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  1. :eek: :eek: Good to have ya back, although I am sorry you went thru some bumps in the road. Been there, done that. :cool: I'm just getting back from a shortie cruise to the Bahamas on RCCL. A nice getaway.
  2. I heard you were here and had to pop over & see for myself!!!!!! ;) Long time, no "see"! :) Where are ya thinking about cruising?
  3. That very much looks like the Radiance class of ship. You will love your hump cabin! :)
  4. Still too big for me.........I was hoping they'd be similar to the Jewel........:(
  5. If this is really true, I will be a VERY happy cruiser!!!! :) Splendour and Legend are my favorite RCCL ships.....they are gorgeous with all that glass and light and are easy to get around! Mid-size ships are my preference, so I'll start saving my pennies now! Way to go, RCCL!
  6. I agree, Bob. I have been on a lot of cruises, and have only had the "tablemates from hell" experience twice in all those years. On both of those cruises, we requested a table change from the Maitre D', and got a new table the next day! Problem solved. We, too, have met some wonderful people that we still sail with to this day! :)
  7. No kidding! It's amazing to me how rude some of the cheerleaders can be! :cool:
  8. I totally agree. I was horrified to see those poor animals stagger and strain under the weight of the tourists and from the extreme heat. That is totally cruelty to animals and should be stopped. I saw some of the poor donkeys stagger and scrape the side of the buildings. It was terrible. :mad:
  9. I agree. I have used VRBO for 3 trips and have had a great experience all 3 times.
  10. [quote name='mojitomadness']nipper....apparently i'm more special cause i got both with 1 rci cruise! :eek: :p though i am platinum! ;)[/quote] rotfl!!!!!!!
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