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  1. I was booked on the Gem in Oct. I have received all my FCC back into my account already and their was also a 10% cruise discount there also!!! I was waiting for NCL to balk on the discount but it came through.
  2. It will not for long, try and book an excursion. My site will not let me book anything. It looks like the 3rd wave of the virus is ramping up according to the media. But we all know about the media and their honesty.
  3. This is out of Boston for a New England/Canada cruise and I just got this today. I ask if they would do a Lift and Shift Like RCL and their answer was that the cruise has not been cancelled yet. I told her we have been through this to many times already and know what is coming. I also told her we know Canada has shut down their borders for a year and the Lift and Shift is a great idea. It would help people from paying the 40% price increase to book the same cruise next year. Her response was is there anything else I can help you with!!!!! DEFAULT ITINERARY NAME October 15, 20
  4. I hope what ever the news is it comes quicker than the Promo that will end in 3 days that has been ending for 5 months!!! LOL
  5. I disagree. Have you seen some of the fights in airports because a person is not wearing a mask. The bath and body store fight is a classic and the only reason someone has not gotten seriously hurt is because their were people around to break it up. I also have had my shots and I am still wearing a mask to give people time get get their shots, but that will end the end of July. By that time everyone that wants a shot should have had the opportunity to have got theirs. The one's that say no they do not want it are on their own. JMHO
  6. https://www.cruisehive.com/worrying-answers-from-cdc-director-on-conditional-sailing-order/48435
  7. Yes the same here. for a cruise line that is booking out their AZZ they sure seem to be mailing out a lot of these glossy brochures to us.
  8. This is a great idea by RCL and think it would save a lot of headaches. IMO It is called the Lift and Shift and it would make everything so much easier.
  9. Good Luck trying to cash both in. NCL's new policy as they have changed in mid stream is only one discount per person.
  10. What does that got to do with anything. So you have some rich people probably in politics if this is even true. NCL is so busy that I have gotten 3 Pamphlets in a 1 1/2 weeks telling me about this great 30% Promo that is ending soon. The only ones booking are the FCC people and that will stop soon seeing they quit giving a 10% discount for every cancelled cruise that you have booked. The Alaska cruise Has gone up $1500 and that is with a 30% discount on top. Good Luck NCL selling cruise at a 40 to 50% increase!!!
  11. Supply and demand? Is that why the Promo that has been ending after 3 days is still going 5 Months later. So if the price has gone up almost $1400 with this 30% Promo what will the price be after they take away this wonderful Promo. They want our FCC back and all in one swoop. LOL
  12. I have and it is nice to post it again as some of it gets buried after awhile.
  13. I just did a mock booking for my Alaska cruise that was canceled in May. My canceled cruise was $3628.10 and the new cruise would be $4994.12 and this is with their 30% Promo that has been ending for 5 months. Does anyone really think if this Promo does ever end that they would really raise this Alaska cruise up another 30% on top of this pump up price already?? They really must think we are dumb.
  14. I called today and was told you only get to use a 10% off coupon once. After that no matter how many cruises you get cancelled you will not get another 10% off. I think they maybe changing the rules in mid stream because they never thought this many cruises would be cancelled. My Alaska cruise was cancelled last month and the new Mock booking for the same trip even with the 30% off promo is outrageous. Some Promo. LMAO!!!!
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