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  1. I have an 8 day January 1 on Freedom and I am actually starting to worry when 8 or more day cruising will come back. I also wonder what cruises they will make out of the longer cruises. Will an 8 day be cancelled and two 4 day cruises take their spot? You can only go so many places out of Miami on a 4 or 5 day cruise.
  2. We had 2 cabins for the 4 of us on Conquest in January for a 4 day cruise. We are thinking of booking a 6 day on Magic, but getting a suite instead of 2 cabins. If we do that, we will lose one of the $300 OBC, correct? Chances are we will just go ahead and do 2 cabins again, because I am pretty sure we would lose the $300 OBC.
  3. Last week I checked in for my January 4th cruise, today I can't see it. Thanks for the heads up. So if this cruise happens, I will have to do it all over again!
  4. Thank you! I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I can't imagine how they are going to handle any crowds.
  5. This morning my online check in opened for my January Conquest cruise. I didn't see where I pick a time to show up at the pier. Am I looking at the wrong place?
  6. I have the Conquest booked for January. I am optimistic. I am game for any restrictions, but the hardest one for me will be the Carnival or approved excusions. We are doing Key West/Cozumel. We do this quick 4 day often and kind of have our routine, and it doesn't include a Carnival Excursion. In Key West we have the places we go to see, and in Cozumel we grab a cab to Paradise Beach. But if we need to do Carnival approved, we will deal with it. I am less optimistic that my NCL November 1st out of NYC girl's cruise to Bermuda will happen. I don't see NYC opening t
  7. Did I miss something? Do we think that they will be declaring bankruptcy?
  8. I received this email today for my October 2022 cruise on Horizon. What I found funny is that I didn't receive it for my January 2021 Conquest cruise....
  9. I have said this many times, Key West is my favorite port. With crazy family schedules all we can fit in sometimes is a 4 day Key West, Cozumel out of Miami cruise. We have our favorite breakfast place, taco place, and favorite bars to go to. When the kids were younger we did the more touristy things with them. I will never forget the first trip down Duval Street when the older one actually read the t-shirts in the windows for the first time! My kids grew up as parrotheads, and one year on a cruise with a stop to Key West we did a Trails of Margaritaville Tour. My kids really learned a l
  10. You are all welcome. I usually have spelling and typo issues, so I understand!!!
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