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  1. Someone just told me that all Alaskan Cruises out of Seattle are cancelled for 2020. This sounds a little outrageous to me. Could this be true as there are many months during the Alaskan cruise season??
  2. With the 125% credit does that include just the cruise fares or everything Taxes, Port charges and gratuities we have paid?
  3. Thank You. I am looking also to book a cruise to Alaska next may. I went almost all the way through to get and idea what it would cost then took a screen shot of it. I will let you know if they raise the prices when they offer me that deal.
  4. Any ideas if you book another cruise later in the year and it is cheaper. Will the rest of the money go on your account or will you just loose what is left.
  5. The deck plan for the Breakaway shows the spa thermal suite and salt room on deck 15 and the spa on deck 14. Is it really on 2 decks or is it because it is so large that it takes up part of 2 decks like the theater does. Is it worth getting a spa mini suite.
  6. Have you heard of any other ports closing down on the east coast?
  7. Have you heard of any other ports closing on the east coast?
  8. Thank You. Now on the Pearl they also have no observation lounge but during the day a night club doubles as an observation lounge. Is there anything like that on the Breakaway?
  9. I really enjoyed the observation lounge on the Bliss. Does the Breakaway have a observation lounge or something similar. Do they have any standout features?
  10. I am booked mid May on the Pearl out of NYC. Has NCL decided what they are doing for excursions yet. They still do not have anything listed for Portland Maine or Newport RI either. I hope they let us know soon because if they can not book any new excursions I need to cancel my Hotel and flight!!
  11. The reasons are I am trying to estimate a time for my shuttle service to pick me up They charge extra after the first 30 minutes. I don't think I said anything about rushing off but I would also like to get off quick so I can explore NYC before I fly out the next morning.
  12. I am sorry but I just look up Peggy's cove on google maps. I zoomed in very close and then walked the town with the little google man. To me it looks like a run down little town on the water. Please let me know what I am missing because we were thinking of going their when we get off the ship. Is it worth a 3 hr round trip drive? TIA
  13. I am trying to get an idea on when to have the shuttle to the hotel pick us up. Does anyone have a guess how long it will take. The ship docks at 7 AM and I am not sure the procedure on the pearl verses the bigger ships..
  14. Thank You. Did they play every night or just on certain nights. If it was only a couple of nights where would you find the schedule for them?
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