewer was in 10601...see bottom area) https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=617682
  5. I can't give you an exact answer...but one time DH and I had a "guarantee inside" on the Breakaway. They gave a us a Family Inside...so I was expecting room for "a family". It was the smallest cabin I ever had or saw! You had to keep the beds apart for a "middle passage" to walk. Otherwise, you'd bang your head on the 3rd/4th bed on the wall. I'm under 5' feet and I had to bend over to get out of the bed. And, there was just about no "closet space". I forget the reason, but the shelves were very limited too. And this is coming from a couple who just takes 2 carry-ons. ETA-It
  6. That was the name of my Bahamas cruise for a couple of weeks before the official cancellation!
  7. Yeah....I was thinking that. But Bermuda may not be open for cruise ships. I know they are allowing "tourists"....but a boatload of 3000 people is something else.
  8. So far nobody mentioned the New England/Canada season. I hope they announce something about that too.
  9. So, which people complained about "lowering the price"? Or was it that they complained that the price wasn't lowered enough? LOL!
  10. Because people want "something for nothing"..... Nobody would complain if they lowered the price!
  11. Because we have credits that have to be used within a certain timeframe and we can always cancel. That's why.
  12. My Sept 2021 won't happen because Canada is not allowing cruise ships into the country until Mar 2022. I could cancel now...but I'll hold off because perhaps my FCC will be extended. I really see no point in booking anything else. And I'm not paying "those prices" so I can sit on the ship with a mask on. I have a Sept 2022 to Canada booked on Carnival. I have $600 of my money "invested" in that...and a $600 OBC. So, it's a gamble. Even if that one sails but has "minimal restrictions"...I'd probably. "Minimal" means I'd wear a mask, but I can get off at the ports and walk aro
  13. I've already picked out my restaurant and outfit for Valentine's Day! But, as far as cruising...I have a 2021 to Canada which won't sail since Canada won't allow cruise ships in until 3/22...so the CruiseNext and FCC will be back in my inventory. I'm kinda lazy about booking something else right now. I really don't want to spend "that much" on a diminished cruising experience. I have a 9/22 booked for Canada...so there's some hope there. The only cruises I see happening in 2021 are "Cruises to LaLa Land".
  14. Yes...but if everyone is vaccinated, the chance of someone having covid is reduced by 95%. I have nothing against a test...if vaccinations are required. But, not testing in lieu of vaccination.
  15. DH and I are scheduled for #2 in a little over a week. I set 3/1/2021 as my "rebirthday". The cruiselines could make it simple...no vaccine...no cruise. Masks...optional. Social distancing...strongly encouraged.
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