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  1. The Piazza is packed but we manage to find a small space so that I can take a couple of photos, but it is really difficult with so many people crowded around. Apologies that the first video is so wobbly! Don’t quite know what happened there! 4EE8E750-FB40-4F5F-9EC9-9A999FA41F11.MOV 28AE8989-BC78-498C-BE3F-AABFDB388E65.MOV The Pop Choir is a regular feature of Princess cruises and by the looks of it, people have had great fun. They sing a couple of favourites, the 1967 Franki Valli song, ‘Can’t Take My Eyes of You,’ and The Drifters’ big hit, ‘Under the Board
  2. So how are you going to spend your morning? This morning there is the usual round of activities, such as Pickleball (would love one of my Cruising Adventurers to explain what that is, please?), Speed Sudoku, Zumba Express, Knitters and Knatters, Bridge, Cards and Games Get Together, Bean Bag Toss Challenge, Egg Drop Challenge, as well as a Carpet Bowls Challenge. For those who wish to learn something there is an Enrichment Lecture given by Dr Michael Tribe, on ‘Great Runners, Great Races, and Great Rivalries.’ Not my scene as running is not really my forte. Mark Harris
  3. Thank you, once again, azbirdmom. I’m so glad that you have finally managed to sort out the app, and completed the process. Thank you for those two email addresses. I will give them a whirl.
  4. Thank you, it was a nice break to meet up with someone we met on our second cruise many years ago. Sadly her husband has now passed away, but we remain great friends.
  5. Great answers cr8tiv1. The answer which our quizmaster gave us was decapede but as with so many trivia questions it is sometimes difficult to find a definitive answer. Technically a spider is an arachnid not an insect, but as I am always right I prefer both your answer and that of AF-1. Well done with your googling. It can sometimes come up with the most amazing facts. Whatever it is, the thought of meeting a ten legged insect is not one I savour, and as for the camel spider, and the solifugid, well you wouldn’t see me for dust! Do you have room for anothe
  6. Lovely to hear from you again, AF-1. How are the family? You are right with the answer to question 1, he is, indeed, the lead singer for REM. Now, as for question number 5, we also thought it was the Brandenburg Gate but our quizmaster insisted it was Checkpoint Charlie, so we missed out on that one. I prefer your answer so well done. What an amazing story, AZ-1. What a historic moment to be part of. Can you use another Tardis? They make great Christmas presents! 😉
  7. To be or not to be…. (The winners!) Up in Club Fusion, our team is ready and waiting in our favourite seats near the window, and we just have time for a chat before the trivia starts. We don’t do so well today, scoring just 14/20, although the winning team only scored 16, so it wasn’t too bad an effort. Some of the questions were easy, like ‘What is Mal de Mer?’ which of course is seasickness. A very apt question for today as the sea is a little rough, although, thankfully we are not suffering from it. We also knew that Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr Univer
  8. Our final sea day! Ruby Princess is continuing her north-easterly heading towards Ensenada, Mexico. There is a northerly wind, of 25 knots, and the temperature is dropping to a chilly 16C/61F. We wake, and I look out of the window at the sea below. Today, the sky is cloudy and leaden, and the sea looks grey and uninviting. Thank goodness this ship is so stable as we feel no movement, despite the waves. I suddenly realise, with a sinking feeling, that our cruise is almost at an end. We have our final sea day today, and it is sad to think that in
  9. A bit of an update.. I’m sure you are thinking that I have either jumped ship or fallen ill with Covid, but the truth is that I’ve been away visiting a friend in the West Country and had very little internet coverage so could not upload photos etc. We have also been experiencing a heatwave here in the UK, and life has been very wearing with no air conditioning as you can imagine. We retreated to our air conditioned car for respite! Thankfully temperatures have dropped to life is beginning to return to normal. Anyway, I’m back, and I hope you haven’t all aban
  10. Your own personal mini Tardis is winging its way to you as I type! Now you will be able to revisit all those wonderful cruises you have enjoyed. Bon Voyage! 😉
  11. That IS the number I called. They offer NO help whatsoever. There is no telephone support in the U.K. for Medallion app problems. That is the problem. No matter who you speak to their answer is yes, the app doesn’t work and we hope to have it sorted by the time you cruise (3 weeks?). They will not help you upload anything. All they will do is suggest you write an email which may not be answered for several days or even weeks. So at the moment we have reached an impasse. I’d just like to know if any U.K. citizens have been successful doing check in via the app or have been
  12. Have you been able to check on using the app? We have just gone round and round in circles, getting nowhere. I am pretty good with technology, have a new iPhone 11 Pro and yet we cannot get the app to work. Calls to Princess in the U.K. are a huge waste of time. They just say it doesn’t work, keep trying. We sail in less than a month and are still at square one. Can’t input passport details, can’t choose embarkation time, can’t select dining options. It’s so frustrating, Princess UK are totally useless and can’t or won’t help at all. We also spoke to Princes
  13. I would love to be able to dance like that, cr8tiv1. Have you ever sailed on a Cunard ship? They have wonderful ballrooms. Talking of trivia, you would be an asset to a team as it is the one question which nobody else knows the answer to which wins the day! We would love to have you in our team should our paths ever cross, or should we ever be ships passing in the night…😉
  14. There is, as always, plenty of live entertainment around the ship tonight, so I won’t bore you with too many details, but Souvenir Duo offer ‘Cocktails Melodies’ in the Wheelhouse Bar, whilst Tommy McPhee is in Crooners as usual. The Walker Black Duo can be found in the Wheelhouse Bar, as well as Richard Sulek with ‘Piano and Cocktails.’ Our favourite, Mary Simon, performs in Explorers at 8.30 pm and 10.30 pm, whilst karaoke fans can indulge in their own musical offerings at 8.15 pm in Club Fusion. As well as Mike Wilson in the Princess Theatre, Jenene Caramielo is per
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