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  1. We got our airfare for I believe $325PP for non stop flights. When are you cruiseing?
  2. Our 16 year old daughter and her friend who was 17 at the time both shared the pull out couch in the living room, but i will say both are petite. Depends on the size.
  3. We were in the 2 bedroom and depending of the size of the people the second bed can sleep two. Also, we were in the Aft facing Haven and the couch in the living room slept two as well. Dont forget the second bedroom also has a bunk that comes out of the ceiling.
  4. Typically thats what I do, Never choose my seat till a few days out, and always pay for luggage at the airport.
  5. Staff such as Butlers want the YC suites to go higher in price as typically if you can afford a $14k suite for a week their chances of getting much better tip then say a person who paid $5k for the week.
  6. We are sailing MSC for the First time in September, we typically do Haven with NCL, but for $3200 all in for a YC interior it was a no brainer to give it a try. Your right they do go fast, we booked over a year out. We were going to try and sneak a Interior YC cruise during the summer but they are all sold out.
  7. As far as Port of Miami close to port, expect at minimum to spend between $250 to $300 per night. Also, if driving in add another $40 for parking most likely.
  8. I agree! If being on or by the beach is not a concern, go farther inland and you can get better resorts/hotels for a better price. We love the beach so when sailing out of Port Canaveral we always stay at the Best Western Hotel right on the beach. A Junior suite with ocean front Balcony was about $250 to $300. We love waking up early for embarkation morning and watching the parade of ships pass by entering Port Canaveral.
  9. Getting to the ship we typically will do a shuttle from the hotel, as long as we can get the first one which is usually 10am. Leaving, we always grab a cab as we like to get to the airport and relax and enjoy our final vacation drinks at the airport. Cabs are super easy to get at port of miami even when there are 7 or 8 ships in.
  10. New years cruises are all different depending on the line. RCCL, Carnival, NCL, will all have multiple parties at one time. Largest will be the one on deck usually weather permitting. There are usually smaller parties in the lounges that are much more relaxed. Years ago it was party hard out on deck, now honestly we avoid holiday cruises lol
  11. We have stayed in Cocoa Beach several times, and our go to is the Best Western right on the beach. You can usualy snag an ocean front junior suite with balcony for about $250 to $300 a night. Very close to the port free safe parking and lots to do including the beach.
  12. I agree, we have stayed downtown and have paid usually about 300 for the standard room plus parking. We are flying in this time and are staying at the Hilton Blue lagoon which has free shuttle from airport and believe the shuttle to the port is 14 pp. we got a 1 bedroom suite with balcony over looking the lagoon for less then a basic downtown room.
  13. We sailed last year on the Norwegian Joy in April during Spring Break with a 16 and 17 year old. I will say, there were a ton of kids but we also expected that. 1st and last cruise we would do again during any school break including summer. Wife and I typically cruise anywhere from September to February when schools are in session. Alot less kids and also prices are cheaper.
  14. We are trying MSC for the 1st time in September. We have sailed NCL, RCCL, Carnival, Princess and a few other lines that arent even around anymore. Now, last 4 cruises have been in the Haven with NCL and we are trying out the Yacht club on the Seascape. My wife and I have never had a bad cruise so we expect to have another with MSC, but we also know that there are subtle differences between each line. MSC prices for YC balcony suites are a bit less expensive then the haven (usually about $1,500 to $2k.) But, MSC has inside YC suites which are substantially less expensive to the entry level Haven Prices ( same week comparable ship for NCL was almost $7k, YC inside we got for $3200.) All the research we have done, shows the YC pool on MSC Seascape is larger and nicer then any Haven pool on the BReakaway and Breakaway+ ships. Also YC includes in room mini bar, unlimited wireless which NCL does not. MSC i feel sooner then later prices will be comparable to the top 3 lines, but for now yes they are less expensive but does not mean they are the bargain basement of Cruises
  15. Just estimated an Uber looks like about $27 plus tip. so about the same as a shuttle so think we may just Uber!
  16. Thanks, $14 PP seems reasonable, will look and see what an UBER costs as well. We are on the MSC Seascape September 28th 2024. Depending when they start shuttles will determine if we do and Uber instead.
  17. So we planned on driving, but flights went down to the point that getting nonstop flights to Miami is actually the same price as driving after including gas, terminal parking, and incidentals for the drive down. I am sure they have a shuttle service to the cruise port was curious if anyone has used it and what was the cost.
  18. Will be doing the Seascape YC in September., We are typically Haven but giving MSC YC a try since the prices are much better and love the full pool deck on MSC
  19. I never understand this. Why you already have set in your mind before you cruise that your going to reduce or eliminate DSC. If you cant afford the service charges do not go on a cruise! Would love to hear the reason for this but have a feeling we wont here anything.
  20. So my wife and I (44,42) have cruised all the major lines multiple times. Comparing NCL to CCL I will say the difference really only comes down to a few things. 1 The Ships! What design and décor do you prefer? The Breakaway Plus class ships have a more elegant feel I believe vs Mardi Gras class. If you go a class smaller on CCL you are in the Dream Class and I believe the Breakaway class again still a bit more elegant but in size closer. 2 Dining! Now saying one lines food is better then other because opinions vary, but I do love all the free options for food on carnivals pool decks, Guy's Burger and the Mexican place stand out for us. Now specialty dining goes to NCL hands down. 3 Passengers! So, Carnival has a bit of a younger crowd. I have not sailed anything less then 7 days ever so cant judge on shorter sailings. I have never had any issues on either line, but i will say carnivals pool decks are a bit more of a party atmosphere then NCL. 4 Drink Packages! So this is a big one for me. So NCL you get the free at sea and the drink package for two for a 7 day cruise runs about $352.00, and is truly unlimited. Carnival is not included and runs approximately $989 for two including the gratuity, and only allows 15 alcohol drinks per day. Now it does include specialty drinks and water but its almost double. Don't get me started on RCCL drink package (last cruise was almost $1200 for the both of us) 5 Suites! Now I have stayed in the Ocean Suite on CCL and was a nice cabin but the perks are just not there. NCL our last 4 cruises have been in the Haven so hard to compare, and Haven is much more expensive then a CCL Ocean or even grand suite. I would say if you like CCL you will like NCL, now flip that around depending your taste you may not care for CCL. But, as for my wife and I, we will cruise any cruise line if the price is right. First MSC cruise coming up in September so we shall see.
  21. When you fill out your check in documents 21 days out each person must list an emergency contact including phone number.
  22. Following along as well, we will be on the Seascape in an inside YC suite as well. First MSC cruise usually NCL Haven, but wow, the inside YC suites are a steal compared to the cheapest Haven ususally. I know no window or balcony but we love the Haven and assume we will love the YC especially its much larger pool and pool deck then the Havens we have experienced.
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