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  1. Thank You!! I am also leaning towards the Breakaway although I am not thrilled with NYC and the way they have handled the Pandemic. Saving about $1500 hopefully will go a long way in the casino. I will take a cab in to a Hotel then take a cab to the cruise port. The Breakaway sounds like a fun ship and I will find out hopefully if it sails in in Jan. when I sail on it out of NEO.
  2. Thank You I will do some more research on them!! I guess my real question here is if the extra $1500 worth the Gem and the extra port.
  3. I an undecided between the NCL Breakaway out of NYC. The ports are Portland, Bar Harbor, St John and Halifax. The other one is the NCL Gem out of Boston returning to Boston. The ports are Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Sydney Cape Brenton Island, Halifax , Portland and Bar Harbor. Any thoughts as I have not read anything about Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Sydney Cape Brenton Island. The Breakaway cruise is about $1400 cheaper than the Gem cruise.
  4. I am going to book a Canadian cruise for next year. Everything being the same for itineraries does anyone have a preference?
  5. Thanx but the ports have nothing to do with the room price. I am going on the bigger boat and saving about $1500.
  6. Thank You but it is not Apples & Oranges as the 10/15/21 cruise is Boston to Boston. I have made my decision and I am going with the larger ship. I will save $1500 for the casino!!
  7. Does anyone know why the Gem is about $700 a person more than the Breakaway or Joy for a Cruise to New England. I have checked the Club Balcony Suites for all and that is what it looks like. The Gem on 10/15/21 out of Boston is $2049. The Joy out of NYC on 10/2/21 is $1279 and the Breakaway out of NYC on 10/17/21 is $1329.
  8. We all know this. My point was if you had read all the posts is they are still selling the more expensive rooms knowing all this is not going to happen. What does working out at the gym got to do with anything. Did the gym charge you a lot more for certain than the others and then told you what they promised is not going to happen. Look I have been told 3 different stories by NCL. NCL is great for promising but not delivering on many things people know this. I am not going to pay extra money to get a good dinner time and show to be told I can not book anything until the day before the cruise or fight with everyone else when I board. I now know what is going to happen with people that booked the Balcony Club Suite's. At least I hope!!!
  9. Thank You!! Yes I agree who wants to run concierge desk as soon as you get on the boat. As stated you may get a time in a restaurant but who wants to eat at 9:30 at night. That is why people pay more for the Club Balcony Suites and the Haven. But they keep advertising this perk knowing that you can not use it just to suck in some extra money.
  10. Dining and shows. It helps a lot getting a good time for dinner when coming back from an excursion so you can make the early show. To each his own as I posted my discussion above with NCL they are putting a hold on it until the day before the cruise.
  11. Yes I know but I will lose 20% discount and all my free at sea. I guess what bothers me is NCL is still selling the club balconey suite with the perk of booking early knowing they are not going to let that happen. Sort of when they were selling Canadian excursions knowing the cruise was cancelled.
  12. Trust me number one I don't care about the size of the room because I am never in it. Just give me back my $700 dollars that it cost me to not be able to book early and I will be fine. Also they are still selling the expensive rooms and pushing the 125 day booking early Perk. You may like people lying and taking your money but it bothers me. If I can't book early give me back the extra money and everything will be fine.
  13. Thank You and I hope you are correct because her is the conversation I had with them yesterday as They are saying January 9th. I hope you are right and I will catch you on day 120!!! Zakiyyah (9/7/2020, 10:38:30 AM): Hello XXXXZakiyyah (9/7/2020, 10:38:40 AM): Thank You for using Norwegian Cruise Line Chat. How can I help you?XXXX(9/7/2020, 10:41:01 AM): I am sailing on the NCL Breakaway Jan. 10 2021. I have a club balcony suite and this is what I read about it. The site is telling me to come back 120 days out. "Now, these staterooms do come with a few added perks which could make them even more appealing. One major benefit? The ability to pre-book onboard entertaining and dining beginning at 125 days prior to sailing."Zakiyyah (9/7/2020, 10:41:44 AM): I am more than happy to assist you.Zakiyyah (9/7/2020, 10:42:06 AM): That is correct.Zakiyyah (9/7/2020, 10:42:55 AM): However all dining and entertainment is on a stop sell till January 9th.XXXX(9/7/2020, 10:44:51 AM): I am leaving on the January 10th. I book the club balcony suite for this very reason and it cost me more than a balcony suite. The to suites are the same except for this Perk.Zakiyyah (9/7/2020, 10:47:23 AM): Unfortunately, due to covid-19 we have changed our policy for the time being.XXXX(9/7/2020, 10:49:18 AM): You changed your policy but are still selling the expensive suite without letting people know about the change. That is not right.Zakiyyah (9/7/2020, 10:50:00 AM): I am sorry you feel that way.Zakiyyah (9/7/2020, 10:50:18 AM): Is there anything else I can assist you with?XXXX (9/7/2020, 10:50:53 AM): Well let me get on social media and see if anyone else has heard about the change. Have a good day.Zakiyyah (9/7/2020, 10:51:44 AM): Thank you for chatting with Norwegian Cruise Line, have a great day!
  14. That was my next step but I could of just booked a balcony room and saved $700 if I can not book early. They are still sucking up money on this perk and leading people on.
  15. It is in my post. 125 days out Perk which is a 5 day jump on everyone else for booking below Club Balcony Suites. What gets me is when I told them that they are selling the club suite which is more expensive than a balcony suite they are still promoting the extra 5 days early booking of meals and shows. I let them know and they just didn't care.
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